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Charles Nutter Presentations Charles Nutter Presentations Presentation Transcript

  • JRuby on Rails
    • Charles Oliver Nutter
  • Agenda
    • Who Am I
    • What Is JRuby
    • Why JRuby on Rails
    • Demos
    • What Now
    • Conclusion
  • Who Am I
    • Charles Oliver Nutter
    • Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems
    • JRuby Core Developer
    • Rubyist wannabe living in a Java world
    • Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • Why Go To Sun?
    • Work full-time on JRuby
    • Opportunity to make real progress
    • Sun folks get it, want Ruby to succeed
    • Java folks need Ruby
  • Why Stay in Minnesota
  • What Is JRuby
    • 100% Java impl of Ruby...Ruby on the JVM
    • Pure interpreted, native threaded
    • Born 2001, product of many developers
    • Largely Ruby 1.8-compatible
    • Slower than Ruby...for now
  • Ruby calling Java
    • require ‘java’ include_class “javax.swing.JFrame” include_class “javax.swing.JButton” frm =“My frame”) btn =“My button”) frm.set_size(300, 300) frm.content_pane.add(btn)
  • Ruby calling Java
    • include_class “java.awt.event.ActionListener” class MyListener < ActionListener def actionPerformed(event) event.source.text = “New text” end end btn.add_action_listener(
  • Why JRuby on Rails
    • Java is pervasive
    • Java libraries are exhaustive
    • Many still believe Java is the “everytool”
    • Java webapp developers are unhappy
    • Rails webapp developers are happy
  • What do Rails Devs Get
    • Scads of libraries; if you need it, there’s a lib
    • JDBC - universal database support
    • “Good” EE stuff: clustering, failover, deployment, remote management
    • Extensive monitoring capabilities
    • A gateway to the “enterprise”
  • What do Java Devs Get
    • A web framework that’s usable
    • A useful schema management tool (finally)
    • Markup that doesn’t suck
    • Four extra days per week
    • Happiness
  • Depot 2
    • ActiveRecord-JDBC to MySQL
    • Rails integrated with Java EE
    • Java Management Extensions (JMX)
  • What Now: Short Term
    • Fix broken bits
      • Marshal-based session
      • Interpreter bugs
    • Performance
    • Script-based Java EE/Java library support
  • What Now: Long Term
    • Implement remaining C extensions: Mongrel, SSL, others you’d suggest?
    • Continue expanding ActiveRecord-JDBC
      • Abstract out schema definition
      • Solidify automatic CRUD support
    • More GUI tool support
  • Conclusion
    • JRuby on Rails mostly works right now
    • JRuby will not be “done” until it’s fully working
    • ActiveRecord-JDBC opens many doors
    • Java EE is actually fun with Rails
    • More Rails is more Rails...JRuby enables!
  • Information
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Blog:
    • JRuby:
    • ActiveRecord-JDBC and Mongrel-Java:
    • More JRuby at RubyConf and JavaPolis