Novel Brand Branding Approach


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In today's increasingly distracted marketplaces, engaging employees is crucial to retain customers. Here's how to do both...

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Novel Brand Branding Approach

  1. 1. going for brand dominance A distracted audience, an inside-out approach. All content contained within is the exclusive property of Novel Brand Communications. Not to be used without written permission.
  2. 2. What will be effective branding among today’s highly “distracted” audiences?
  3. 3. Execute with Build Integrate your Cultivate a growing branded relationships by marketing and community of messaging, and listening & employee loyal customers! tools that enable adding value at communications efficiency and strategies. all touch points. consistency.
  4. 4. Engaging customers today requires a variety of integrated marketing tactics.
  5. 5. Internet / E-mail Marketing Online marketing tactics should pull traffic, generate a consistent flow of leads, help you convert those leads, and event allow you to manage those leads efficiently. Public Relations Every opportunity to tell your story with credibility. PR should also position your company as a leader in the market. This should include press releases to announce new business, offerings and company developments; as well as story pitches to select business media. Social Networking Two-way communications help to garner otherwise elusive feedback from customers. Social networking can also position your authors as thought-leaders; and help business development/sales professionals add value to customer relationships through earnest and value-added content.
  6. 6. A website that serves as an online marketing / business hub. Complete with integrated campaigns, tracking and reporting tools, this customized online marketing hub and complete business center delivers all the necessities to grow your online business: Content Management System (CMS) that’s easy to use, for your staff to manage content internally. E-mail, Internet marketing and SEO tools that your company can track and manage internally. Online store / product management and payment solution, for successful e-commerce. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools necessary to grow sales and manage customer relationships in today’s “business 2.0” world. Tracking and reporting tools required to evaluate behavior and campaigns, allowing you to maximize ROI. Messaging and copy written initially by our team, to engage visitors and brand your company with clarity, charisma and credibility in the marketplace.
  7. 7. Retaining a brand-focused workforce requires a variety of engagement tactics.
  8. 8. Employee Communications Internal communications should inform, direct and empower employees by clearly defining vision, goals and specific objectives. Employees should understand what desired behavior and results “look like”; and also know where they stand. In this way employees are able to deliver the brand promise at every customer touch point. Employee Recognition Studies have shown that one of the most impactful contributors to employee morale and productivity is recognition. If done right, a recognition program can be done at nominal cost with high returns. Incentive Rewards Programs Employees are motivated by incentive rewards programs; they have been shown to directly boost sales and thus the bottom line.
  9. 9. We don’t leave you hanging.
  10. 10. We Are Your Complete Outsourced Communications Department Integrated Say yes to experience, expertise, resources Communications and the fresh perspective of an objective Strategy agency. Say no to hiring additional headcount to deliver the same old results. We provide any communication services you need to meet your marketing objectives, on retainer and/or per-project basis. Integrated Employee Multi-Channel Communication Campaigns Programs Management Marketing & PR Campaigns Employee Communications Rewards and Recognition Programs Launch and Re-Brand Campaigns Customers Thought-Leaders Stakeholders Employees Customer Loyalty Programs Creative Services Track and Measure: Graphic Design What Works? Website Development Interactive Development Writing and Editing
  11. 11. Let’s get started on your community! Novel Brand Communications E-mail us: Visit us online: Call us: (404) 936-3835