Marketing SMEs


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Introducing the principles of Marketing for SMEs

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Marketing SMEs

  1. 1. Marketing for SMEsTaking planned action gets results
  2. 2. What is marketing? Customer Product/Service Sales Performance Your Business RELATIONSHIPS Financial Distribution Management Channels Business Goals Taking planned action gets results
  3. 3. Marketing Planning Process? Business Goals Financial Vision Marketing Strategy Branding Communications Marketing PlanningService/product development Creative and MediaTaking planned action gets results
  4. 4. Issues for SMEsvBusiness idea Marketing UncertaintyvPersonality of Ø Driven by sales business owner “follow the income”vSkills Ø Enter marketing at commsvExpertise levelvKnowledge Ø Seek PULL marketing Taking planned action gets results
  5. 5. Where does a small business start?Brand = Faith Brand Audit‘believing in somethingyou cannot see’ qCore Values qPersonal SWOTØ Starts with YOU qBrand personalityØ Embodies your business relationships qBrand imageØ Your filter for decision qPositioning making Taking planned action gets results
  6. 6. Where does a small business start?Target market Choices• Who are your different types of customers?• Link to your financial goals• Ease/speed of access• Relevance of current offering• Level of investment• Barriers to purchase• Purchasers and/or influencers Taking planned action gets results
  7. 7. Marketing MessageEmbodies key benefit(s) that engage customer• Benefits vs Features• Perceptions vs Reality• Tap into customer needs and wants• Tailor to target groups• What role is message going to play in your marketing media – Awareness? Credibility?• Role of message: Straplines/Body text/Visual imagery etc It’s your Brand Voice Opening/Engaging/Closing dialogue with your customer Taking planned action gets results
  8. 8. Choice of media/commsEvaluate:• Purchasing context – where go to for information• Importance of influencers• Purchasing emotion e.g.: considered? distressed? advisory?• Importance of service and personal relationship• Role of media in building your brand Service key for majority of small businesses? Credibility critical ~ Pull Marketing key Push marketing key for business growth Taking planned action gets results
  9. 9. Balance of Push-PullCredibility Awareness Purchasing DecisionPUSH PUSH/PULL PULL/PUSH Credibility + Awareness +‘Brand establishment’ ‘Brand development’ Timing = SALENetworking Advertising Credibility = CONSISTENCYSpeaking Direct mailWriting Email marketing Awareness = REPETITIONBlogs TelemarketingPR PR Timing = RELEVANCESocial media Digital Small businesses growth Medium/Larger businesses Taking planned action gets results
  10. 10. Is marketing measureable?PUSH PULLInvestment CostEvaluation qualitative QuantitativeMeasure quality and value Measure ROI•Qualitative research explores perceptions •Measure response levels using a range of•Customer service/satisfaction techniques •Quantify image perceptions and likelihood to buy etc. Taking planned action gets results
  11. 11. Hence…..Marketing Mix fundamental:• Combination of media channels to reach target groups (purchasers and influencers)• Medium to reflect marketing strategy balance: Credibility + Awareness• Media to reflect buying process and decision-making• Important when planning to consider the importance of consistency and repetition – budget to work most effectively Taking planned action gets results
  12. 12. Developing Marketing Comms strategy Credibility PUSH Awareness PULL Target Market FOCUS Your Brand Media and Message Brand Voice Taking planned action gets results