Anyware... from mainframe to thin and cloud


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Anywhere. Any time. Wired or wireless.
It’s how business needs to work today.

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  • I mentioned ICA in the past few slides, now let’s talk about how this Citrix technology underlies unique application server software solutions.
    ICA, which stands for Independent Computing Architecture, lives on the server, the network and the client. It has the unique ability to separate the application’s logic from its user interface at the server and transport it to the client over standard network protocols. It makes any client thin, and universal access a reality — today.
    Another ICA advantage is its efficiency — it allows only keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen updates to travel the network. As a result, applications consume just a fraction of the normal network bandwidth usually required. This is how we get such awesome bandwidth-independent performance — even where networks are congested or narrow.
    ICA is a key enabler for allowing companies to have true Digital Independence.
  • Customers tell us that they’re up against technology churn. There’s an inherent conflict between the network infrastructure, and application life-cycles.
    Application needs are driven by business and the speed at which it must compete.
    The infrastructure life-cycle is constrained by financial requirements, 5-year depreciation life-cycles and the speed at which technology can be adopted. Enterprises must constantly upgrade their infrastructure just to use the latest applications. This costs money, but more painfully, takes TIME.
  • Citrix application server software accelerates application deployment and performance, independent of bandwidth.
    Deploy applications, set up new offices and integrate new companies in hours or days, instead of months or years.
    Accelerate the performance of traditional and Web-based applications by up to 10 times, independent of network connection bandwidth, from 28.8k modem connections to WAN to wireless.
  • Anyware... from mainframe to thin and cloud

    1. 1. Once Upon A Time… The Story of AnyWare By Tassos Karagiorgos President and CEO AnyWare
    2. 2. AnyWare  When Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft Corp. in 1975, they had a simple but powerful vision for the new company: a PC on every desk and in every home.  In 2002, we redefined Microsoft’s vision as empowering people through great software — any time, any place and on any device. This vision reflects fundamental changes that are creating new challenges — and opportunities — for the entire technology industry as we enter the 21st Century.
    3. 3. AnyWare Who is AnyWare? AnyWare is a professional technology partner to small and mid-sized businesses  What sets us apart? 1. Business Expertise 2. EXTREME Professionalism 3. Just Add Water  We are a true “virtual MIS department” to our clients.
    4. 4. AnyWare The MainFrame In the Beginning… The Mainframe computer ruled the business world Benefits: Shared computing – Efficient use of computing power Ability to process large amounts of data Geographically centralized  Drawbacks: VERY expensive to maintain DOS-like character-based processing Inflexible
    5. 5. AnyWare The MainFrame PEOPLE were productive AND life WAS GOOD.
    6. 6. AnyWare THEN… A strange and mysterious species evolved… The Personal Computer
    7. 7. AnyWare The Personal Computer Soon, the Personal Computer dominated the Earth And the MainFrame species dwindled…
    8. 8. AnyWare The Personal Computer The PC population grew quickly in numbers Why?  Lower cost  Easier to use  More processing power for the user  Multi-tasking  Windows Graphical User Interface
    9. 9. AnyWare BUT… With this new species came unexpected side effects  Short lifespan Must continually replenish the species  Expensive to Support Troubleshooting Installation Configuration Software Revision
    10. 10. AnyWare Then came the thin…  Spliced together the “DNA” of the Mainframe and the Personal Computer  Created a NEW species  Combined the benefits of both species  Eliminated the drawbacks Thin client computing…
    11. 11. AnyWare What is SBC? SBC is the server-based computing technology…  Centralized processing of the MainFrame combined with…  Features and benefits of the Microsoft Windows platform
    12. 12. AnyWare What is SBC? Separates application’s logic from user interface Transports to client over standard protocols Makes any client — fat or thin — a thin client Highly efficient — 1/10th normal bandwidth Keystrokes, mouse clicks, screen updates
    13. 13. AnyWare What is SBC? SBC…  Eliminates the need for “traditional” personal computers  Users have a “virtual” Windows computer inside a server  Allows users to connect to their virtual computer from ANYWHERE In office Out of office Branch locations Over the Internet  With REAL TIME performance!
    14. 14. AnyWare SBC is…  A central computing architecture  100% Server-based Application Execution  Allows universal application access Regardless of client device or network type
    15. 15. AnyWare Total Cost of Ownership What is TCO or TCA?  Measuring the TOTAL cost of providing computing power  Hardware, Software, Configuration, Troubleshooting, Productivity, Downtime, Technical Support, Training…
    16. 16. AnyWare Total Cost of Ownership How the Total Cost of Application Ownership (TCA) Provides Return on Infrastructure (ROI) 1 2 3 4 5Year TCA$  Application Server Software Can Reduce TCA Costs by 50% Over 5 Years:  Lower Hardware Costs and Reduce Capital “Churn”  Dramatically lower your support and operating costs  Reduce need for expensive data connections  TRUE Remote Access  TRUE Branch Office Connectivity  Rapid Application Deployment
    17. 17. AnyWare Different Models  Traditional desktop model – All applications stored and run on the desktop.  Client/Server model – Applications are stored on the server, downloaded and executed on the desktop.  SBC model – All applications reside and execute on the server, enabling any client device to access an application from virtually anywhere. Total Cost of Application Deployment $0 $4.000 $8.000 $12.000 $16.000 $20.000 Desktop Client/Server SBC Recurring Costs Hardware, Software, Training
    18. 18. AnyWare Infrastructure Life-cycle Application Life-cycle Challenges Depreciation-driven Business-driven
    19. 19. AnyWare How does SBC Work? Centralized Computing  Accessed through client software  Runs on: PC Thin-client terminal MacIntosh UNIX LINUX Pocket PC Web Browser
    20. 20. AnyWare Now Everything Computes Accelerate the Speed:  Deploy Applications in Hours or Days, Not Years: Set-up New Offices Integrate New Companies  Accelerate Performance of Traditional and Web-based Applications: Up to 10 times faster Independent of Network Connection Bandwidth – From 28.8k Modem Connections to WAN to Wireless
    21. 21. AnyWare Summary AnyWare allows you to:  Harness the power of centralized computing  Lower Hardware Purchase Costs  Extend existing computer lifespans  Standardize your network  SIGNIFICANTLY lower support costs  TRUE remote and branch location connectivity  Simplify network administration  MORE VALUE
    22. 22. AnyWare Anywhere. Any time. Wired or wireless. It’s how business needs to work today. Call us: +30 210 6179879 AnyWare