Modern Branding


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A short talk I gave at a Deepspace event to generate discussion around the kinds of people we need to build modern brands.

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Modern Branding

  1. Modern Branding. September 23, 2008
  2. “A brand is simply a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer.” Paul Feldwick - 1991
  3. “A brand is... simply the sum of the great ideas used to build that brand.” John Grant - 2006
  4. Feldwick’s brands are built through imagery.
  5. From the Flickr of Victor V Grant’s brands are built through experience.
  6. From the Flickr of Pink Ponk Feldwick’s brands are products of communications.
  7. Designed to compensate for its problems.
  8. Disposable Surgically targeted Carefully measured dose Administered by experts Sharpened to cut through the clutter Focused down to a single point Carefully chosen ingredients From the Flickr of streetpreacher83
  9. From the Flickr of jurek d Grant’s brands are products of a conversation.
  10. Made stronger by more conversation.
  11. Organically Living grown Spread far and wide A collaboration with company and customer Designed to appeal A range of different ideas Multi- dimensional From the Flickr of SplogdusMaximus
  12. Brand Innovation Manifesto - John Grant
  13. From the Flickr of *Gabisa Montonia
  14. From the Flickr of Louis Beche Branding used to be about keeping things tidy.
  15. From the Flickr of mark knol Branding is now about managing complexity.
  16. Can you create a different product with the same processes?
  17. Can you create a different product with the same disciplines?
  18. Can you create a different product with the same people?
  19. From the Flickr of benrybobenry Experience can be more of a hindrance than a help.
  20. From the Flickr of SplogdusMaximus
  21. From the Flickr of moriza Are our customers better at branding than us?
  22. Let’s talk.