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Zj Space 01.Key


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This is Chad's co-winning entry in the ZJ top design challenge. A challenge to redesign part of our office space for under $1600

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Zj Space 01.Key

  1. 1. Zeus Jones Space 2.0
  2. 2. Zeus Jones Space 2.0 prepare for hottness!
  3. 3. Project Overview Things to do: 1. Build a wall together 2. Build new coat rack 3. Buy some paint 4. Show our sweet work 5. Find a place for that
  4. 4. Show our work 1. New standing shelf 2. installed cross shelf 3. logo transfer
  5. 5. A much needed Paste Up Boo-yah
  6. 6. New coat area and branded space Finally use that projector
  7. 7. Branded Space crappy example with my iphone