Diaper cake instructions


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Step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own 3-tier baby diaper cake. Free downloadable and printable PDF!

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Diaper cake instructions

  1. 1. Baby Diaper Cake Instructions How to make a 3-Tier, Rolled Diaper CakePreparationBefore you begin you need to be sure you have the proper ingredients to bake (build) a diapercake. Things to consider before beginning are size, theme, and colors. In this case we aregoing to build a 3 tier baby diaper cake with pink 1.5 inch thick ribbon, and a pink teddy bearas cake topper. But you can easily substitute items to your preference or to match theupcoming baby shower theme. Here is a list of what you need before you begin: 1. 1 Medium Pack of Diapers - A medium pack usually works perfectly for a 3-tier diaper cake. You can use any brand but I would recommend asking the mom-to-be if she prefers a specific brand. Also it is important to note that the generic brands often come with colorful bears and decorations on the outside that can change the look of the diaper cake. So just be sure to check before you buy. 2. 10 inch to 12 inch cardboard tray – You can find this at any local party or craft store for a few bucks. If you don’t have one near you, find cake boards cheap on Amazon.com. 3. Large pack of rubber bands – Make sure you have one for each diaper. Also, I recommend clear or white so that you can’t see them on the diapers. You may consider substituting rubber bands for string but it will take a bit more time to tie than rubber bands. 4. 1 Empty paper towel roll – This piece acts as a stabilizing item for the center. 5. Ribbon to match your theme – 1” to 1.5” wide ribbon seems to look the best. 6. Double Stick Tape, Gorilla Glue, and/or a Hot Glue Gun. 7. Theme and Decorations to match the baby shower theme, colors, and baby registry. Some of my favorites include: a. Baby’s Initials or Name b. Silk Flowers c. Big Bows All  Content  ©  Web  Shoppes  LLC,  2012.  
  2. 2. d. Baby necessity items (perfect for unknown theme or for the practical Mommy-to-be.) e. Stuffed animalsHow to Bake Your Very Own Diaper Cake: 1. Pick a theme; keep in mind the baby shower theme and the new baby’s room décor as well. 2. Pick up your diaper cake ingredients (see above for list of recommendations) 3. Start off by rolling your diapers and securing them with a single rubber band- when securing the diaper, make sure to place the rubber band in an area where you will be able to cover with ribbon during the final assembly process – I usually put the rubber band in the center of the diaper and that works out perfectly! 4. Once all your diapers are rolled you will begin the assembly of your cake. Start by placing the cake platter on a solid surface and securing the paper towel roll to the cake platter using either a double stick tape or some sort of super strength glue of your choice. (I like using hot glue and a paper towel roll, they are inexpensive and effective.) 5. Then start making the bottom layer of the cake by placing the individual rolled diapers on their sides in a circular pattern until all but 1 inch around the edge of the whole bottom of cake platter is filled. 6. Once diapers are placed in final desired location, take a ribbon of your choice, and wrap around the group of diapers to secure the diapers in their circular shape. Once the ribbon is wrapped around the group of diapers, secure each end to eachother with a dab of hot glue. (Be sure not to get any glue on the diapers this will damage them as cause them to be unusable.) 7. Continue the same circular pattern using the rolled diapers to create the second tier of the cake; again leaving 1 inch or so around the exterior layer giving the multi-tiered look. 8. Just as with the bottom tier, use ribbon to secure, and hot glue to secure the ribbon. 9. Again assemble the diapers and use ribbon and hot glue to secure the final tier, tier three. 10. Next, add the optional cake topper such as a stuffed animal or baby necessity item. 11. Finally, add the finishing touches like bows, flowers, rattles, and toys to the cake and secure under the ribbon or with rubber bands until your heart is content. All  Content  ©  Web  Shoppes  LLC,  2012.  
  3. 3. That’s it! You have just baked your very own diaper cake. If you don’t have time to build thewhole cake yourself or are not feeling crafty, you can always checkout our great selection ofbaby diaper cakes, then add your own finishing touches when it arrives. For more baby shower ideas for gifts, games, food, and themes, visit us at OhBabyCakes.net     All  Content  ©  Web  Shoppes  LLC,  2012.