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Sust 4103 capstone project poster freeman


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Sust 4103 capstone project poster freeman

  1. 1. Need University Logo here Capstone Internship Experience UNIVERSITY Cabot Shores LOGO HERE Tanner Freeman Sustainability Minor Requirement GOALs VISUALS THE EXPERIENCE So the goal of the owners and all the staff is to foster a wilderness destination that provides SUSTAINABILITY “comfort” to its guests, staff and visitors, while My internship experience for being in ecological harmony with this special place Sustainability Capstone was with the Cabot Cabot Shores along Indian Brook, Church Pond, The Cabot Shores Vision of “Green Shores Wilderness Resort on Cape Breton and the Atlantic. The goal is to retrofit the current Resort” buildings, structures and exemplify human Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. My major in activities to a more sustainable level. As well as The Cabot Shores Vision of being more Recreation Management with an to add additional recreation areas, more gardens, sustainable starts with acknowledging the International concentration and the and better equipped building to make the responsibility to be good stewards of the Capstone requirement is what led me to experience more healthy and enjoyable to all. The land which Cabot Shores sits. The 55 acres future planned advancement toward the vision of a work at Cabot Shores last summer from “Green Resort” at the main Indian Brook location, 180 acresJune 14, 2011 to August 11, 2011. My work at Breton Cove, and 6 acres at the Wreckincluded a series of multidisciplinary projects Cove property that all have fragile ecological and jobs, although working in every part of biodiversity issues. The two of the the Resort operation; I focused on properties that have buildings and sustainable building projects, property infrastructure are clearly not yet energy maintenance and upkeep of systems, and efficient, but slowly getting there. The the team leader for the implementation of properties have huge populations of moose short-term and long-term plans and projects and a diverse amount of other delicate plant for me and the current staff as well as THE OUTCOME and animal species. Respect and continued developing forecast plans and project I had little carpentry or structural building stewardship and attendance to air quality concepts for future staff to complete. experience prior to my internship. I had zero and water quality in the outstanding land and experience with building foundations, laying pathways of Cabot Shores is very important, pavers, or planning and constructing natural stone as I learned quickly in my first week. For PROJECTS SKILLS stairways. I had no prior knowledge to with example, while developing wilderness trails chickens or what needed to be considered when that safely allow the guests and other visitors Projects building a chicken coop in Nova Scotia. I did not My entire project set that I was project leader to view wildlife and the magnificence of the The new additions to the lodge near the know how to build an earthen plastered cob oven and was participant succeeded. The or what was required of such a difficult wilderness; we worked to mitigate the beginning of my attendance at the resort degradation of the flora and disturbance of multiple systems of sustainability that all the undertaking. I did not know anything about solar were recent which called for me to learn panels, solar hot water heaters, or passive heating fauna. projects were based on provided for about and maintain different projects like systems in application or practice. I was clueless consideration of all planning andexamining the 32 sq ft solar hot water heater to electricity values or concerns and did not considerations. I have the set plans for the with a clear day rating in ‘Category C’ at understand residential circuitry systems. Now I The benefits of learning a myriad of existing project initiatives and future projects. know the foundation of all these concepts andabout 8.9 kWh/day and 30kBtu/day made by multidisciplinary dimensions of sustainability I hope that future employees will tweak and practices. Thermo Dynamics Ltd. has had a profound impact on my view and research more ideas and concepts to addition and of two Cansolair solar hot air improve upon the systems to further perspectives on the sustainability paradigm. panels on the exterior of the lodge was the increase the level of sustainability. The take away skill sets, research abilities,next project completed. When the sun is out and systems understanding in which I now it provides a warm flow of air to heat the hold due to my involvement with the main lodge Cansolair Solar Max 240 Sustainability minor curriculum at theconsists of a four by seven solar collector. It University of Arkansas and my invaluable has 15 vertical columns of cylindrical shape experience during my capstone internshipswhich makes the surface exposed to the sun has been a positive stepping stone to my greater. The same cylindrical shape allows future in my sustainability focused futurethe Solar Max to receive solar radiation for a endeavors. longer period due to the angle of incidence of the sun hitting the solar panel. This poster was prepared in partial fulfillment of SUST 4103 Sustainability Capstone