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Envambien Presentation En

  1. 1. COMPANY OVERVIEW www.envambien.com www envambien com
  2. 2. INDEX ENVAMBIEN S.A. Services Project Execution Model References and Qualifications The ENVAMBIEN Way 2
  3. 3. ENVAMBIEN S.A. 3
  4. 4. THE COMPANY ENVAMBIEN S.A. is an Environmental Engineering and Consulting Services Company that designs develops and applies customized solutions for the designs, specific challenges experienced by our clients. ENVAMBIEN S.A. is a team of professionals with expertise in a wide range of Engineering disciplines and extensive experience related to Environmental Sciences. Headquarters in Malveira, Portugal. We are a member of the international group Advanced Environmental Resources (AER), holder of a portfolio of different environmental companies, with offices in U S A , Saudi Arabia and Luxembourg U.S.A., Luxembourg. The ENVAMBIEN Way: we build relationships with our clients. We are committed to quality, professionalism, and partnership at all times, from project design to implementation. 4
  5. 5. SERVICES 5
  6. 6. SERVICES Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants (WTP and WWTP) Project Design and Construction Plant Maintenance and Renovation Plant Rehabilitation, Revamping and Requalification of Existing Plants Environmental Biofuels Consulting Environmental Processes, Biodiesel and Bioalcohol 6
  7. 7. SERVICES WATER AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS Design and Build Plants for Primary , Secondary and Tertiary Treatment of Effluents: Domestic Food and Beverage Industry Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Ceramic and Textile Industry Other Domestic and Industrial Effluents 7
  8. 8. SERVICES MAINTENANCE AND RENOVATION Design, Planning and Execution for: Rehabilitation and Requalification of Pre-existing Installations Plant O erha l Modernization and Expansion Overhaul, Moderni ation E pansion Maintenance and Technical Assistance: Routine Preventive Scheduled Overhaul Troubleshooting Efficiencies 8
  9. 9. SERVICES ENVIRONMENTAL BIOFUELS CONSULTING Consulting Projects for: Environmental Needs Analysis Water and Wastewater Management Planning Environmental Viability Studies Process Optimization and Viability Analysis (for Biodiesel and Bioalcohol Processes) Heat and Power Integration (for Biodiesel and Bioalcohol Processes) 9
  11. 11. PROJECT EXECUTION MODEL ENVAMBIEN S.A. is committed to deliver safe and predictable projects throughout th asset lif cycle, f th h t the t life l from needs analysis and requirements d fi iti d l i d i t definition through design and engineering, to procurement and project delivery with client acceptance. Once operational, ENVAMBIEN S.A. can assist with monitoring performance and maintenance f optimal efficiency. it i f d i t for ti l ffi i eptance eptance eptance Client Acce Client Acce Client Acce Scope Client Definition Acceptance Procurement System Tendering Construction Completion Operation Design Assembly Internal Knowledge & Learned Lessons Client Requirements: - Operation - Maintenance 11
  13. 13. PROJECTS DEVELOPED WITH PARTICIPATION OF OUR TEAM ENVIRONMENT WWTP’S AND WTP’S Areas Project Description References • Project/Construction Celeirós WWTP (Portugal) 4 000 m3/day • Project/Construction Sousel WWTP (Portugal) - 2 500 m3/day Domestic Environmental Diagnosis, Design, Engineering Project. • Project/Construction Pegões (Portugal) - j g ( g ) Effluents WWTP with Aerobic Biological Treatment Systems Systems. 1 500 m3/day • Design Project Dhuba WWTP (Saudi Arabia) • Design Project Al-Baha WWTP (Saudi Arabia) - 16 200 m3/day Environmental Diagnosis, Design, Detailed Water and • Design Project Planalto Beirão WWTP (Portugal) Engineering Project, Project Management, Beverage • Conception Project Unicer WWTP (Portugal) Installation and Start-Up. Industry • Project/Construction A.C. de Dois Portos WWTP Design, Project, Project Management, Installation, Wine-Making (Portugal) Start-up and Maintenance. Industry • Project/Construction A.C. Santa Marta WWTP WWTP with Aerobic Biological Treatment Systems. e ob c o og ca ea e Sys e s. (Portugal) (P t l) 13
  14. 14. PROJECTS DEVELOPED WITH PARTICIPATION OF OUR TEAM ENVIRONMENT WWTP’S AND WTP’S (CONT.) Areas Project Description References • Monitoring System Matutano WWTP (Portugal) • Design Project Lays WWTP (Saudi Arabia) - 60m3/day WWTP Design for Several Food Industries (chips, nuts Food Processing • Design Project Raporal WWTP (Portugal) and peanuts, meat processing, etc.) y Industry • Project/Construction Azevedo dos Leitões j / WWTP Management System Implementation. M tS t I l t ti WWTP (Portugal) • Project/Construction Ouricoelho WWTP (Portugal) WWTP Design for Antibiotic Effluent Treatment. Pharmaceutical • Design Project Bioton WWTP (Poland) Biological System Treatment with No Sludge Excess Industry • Design Project Atral-Cipan (Portugal) Production. Environmental Diagnosis, Design, Project, Project • Project/Construction Lacticínio Marofa WWTP Dairy Management, Installation, Start-up and (Portugal) Industry Maintenance. • Project/Construction Lactovil WWTP (Portugal) Treatment System with Biogas Production. • Project/Construction Lactejo WWTP (Portugal) 14
  15. 15. PROJECTS DEVELOPED WITH PARTICIPATION OF OUR TEAM ENVIRONMENT WWTP’S AND WTP’S (CONT.) Areas Project Description References • Project/Construction Empreendimento Turismo Hospitality Design, Detailed Engineering, Project Engineering, Rural Barrancos WWTP (Portugal) – 10 m3/day Industry Installation and Start-up. • Project/Construction Convento do Espinheiro WWTP with Biological Treatment. Heritage Hotel & SPA WWTP (Portugal) – 60 m3/day.y Textile Project Design for WWTP for Textile Industry. • Design Project Washnah WWTP (Saudi Arabia) Industry WWTP with Physical-Chemical Treatment. - 200 m3/day Dye and Environmental Diagnosis, Project, Project Pigments Management, Installation and Start-Up. • Project/Construction Idealtom WWTP (Portugal) Industry WWTP with Physical-Chemical Treatment. Chemical Design, Construction and Exploitation of Reed Beds • Project/Construction Quimigal WWTP (Portugal) Industry for Removal of Nitro-Aromatic Compounds. Project for the Industrial Complex for Collecting, Hazardous H d Evaluation and Treatment of Dangerous Industrial • Project SISAV (Portugal) - 20 000 ton/year Residues Residues. 15
  16. 16. PROJECTS DEVELOPED WITH PARTICIPATION OF OUR TEAM ENVIRONMENT BIOFUELS Areas Project Description References • Project P. Duarte (Portugal) -10 000 ton/year • Project BB-Diesel (Portugal) - 20 000 ton/year Biodiesel Environmental Analysis, Design, Engineering Project • Project Sisav (Portugal) - 35 000 ton/year Production and Economic Feasibility Evaluation. • Project EPS (Malasya) - 450 ton/year • Project DPHI ( j (France) - 450 ton/year ) y • Project Lipor (Portugal) - 900 ton/year Glycerine Design of Purifying Glycerine Systems, Subproduct of Recovery from Biodiesel Production. • Project BB-Diesel (Portugal) - 400 L/hour Biodiesel Final Stage for Glycerine Purification to • Project Bioking (Holland) - 70 kg/hour Purification Pharmaceutical Grade. Methanol • Design Project BB-Diesel (Portugal) - Recovery f R from Design of M th D i f Methanoll Purifying Systems for Biodiesell P if i S t f Bi di 400 L/h L/hour Biodiesel Production Plants. • Design Project Bioking (Holland) - Production 70 kg/hour Design of Purifying Biodiesel Systems Biodiesel Systems. Biodiesel • Project BB-Diesel (Portugal) - 2 000 L/hour Purifying System for Water, Methanol and Glycerine Purification • Project BioKing (Holland) - 3 600 L/hour Removal to EN-14214 Standards Fulfilment. 16
  17. 17. PROJECTS DEVELOPED WITH PARTICIPATION OF OUR TEAM ENVIRONMENT BIOFUELS (CONT.) Areas Project Description References • Design Project Derbio (Portugal) - 10 000 m3/year • Design Project Enersis (Portugal) - Bioethanol Design, Base Project, Engineering Project and 30 000 m3/year Production Economical Evaluation. • Design Project CME (Portugal) - g j ( g ) 30 000 m3/year • Design Project Decov (Portugal) - 100 000 m3/year System Design, Dimensioning and Economical Bioethanol • Design Project Derbio (Portugal) - Evaluation. Process Conception and Energetic Purification 2 200 m3/year Optimization. • P j t/C Project/Construction Henrique Fi t ti H i Figueiredo i d Distillation Environmental Diagnosis, Design, Engineering (Portugal) - 1 000 m 3/year Process Project, Project Management, Installation, Start-Up • Design Project Decov (Portugal) - Optimization and Maintenance. 5 000 m3/year 17
  18. 18. THE ENVAMBIEN WAY 18
  19. 19. THE ENVAMBIEN WAY ENVAMBIEN S.A. will provide our partners with high quality engineering services and advanced technological solutions for current and future environmental challenges. ENVAMBIEN S.A. Continuously contributing to sustained environmental development. 19
  20. 20. advanced environmental management Edifício Terraços do Sol, 11D Estrada Nacional N8 2665-258 Malveira Portugal T: +351 918 637 400 F: +351 219 663 624 H: www.envambien.com