Social Media SMB Strategy


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Social Media SMB Strategy

  1. 1. Optify Confidential Presented by: TM Social Media Strategy 2011Zoe Clelland
  2. 2. Agenda » Optify and social media today » Social media in the market » Differentiation » V2MOM » Target users » Roadmap » Appendix
  3. 3. Where are we today? » Social media has been central to brand messaging from inception » Twitter for Business was early product offering with compelling campaign management aspect but with limited exposure. Includes integration » Track visits, leads and conversion from social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn » Recently added Facebook metrics into Pages, although only at the detail level rather than fully integrated » Takeaways » Our social media offering is difficult to adopt if the customer is not interested in the rest of the product » Customers are unwilling to pay for basic social tools which are typically free. » Small subset of customers use T4B to promote events, webinars etc » We lose prospects due to “weak” or “forced” social media story. » We have no market share in Twitter client
  4. 4. Social Media vs. SEO » Social media (specifically Facebook market share) is neck and neck with Google, suggesting that both search and social media are both integral to reaching customers and driving traffic
  5. 5. Our Customers Need and Want Social Media » 25% of companies worldwide are using all four major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs. 84% are on at least one platform. 1 » Social media spending expected to jump from 5.6% to 9.8% of marketing budgets in 2011 and to 18.1% in next 5 years.2 » Predicted that enterprise companies will spend 15% more on enterprise social media applications than the $650M spent in 2010.3 » More than 55% of SMBs view Facebook as somewhat or very beneficial to their business with the top benefit being lead generation.4 1 2 3 4
  6. 6. Market Plays Most of the companies in the social arena focus on one of the following: 1. Manage multiple channels » Monitoring, publishing and basic of social efforts across multiple platforms, mostly free with upgrade options », Hootsuite, Postling, Seesmic, TweetDeck 2. Create content » Create content, apps, engagement/community widgets to connect your social programs with your website or brand, mostly paid with free lures » Involver, Wildfire Interactive, KickApps, Context Optional 3. Monitor brand » Track mentions and sentiment across multiple channels, mostly paid » Radian 6, Visible, Alterian, Social Mention, Collective Intellect 4. Track Analytics » Measure ROI and performance over time, mostly paid » Argyle Social, , Objective Marketer, Spredfast, Viral Heat,
  7. 7. How is Optify Different? » Addresses obvious gaps and challenges in the SMB market » How do I leverage social media? » I already have processes and tools, how does social media fit in? » I don’t have time to learn another new tool » Allows SMBs to integrate social media tactics into their existing marketing practices, including campaign management and marketing automation, to drive more traffic, convert more leads and measure ROI » Provides a complete solution for direct marketers to make their existing practices more effective and fruitful by adding social strategies » Leverage social in addition to SEO to drive more traffic » Manage all activities under unified campaigns that include social » Automate social actions in the content of other marketing activities » Include social nurturing in addition to email and lead nurturing » Track ROI of social efforts along with your other campaign analytics » Provide a central location for your writers and marketers to organize social campaigns and identify what’s working and what isn’t
  8. 8. Social Media for Business » Vision » Leverage the power of social media into users’ existing marketing campaigns to drive more traffic and measure ROI of social media visitors into customers » Values » Integrated, Actionable, Sticky, Viral » Methods » Provide basic social media brand monitoring » Integrate LinkedIn into Lead detail » Integrate Facebook (and beyond) into Optify social application » Provide social media actionability to support nurturing automation » Improve branding of outgoing tweets/posts » Obstacles » Multiple account management » Resourcing and focus » Many social tools in the market » Measures (within 90 days of completion) » 50% of active accounts have at least one social media account connected to Optify » Increase monthly PVs for T4B by 1000% » Increased media and PR around social media story (4 articles on SM per month?)
  9. 9. Target Users » Director marketers who manage campaigns and want to drive more traffic beyond just SEO » Lifescript, Tampa Bay, Fierce, All Recipes, Windows, Isilon » B2B companies that need to nurture leads into the sales funnel using social and integrate into CRM processes » Corensic, Concur, Optify, ADSI, AdReady » Teams that need to coordinate social activities and streamline workflow » All Recipes, Lifescript, Tampa Bay » Social marketers that need to justify social budget » All of the above plus our Agency customers Non-Target Users » Brand marketing who need to monitor sentiment » Personal users who want standalone social client » Social app builders and multi media content pushers
  10. 10. Roadmap Benefit Aug 30 Nov 2011 Jan 2012 Drive traffic Push content to FB /TW Take action on content Integrate LinkedIn, Chatter Additional content and client support Share site content across platforms (apps) Workflow and Automation Lead detail LinkedIn Basic monitoring Assign posts to shared campaigns Schedule posts Assign content to users Send alerts/emails for social “moments” Auto follow/like Social nurturing automation Add more social profile data into lead detail (Klout) Integrate with app wide campaigns KW integration CRM integration Integrate social into lead scoring Track ROI Visits/leads from social campaigns Likes, comments, engagement More specific social traffic sources Insights into social campaign best practices Social media reports Track down to the like, share, comment, mention, tweet Awareness Dreamforce Demo PR efforts Branded content “via Optify Social for Business” Publish customer success stories
  11. 11. Optify Confidential Appendix
  12. 12. Optify Social Media Goals » Goals » Meet customer demand Meet press/investor interest » Support using social media to drive traffic since SEO is no longer enough » Provide differentiation in sales cycles by getting ahead of the curve » Provide a complete and compelling story around SEO and SM » Guiding principals » Build products that increase traffic and leads for us and our customers » Integrate “social” into our existing value propositions and products » Do not try to reinvent an existing wheel: social client, monitoring » High value with low adoption effort » Capitalize on usage to improve the product » Make our offering “sticky” and viral » Minimize the perils of external data sources (Google, Facebook)
  13. 13. Benefits and Features Align SEO and SM to drive traffic Automate my SM engagement* Track ROI of SM Efforts Optimize FB/TW content Build social media client • Post to Twitter, LI and Facebook from Optify • See feeds within Optify • Auto follow and retweet, manage followers • Audit log generation Track traffic/conversion down to the tweet or comment Extend Pages application to include FB/TW/LI -evaluate -recommend Track reach (impressions, w/i SM search rank) Insight into FB search rank, impressions Listen for keywords/trends Track virality (shares, likes, retweets, mentions, comments) SM content ranking in SERPS FB app to post content Campaign management Infusing social signals into apps (i.e., Manage links from SM channels) Track visitors to FB Add SM data into lead detail
  14. 14. Publisher Scenario: Company 1 » Background: Strong focus on SEO for wide breadth of rotating content. KPIs based on search rank and traffic (PVs). Support multiple Facebook pages and Twitter accounts » Motivation: “I would like to to optimize, manage and track all my digital assets in one place - web site, Facebook pages and Twitter content, etc” » Pain Points: It’s difficult to coordinate and track all my social media efforts; I can’t tell what is my most successful medium and content; I need to make sure my efforts are aligned across my campaigns » Success Metrics: » Higher ranking in SERPs for social media content » Increased traffic to social media content » Increased traffic from social media to website
  15. 15. Benefits and Features Drive Traffic Increase Sales Measure ROI Align SEO and SM • Provide common framework of tools and workflow • FB apps to ingest content from web – RSS feed, whitepapers Augment lead info • Add SM profile into lead detail also use for nurture • Extend concept of scoring: Indicate followers, fans, connections etc, score +1 Track impact of SM efforts • High level perf of social media effort and shares/tweets Optimize social media content • Extend pages app to include SM • Add FB optimization app to listen and evaluate Fan page • Monitoring my social feeds Get direct leads from SM assets • FB app to embed lead form • Track visitors that “like” or share certain content • Display visitors to FB Fan page, people TW follower Organize all assets and efforts • Integrate campaign management • Provide clear comparisons and what channels / campaigns are more effective Provide real time insights • KW that are trending and you should provide content for • Alerts for SM changes (drops/gains, new sharing) Provide real time insights • Flag leads that started following you or became a fan • Alerts for new visitors to FB, followers on TW etc Track progress in “new search” all assets and efforts • FB and TW search ranks • SM ranks in search engines
  16. 16. B2B Scenario: Company 2 » Background: Focused primarily on lead generation via SEO and advertising. KPIs based on visits and conversion rate. Minimal usage of corporate Facebook page and Twitter account » Motivation: “I would like to to use social media to increase the number of leads as well as a medium to nurture leads and opportunities » Pain Points: I don’t know how social media can help me; ROI of my social media efforts are unclear; I need new ways to contact or nurture my leads; » Success Metrics » Increased leads from social media » Increased conversion rate using social media to nurture