Coordinating agencies aligning campaigns


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Explaining the best practices of how a traditional and digital media agency can partner to the ultimate benefit of the client. This presentation showcases the sensitivities that each side must address when "reaching across the aisle" and will help with avoiding the politicking and counter-positioning that often mars a broad cross channel engagement. Using real client this presentation shows how a truly holistic approach to advertising yields exponential benefits to both the agencies involved and the clients' bottom line.
-Understand the best practices that make up a traditional/digital partnership.
-Identify the shared learnings and aggregate success metrics to tell that the partnership is working.
-Learn how to avoid budget jockeying and political shenanigans.
-Determine what makes for a solid traditional/digital partner.

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  • Agencies are seeking to move up and down the value chain.
  • It’s easy to assign promotion to after-the-fact agencies or teams as the have the marketing budget and are not tied to capital budget limitations.
  • As platforms expand, new digital tactics arise to keep any one solution from being comprehensive. Your web analytics dashboard will not include social activity, your SEO platform may not include paid media activity. The digital marketer needs to sit in the middle and do the analysis to connect these activities together. You really cannot manage holistically unless you have all the various tools and platforms in place. No tool can replace the insights and connections that you the marketer can make.
  • Coordinating agencies aligning campaigns

    1. 1. About Huge.Founded in 1999.Leading full-service digital agency within Interpublic.800 employees across all interactive disciplines. London. Portland. Brooklyn. San Francisco. Washington DC. LosAngeles. Atlanta. Brasilia. Rio de Janeiro. 2.
    2. 2. Our approach.Great user experiences are what drivebusiness performance and marketing.
    3. 3. AdAge A-List for 2012Top ten agencies as ranked by AdAge, across all marketing disciplines. Social media agency of the year 2011 and 2012 by OMMA / MediaPost. Most innovative agency for 2012 by Digiday and One of Five for 2011 by Mashable.
    4. 4. Capabilities
    5. 5. Agenda: 1. Environmental changes.2. Larger strategic concerns. 3. Coordination tactics.
    6. 6. Environmentalchange.
    7. 7. “Search, Social & Content Has Mergedinto a Single Process” -Kevin Gibson
    8. 8. Every person, brand, group, andcampaign must have a digital version of itself in addition to thier real world component.
    9. 9. Comet SoLoMo: Social / Local / MobileBe these guys.
    10. 10. Strategic concerns.
    11. 11. Feuding agencies.
    12. 12. Strategy, UX, Content Strategy, Visual Design“Full service agencies” Strategy / Design agencies Development Promotion “Integrated marketingSearch agencies campaigns”Mobile Social Paid media APIs Local
    13. 13. Where does „promotional‟ budget live?• “They understand media & how to promote” Strategy / Design Agencies• They have access to marketing budget $ • “They understand the big picture / strategy” • Have access to the capital Search agencies budget
    14. 14. Marketing is becoming more strategic and holistic.Agencies, responsibilities, budgets and allocations need to change. But how?
    15. 15. Agency coordination.
    16. 16. Traditional media Digital mediaBranding metrics ROI Agency management On-site Social media Engagement Web analytics metrics
    17. 17. Holistic agency management.Create an agency plan that addresses:• Mobile / local search / landing pages• Local 3rd-party sites (G+ local, Yelp, etc.)• Contextual and targeted media (long tail biddable)• Content marketing (video, images)• Social media (promoted posts)• App discovery (API / open data / semantic markup)• News and Syndication discovery (Press releases, syndication)• KPIs that cross digital, traditional, and agency lines
    18. 18. Build-in all these new search and discovery tactics at the start of campaign or site strategy.
    19. 19. Smart brands make them astrategic component of the site or campaign build.
    20. 20. Don’t bolt it on.
    21. 21. hugeinc.cominfo@hugeinc.com45 Main St. #220 Brooklyn, NY 11201+1 718 625 4843