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  • Chapter One An Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications © 2003 McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., McGraw-Hill/Irwin
  • Relation to Text This slide relates to Figure 3-6 on page 82 of the text. Summary Overview This slide presents the typical organization chart for a full-service advertising agency. Use of this Slide Use this slide to introduce the various departments and specialties within a full-service agency.
  • Relation to text This slide relates to material on p. 96 of the text, which discusses direct-marketing agencies. Summary Overview One of the fastest growing areas of IMC is direct marketing. As the industry has grown, numerous direct response agencies have evolved that offer companies their specialized skills in both consumer and business markets. This slide shows the various services and departments of a direct response agency. Services include: Database management Direct mail Research Departments of a direct response agency include: Media services Creative Production Use of slide This slide can be used to discuss the role of direct response agencies, the types of services they provide and their role in the development of an IMC program.
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  • Relation to text This slide relates to material on p. 97 of the text, which discusses pubic relations firms. Summary Overview Most large companies use public relations firm. A public relations firm develops and implements programs to manage the organization’s publicity, image, and affairs with consumer and other relevant publics. This slide shows the activities of the PR firm. These include: Strategy development Generating publicity Lobbying Public affairs activities Damage control Image portrayal Program planning Use of slide This slide can be used to show the services provided by public relations firms. As companies adopt an IMC approach to promotional planning, they are coordinating their PR activities with advertising and other promotional areas. They are also integrating PR and publicity into the marketing communications mix to increase message credibility and save media costs.
  • Relation to text This slide relates to material on p. 99 of the text. Summary Overview Marketers and agency executives have very different opinions regarding who should be in charge of the integrated IMC process. Obstacles cited to implementing IMC include: Agency capability to handle various elements of an integrated campaign Consistent execution Internal turf battles Ability to measure campaign success Fear of budget reductions Agency egos Compensation Use of slide This slide can be used to show the various obstacles to implementing IMC when discussing if the responsibility for IMC should be with the agency or the client. As companies shift their promotional dollars away from media advertising to other IMC tools, agencies will continue to explore ways to keep these monies under their roofs.
  • Lecture 2-organizingfor imc

    1. 1. Organizing for Integrated Marketing Communications Dr. George Belch San Diego State University .
    2. 2. Strategic Marketing Model
    3. 3. Integrated Marketing Communications Planning Model Review of marketing plan Promotional program situation analysis Analysis of the communications process Budget determination Develop integrated marketing communications programs Sales PR/ Personal Direct Internet/Advertising promotion publicity selling marketing interactiveAdvertising Sales PR/ Personal Direct Internet/ promotion publicity selling marketing interactiveobjectives objectives objectives objectives objectives objectives Message Sales PR/ Personal Direct Internet/ promotion publicity selling marketing interactive strategy strategy strategy strategy strategy strategy Integrate and implement marketing communications strategies Monitor, evaluate and control IMC Program
    4. 4. Elements of a Marketing Plan Detailed situation analysis Specific marketing objectives Marketing strategy and programProgram for implementing the strategy Process for monitoring & evaluating performance
    5. 5. Promotional Program Situational Analysis Internal ExternalFirm’s promotional Customer analysisorganization/capabili •Who buys? Who influencesties the decision •Why do they buy? WhatReview of previous needs and wants must beprograms and met?results •Why do they buy? •Where and when?Assess firm/brandimage Competitive analysisAssess strengths and Environmentalweaknesses of analysisproduct or service
    6. 6. Participants in the IMC ProcessAdvertiser (Client)Advertising agencyMedia organizations Direct- Sales response promotionMarketing agencies agenciescommunicationsspecialistorganizations Public Interactive relations agenciesCollateral services firms
    7. 7. Full-Services Agencies Planning advertising Full range of Performing marketing research Creating communication advertising and promotion services Selecting media Producing advertisingStrategic market Interactive planning capabilities Sales Nonadvertising Package design promotions promotions services Direct Public relations marketing and publicity ©
    8. 8. Full-Service Agency Organization Chart
    9. 9. Services Provided by Agencies Agency Services Account Marketing Creative Service Services ServicesThe link between Research Creation andagency and client department execution of adsManaged by the May include Copywriters,account executive account planners artists, other specialists Media department to obtain media space and time
    10. 10. Direct-Marketing Agency Activities Database Media servicesmanagement Direct Direct- Marketing Creative mail Agencies Research Production
    11. 11. Activities Performed by SalesPromotion Agencies Promotional planning Creative work and research Tie-in coordination Tie-in coordination Fulfillment Premium design and manufacturing Catalog productions Catalog production Contest/sweepstakes management ©
    12. 12. Functions Performed by Public Relations Firms Managing Damage control Crises Generating Strategy publicitydevelopment Program planning Image portrayal Lobbying Public affairs ©
    13. 13. Functions Performed by Interactive Agencies Interactive Media Creation Websites Banner ads Search engine optimization Mobile marketing Social media campaigns Digital media
    14. 14. Avenue Social creates social mediaapplications for companies ©
    15. 15. Evaluation of Integrated Services + Positive - NegativeGreater synergy Budget politics Convenience Integrated Poor Services communication Single image for No synergyproduct or service
    16. 16. Major Issues and Challenges for IMC Adoption and development of IMC in companies Determining IMC leadership  Top management, marketing/brand managers, advertising agencies, or committee Making IMC more strategic rather than tactical Agency compensation for IMC services IMC measurement and ROI
    17. 17. Obstacles to Implementing IMC Consistent Consistent execution execution Internal InternalMany elementsMany elements turf battles turf battles to handle to handle Compensation Measuring Measuring campaign campaignAgency egosAgency egos success success Fear of budget Fear of budget reductions reductions