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Twitter is one of the best social networking sites for business. Businesses are not only making powerful connections on Twitter, but doing business in 140 characters or less and you can too! Learn how to connect with movers and shakers in the community, how to converse using Twitter language (@, mentions, retweets) and etiquette, and the value of using a hashtag for events. Explore the techniques used to outreach and engage, to create and manage viral communities. Bring your laptop and a basic understanding of Twitter.

Prerequisite: An open, active Twitter account.

Gwen Woltz is co-founder of Wahine Media, a local social media agency that specializes in strategically building thriving and engaged online communities for businesses ( Gwen is a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the president of Social Media Club Hawaii (, a finalist for Pacific Edge Magazine's Young Professional of the Year, one of Hawaii's Top 15 Social Media Influencers in 2012, and has over 6 years of digital media and marketing experience.

Taught by Social Media Club Hawaii (SMCHI) professional member.

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Networking Your Business on Twitter | Wahine Media at Pacific New Media

  1. 1. Doing  Business  Socially   on  Twitter Wahine Media social media strategy, training & implementation for business Today’s hash tag: #PNMsocial Twitter: @wahinemedia @karenweikert @gjwahine Download slides:
  2. 2. This is NOT the kind of class where you put your cell phone away PLEASE tweet away! Use hashtag #PNMsocial Look for sample tweets in the slides Photo:  h'p://­‐seats-­‐a-­‐special-­‐sec6on-­‐in-­‐movie-­‐theaters-­‐for-­‐twi'er-­‐addicts/a'achment/twee6ng-­‐in-­‐movie-­‐theaters-­‐2/
  3. 3. Your business is on Twitter... What do you do now? Photo:  h'p://
  4. 4. Do you buy followers? Do you host a tweetup? Who do you follow?
  5. 5. Twitter is made for conversations... in 140 characters or less Photo:  h'p://­‐informa>on/wabash-­‐county-­‐museum/
  6. 6. Social media is NOT A FREE ADVERTISING PLATFORM Consumers are not interested in big budget marketing messages People connect with you through the content you produce and share Tweet this! Social media is NOT a free advertising platform! #PNMsocial with @wahinemedia
  7. 7. "The  value  of  social  media  comes  down  to   people,  relationships,  and  the  meaningful   actions  between  them."   —The  6  Pillars  Of  Social  Commerce:  Understanding  The   Psychology  Of  Engagement  by  Brian  Solis
  8. 8. Now, what does this all look like?
  9. 9. Photo:  h'p://gkr-­‐ The  80/20  rule 20% marketing 80% being “social” Outreach and engagement Tweet this! Remember the 80/20 rule! 80% #engagement, 20% marketing #PNMsocial with @wahinemedia Photo:
  10. 10. Photo: Outreach Find and build your audience
  11. 11. Photo: Outreach Find  and  build  your  audience Show interest in others first • Follow other people & biz • Who? Competition, influencers, customers, journalists & bloggers • Klout & • Follow back your followers? Tweet this! A great place to find influencers in #Hawaii is on #PNMsocial with @wahinemedia
  12. 12. Photo: Outreach Find  and  build  your  audience Sort through the noise • The value of Twitter lists • Create your own • Subscribe to others • NOTE: you don’t have to follow someone to put them on a list! Tweet this! Don’t forget to use your #Twitter lists! They help you sort though the noise #PNMsocial with @wahinemedia
  13. 13. Photo: Engagement The value of a conversation
  14. 14. Engagement The  value  of  a  conversation Have conversations • The power of a #hashtag • Tweetchats: • Keyword search Tweet this! Participate in #Tweetchats to help grow your community and influence #PNMsocial with @wahinemedia Photo:
  15. 15. Engagement The  value  of  a  conversation Share content from others • From your feed, the web, RSS readers, curation tools • Hootmarklet, RSS,, Storify, • Cite the source • Sharing language: RT & via Tweet this! When sharing other people’s content, make sure you cite the source! #PNMsocial with @wahinemedia
  16. 16. Engagement The  value  of  a  conversation Share original content • People respond to photos! • Share your expertise • Shrink links (, • Schedule posts Tweet this! Original content is a way to provide a “give back” to your community #PNMsocial with @wahinemedia
  17. 17. Engagement The  value  of  a  conversation Be open and transparent • Allow customer inquiries • When to respond via DM • A personal profile can act as the human behind a business • eg: @BCDlane Tweet this! Isn’t it cool that you can talk to the owner of @BigCityDiner @BCDlane on #Twitter? #PNMsocial with @wahinemedia
  18. 18. Engagement The  value  of  a  conversation Don’t forget your manners • Treat people how you want to be treated • Please and thank you • Response time • #FF Tweet this! Don’t forget your manners on #Twitter! Please & thank you go a long way! #PNMsocial with @wahinemedia
  19. 19. Hootsuite, SproutSocial Extras JustUnfollow,,
  20. 20. Keep  in  touch! Wahine Media web: blog: facebook: twitter: @wahinemedia Karen Weikert @karenweikert Gwen Woltz @gjwahine Download this slideshow: