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Collaboration Space Presentation Transcript

  • 1. An open-source/closed-loop socialnetwork that gives brands a new way todeliver a more engaging salesexperience.
  • 2. Think of a Collaboration Spaceas a social extranet. Users canimport their profile data fromLinkedIn or facebook,depending on the purpose ofthe space. And, they get thesame type of sharingfunctionality they would get inthose networks, only in abranded, closed-loopenvironment. That means youcan establish ad hoc networksaround any extended salesprocess and create an ongoingdialogue among a sales team,customers, and influencers.
  • 3. Users of a Collaboration Spacereceive a feed of notificationsthat links to all recent activity.If a user posts a new file,comments on an existing one,or establishes a newconnection, a notification linksdirectly to that content. Thistab becomes a chronologicallisting of all activity that can beused to track behavior in thesales process, identify upsellopportunities and establishbest practices.
  • 4. The digital asset manager ispowered by a completelyflexible, open-source contentmanagement system. No matterwhat type of documentssupport your sales process,users can upload files, link toexisting files on the network, orpost links to content on theweb. All entries are timestamped and tagged withmetadata.
  • 5. Users can also subscribe tocontent that is particularlyrelevant to the process. Chooseall content uploaded by aspecific user, all commentsabout a specific file, or any RSSfeed from around the web thatenhances the sales process.Subscriptions give a sales teama new tool to push content tocustomers that they may finduseful. Subscriptions can beshared with everyone on theclosed-loop network or onlyselect users.
  • 6. The Collaboration Space alsooffers a private messagingchannel to facilitate sidebarconversations among specificusers. A sales person maymake a comment on a file thatis accessible by every memberof the network. Or, they maychoose to communicatesensitive or private informationvia a private message. Thesemessages can be synced to anexisting e-mail account tomake this functionalityavailable from the desktop.
  • 7. All Collaboration Spaces areinvitation-only environments.Invitations to connect can besent out via e-mail or existingsocial networks. Because userscan import their profile data,accepting an invitation andjoining a Collaboration Space isa quick, easy process. Whetherprospecting new customers orservicing existing ones, aCollaboration Space creates animmediate and ongoingdialogue to support yourproprietary sales process.
  • 8. Once you’ve established aCollaboration Space, you caneasily access other users’ spaceto get a snapshot of theirinvolvement in the process.Administrative users are ableto rollup all activity to gaincritical insights into the salesprocess, identify topperformers and determinecourse corrections. Again, eachCollaboration Space can becompletely customized andbranded to support your salesprocess and workflow.
  • 9. A customized Collaboration Space puts the customer in more control of the processIn this particular situation we integrated a complete inventory into XML-fed flash carousels that display options in realtime.
  • 10. Customers can save selections to their Collaboration Space with a single clickThe underlying open source content management system knows where each product and photo belongs in the gallery.
  • 11. The data structure behind a Collaboration Space can accommodate any sales flowIn the case of the home remodeling flow, it helped customers gather inspiration, make decisions and document the process.
  • 12. The Collaboration Space delivers a closed-loop social network among influencersCustomers can invite friends and designers into their Collaboration Space to comment on selections and offer advice.
  • 13. The Collaboration Space provides a complete account of the sales processNotifications to customers keep the process organized and give the brand critical insights into customer behavior
  • 14. CUSTOMIZED BRANDING CUSTOMIZEDNot just a logo at the top PROCESSof the page. Completecustom branding from the Built to support thetop down. Every customer experience CUSTOMIZED REPORTINGtouchpoint in the sales you want to deliver,process can support your allowing you to Set up the system to trackbrand experience. engage the customer the metrics that mean the earlier, control the most to your brand. Gain process and generate critical insights into the new leads after the customer behavior that helps sale. you refine your sales process.