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Land Development -
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Successful land development begins            Sandbox ...
EXPERIENCE                                      projects. While in this role, Mr. Sumner
Mr. Anthony Sumner, Principal    ...
Mr. Guy Lake, Principal                                                                 EXPERIENCE                        ...
Alan Chen,                                                                                 Rocio A. Sumner,
Project Coordi...
“Sandbox’s effective communication and strong knowledge
“We have taken advantage of a down market to add value to
Sandbox did an outstanding job of assuming the CM respon-

                         Silva Farming
312 W. Edgemont Ave
 Phoenix, AZ 85003
Sandbox   Company Profile Booklet
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Sandbox Company Profile Booklet


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Sandbox Development - Company Profile

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Sandbox Company Profile Booklet

  1. 1. one step ahead...
  2. 2. Land Development - From an End-user’s Perspective introduction Successful land development begins Sandbox Development is committed to with a strong knowledge of local condi- imprinting the footprint of excellence in tions - including a region’s physical, everything we do by thoroughly under- political, regulatory and economic factors. standing the Client’s goals and by the Sandbox’s locally based staff enables our consistent application of that thorough clients to benefit from our experience and knowledge that can only be obtained by familiarity with local zoning issues, plan working within the land development development and review processes. industry. Sandbox combines familiarity of the local The better the end user’s needs are met… regulatory environment with comprehen- the greater the value realized! sive consulting services in due diligence, entitlements, project management, Why use Sandbox? construction management and contract -Experienced Knowledgable Staff administration to create outstanding land -Primary Point Of Contact for Clients development results. -Expertise in Land Development -Strong Local Relationships We add value to the project by focus- -End-User Experience ing on an end result that is based on a -Limited Liability to Client thorough understanding of the Client’s -Less Municipal Red Tape needs. -Reduced Impact on Your Staff -Value Engineering of Plans The professional experience of the -Expedite Regulatory Approvals Sandbox team within the development -Accurate and Thourough Budgets industry assists tremendously in ensuring -Realistic Schedules that Sandbox Development will be ‘One -Oversight of Design Team Step Ahead’ of the competition as the lead -Consistent Reporting & Record Keeping development consultant. We are commit- ted to evaluating the project-specific data and formulating tangible information that can be distributed and communicated ef- fectively for the Client’s utilization.
  3. 3. EXPERIENCE projects. While in this role, Mr. Sumner Mr. Anthony Sumner, Principal paid close attention to detail and became Project Management Some notable projects that Mr. Sumner very familiar with the entitlement and was involved with while at Beazer Homes product approval processes. In addition include the following: Westpark, ap- to managing projects through the entitle- proximately 2200 units in Buckeye, AZ. ment phase, Mr. Sumner was responsible The scope of this project included obtain- for coordinating the lot fit analysis for all ing final plats and engineering plans for projects, and for a while, obtaining design multiple phases of the development. Mr. review approvals for the Architectural Sumner worked closely with the seller and Product. sandbox team other consultants to create a water-service area, design and obtain approvals on a wa- EDUCATION ter campus and several remote well sites. Master of Business Administration (MBA) Additional coordination was also needed University of Phoenix on the CFD, Regional Sewer Solution, Recent Projects ADOT collector road system, offsite water Bachelor of Science in Design, Housing & Anthony is one Sandbox lines and regional park site. Mr. Sumner Urban Development, Magna Cum Laude of the found- • TEN303 Business Park intimately involved in the Entitlement Arizona State University ing members of • Rose Gardens process for several projects in Surprise and Sandbox Develop- • Verdugo Goodyear. Mr. Sumner was also a regular PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES ment Consultants. • Montana Vista participant in the regional sewer and water Ryan Tidemann, 303-807-0322 His primary role • Sunset Ridge solutions for Goodyear, Surprise (SPA 2), Tidemann Properties, LLC. as Principal is to • Montage II and Buckeye (Sewer Interceptor Line and • Talaverde Estates WWTP expansion). Justin Sims, 303-843-4586 oversee the Project Management services business unit. While at Beazer Homes, Mr. Sumner Portfolio Director, Past Projects organized an internship program through Mountain West Industrial Properties • Starlight Trail (CW Ranch) Arizona State University which enabled Prior to the formation of Sandbox, An- • Glenmont Estates (Pueblo Verde) thony was a Land Development Project Housing students to obtain first-hand Andrew Moore, 602-265-0094 • Orchards Manager for Beazer Homes – Phoenix knowledge of the Land Development Zoning Attorney • Sierra Montana Parcel 4 & 5 Division where he was responsible for industry while still in school. Participants • Litchfield Farms II west region projects consisting of approxi- of this program ultimately earned tuition Mauricio “Mo” Iacuelli, 602-467-2222 • Sierra Montana 12 & 14 (Loma Linda) mately 6,000 total units in various stages • Westpark Phase I & II scholarships and employment opportunities Land Dev. Mgr, RBF Consulting of feasibility, design and/or development. • Smith Farms (Desert Passage) within the industry. Anthony also has previous experience as • Waterford Square PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS an Entitlements Manager for KB Home – • Bell Pointe Mr. Sumner’s land development experi- Arizona State University, College of Phoenix Division. • Hunter Ridge ence prior to his tenure at Beazer Homes Design, Faculty Associate for the Housing • Mountainside included a role as Forward Planner for KB & Community Development Program Anthony has a Bachelors Degree in De- • Pravada Home. In this capacity, Mr. Sumner was sign, Major in Housing & Urban Develop- • Summit @ South Mountain intimately involved in the Due Diligence Leadership West, Class XIV ment from Arizona State University and a •AZ Marbella and Entitlement Management of projects Masters in Business Administration from • Pinecrest(Madison Estates) throughout the valley. During this time Mr. Valley Partnership University of Phoenix. Anthony is a Fac- • AZ Skyline Sumner would perform Due Diligence and • Sheely Farms Parcels 3,5 &11 feasibility analysis on potential projects to Urban Land Institute ulty Associate at Arizona State University • North Ranch identify significant costs or risks prior to where he teaches Community Design & • Ray Ranch I & II obtaining corporate approval. Mr. Sumner Development in the College of Design. He lives in Phoenix with his wife Rocio and was actively involved in the reviewing and son Jude. awarding of design contracts and supervis- ing the team of consultants on multiple
  4. 4. Mr. Guy Lake, Principal EXPERIENCE EDUCATION Associate of Arts, Graduated with High Construction Management During Mr. Lake’s tenure in construc- Distinction Rio Salado Community Col- tion, he was involved in many high profile lege, 1993 projects: Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station State of Arizona Certificate of Completion Central Arizona Project - Aqueducts, Arizona’s Most Outstanding Apprentice Pump Stations, Siphons, and Generating Stations - Operating Engineer’s Joint Apprenticeship sandbox team U.S. Bureau of Reclamation New Waddell Dam - USBR Maricopa Community College, 1981 Cholla Generating Station - APS I -10 Expansion - Phoenix - ADOT PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES I - 8 Safety & Beautification Project Brieanne Nikrandt, 310-656-4291 U.S. 360 - Superstition Freeway - ADOT Vice-President, Saybrook Community Guy is one of the Recent Projects Santa Rosa Aqueduct - USBR Capital founding members of Sandbox • Lindsay Rd. Sewer Trunk Line City of Chandler WWTP (Gila River) Sandbox Development • Almarte Lake Havasu City - Water Campus Kelly Lawrence, 480-949-5981 Consultants and has 30 years of local Land • Saybrook Capital Portfolio Volkswagen Proving Grounds General Manager, Chaffey Homes Development experi- • APEX Capital Portfolio Tempe South Lake ence. His primary Loop 202 - ADOT Brady Bartlett, 480-610-8400 role as Principal is to Past Projects Volvo Proving Grounds President, Talas Homes oversee the Construc- • Estrella vista McDowell Mountain Ranch Master Plan tion Management services business unit. • Morning Sun Farms Unit 1,2 & 3 Eagle Mountain MPC &Golf Course • Seville Phase 4 Desert Ridge MPC & Golf Course PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATION Prior to the formation of Sandbox, Guy was • Riggs Country Estates Ocotillo Golf Course American Motorcylists Association (AMA) a Land Development Project Manager for • Palo Brea DC Ranch MPC Member Beazer Homes – Phoenix Division where • Montelena Grayhawk MPC &Golf Course he was responsible for east region projects • Ironwood Commons I & II Red Mountain MPC & Golf Course Best in the Desert Racing Association consisting of approximately 2,500 total • Arroyo Verde Las Vegas, Nevada units in various stages of feasibility, design • Greenway Park I & II Mr. Lake continues to apply his broad Member and/or development. Guy also has previous • Arizona Chaparral construction experience base, development experience as a Land Development Project • Heritage knowledge, and personal dedication into Whiplash Racing Association Manager for KB Home – Phoenix Division. • Arizona Silverado each land development project he partici- Phoenix, Arizona • AZ Skyline pates in as the Construction Manager of Member • ROW Improvements I-17 & Dynamite Guy has an Associate Degree of Arts from Sandbox Development. • Deem Hills Booster Pump Station Rio Salado College and was recognized as • AZ Marbella Arizona’s Most Outstanding Apprentice • San Tan Heights upon graduation from the Operating Engi- • ROW Improvements Baseline & Higley neers in 1981. Guy is the qualifying party • Brisas II for Sandbox Development Consultants’ • AZ Brisas Class A Engineering contracting license and • Roundtree Ranch - Park Site also holds a Real Estate License in the State • Copper Commons of Arizona. Guy is a Phoenix native and • Arizona Hillcrest currently resides in Mesa. When he isn’t • Alta Vista Unit IV spending time with his family, he enjoys • Emperor Estates single-track trail riding in the desert.
  5. 5. Alan Chen, Rocio A. Sumner, Project Coordinator Accounts Coordinator sandbox team sandbox team Alan has been with Rocio has been with EDUCATION Sandbox Develop- EDUCATION Sandbox Develop- Masters of Business Administration, ment Consultants ment Consultants (MBA), University of Phoenix since 2005. His Bachelor of Science in Construction, since 2006. Her primary role is to General Building, Ira A. Fulton School primary role as Bachelor of in Arts, Spanish, Northern assist in the Princi- of Engineering, Arizona State University, Accounts Coordina- Arizona University pals as they man- Cum Laude tor is to manage the age the Entitlement day-to-day business Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice, & Development Bachelor of Science in Design, Housing & operations for the Northern Arizona University processes for our Urban Development, College of Design, company including Clients. Alan performs many roles rang- Arizona State University accounting, marketing and other office PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES ing from Planning & Drafting work to operations. Rocio also acts as a Project Leo Brown, 602-502-8199 Site Visits and Budgeting. He is also our Coordinator on various projects. These du- Student Service Manager, University of in-house IT expert and web-page designer. PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES ties include contract administration, budget Phoenix Alan has Bachelor Degree in Construction updates, and tracking invoices, addenda Management and a Bachelors Degree in Zachary Ronstadt, 480-365-9750 and lien releases. Jerry LoCoco, 928-941-1195 Design: Housing & Urban Development Feasibility Analyst, Meritage Homes Owner, LoCoco-Pilkington Construction from Arizona State University. Recent projects include: Contract Admin- Peter Mazur, 480-329-3675 istration on Rose Gardens, 143 acre PAD Marco Nixen, P.E., 928-287-3147 Job duties include contract administration, Project Engineer, DPR Construction in Goodyear, AZ and TEN 303 Business Project Manager, Core Engineering budget analysis, creating bid spreads, and Park, a 157 acre Industrial Park also lo- coordination. cated in Goodyear, AZ. Recent projects completed include entile- Prior to joining Sandbox, Rocio was em- ment of Rose Gardens, a 143 acre parcel ployed with Apollo Group, parent com- located in Goodyear, Arizona and assist- pany of University of Phoenix and Omega ing construciton management at Almarte Management, a local Land Developer. located in Carefree, Arizona. Alan has Rocio has Bachelor Degrees in Criminal worked with Guy Lake in preparing budget Justice and Spanish from Northern Arizona analysis for various projects thoughout the University and Masters in Business Ad- Phoenix metro area. ministration from University of Phoenix. Rocio also holds a Real Estate License in the State of Arizona.
  6. 6. “Sandbox’s effective communication and strong knowledge of local entitlement processes has made it a critical player in our development. Their responsiveness and diligence has been second to none.” -Justin Sims, Portfolio Director, Mountain West Industrial Properties asset management services Risk Assessment: •Thorough review and understanding of SWPP & Dust Control Inspections: development agreements, municipal stipu- •Coordination in submitting Notices lations and entitlement compliance issues; of Intent and Notices of Termination to represent the client in resolving outstand- the applicable agencies; obtainment of ap- ing issues plicable permits •On-site assessment and identification •Coordinate the installation of project of general liability issues; coordination information signage and proper posting of with local police departments regarding permits no trespassing agreements, project signage •On-site SWPP and dust inspections, installation and perimeter security control with completion and archiving of inspec- measures tion forms and reports •Secure incomplete entitlements; re- •Coordinate with applicable contractors solve risk by achieving and securing major to supply, install and maintain the appli- project milestones cable Best Management Practices (BMP’s) •Manage the completion of unfinished identified in the SWPP and dust control land development milestones, including plans acceptance by local municipalities, utility providers and other authorizing agencies Remaining to Complete Budgets: •Identify scope of work, confirm quan- Site Inspections: tities with detailed take-offs and apply cur- •Third party verification and progress rent unit costs to all remaining scope items report services of on-site development ac- •Comprehensive analysis is available to tivities; photo documentation of observed compare existing budgets to the remaining site conditions to complete budgets •Oversight, review and reporting of •Create comprehensive project sched- landscaping maintenance services provided ules to establish timelines of entitlement at inactive projects and/or development activities •Identification and reporting of prop- •Combine remaining to complete costs erty damage, theft and criminal damage to with the schedules for cash flow analysis client and police. Coordination with the ap- plicable contractor to repair and/or replace damaged or stolen property
  7. 7. “We have taken advantage of a down market to add value to our property through the entitlement and development process.” - Silva Farming Enterprises project management services Due Diligence Research: Project Management: Compile thorough, accurate, and de- Sandbox Development will serve as tailed summaries of project findings in a Project-Team Leader in order to streamline timely manner; keeping feasibility expira- the project processes and create milestone tion dates in mind. achievements by applying thorough and Assist the client in determining any effective resource-management skills. possible development risks and provide • Assemble and Manage the Land recommendations/ timelines to resolve any Development Team through the Regulatory findings in question: processes • Review Feasibility reports (Soils, En- • Create and Manage the Entitlement vironmental, Archeological, and Biologi- Budget cal) • Create and Manage the Entitlement • Review Title Report, ALTA, Site Con- Schedule straints, and Land-Use Restrictions • Serve as Primary Point of Contact for • Research and Analyze Water, Sewer, Client correspondence and Dry-utility solutions Entitlements: Sandbox Development partners with the Client to manage the Project through the Regulatory Processes:. • Annexation, General Plan Amendment and Re-Zone • Preliminary Plat, Final Plat and Im- provement Plan Approvals • Value Engineering, Easement Negotia- tion and Development Agreements
  8. 8. Sandbox did an outstanding job of assuming the CM respon- sibilities of our Almarte Project midway through land devel- opment. Their experience, attention to detail and managment skills allowed them to quickly come to speed on the project and successfully complete the work. It was one of the few instances where I felt that an outside consultant performed in the role of a true owner’s representative.” construction management services - Kelly Lawrence, General Manager, Chaffey Homes Pre-Construction Services: Land Development: Bridge the gap between the entitlement Coordinate with contractors and mu- and development of the project by preparing nicipalities to maintain the development and coordinating development processes in schedule and monitor job costs. Deliver the advance. completed site development in a timely and • Coordination with local jurisdictions/ efficient manner. agencies in facilitating approval of entitle- • Coordinate with the engineer and mu- ments and plans. nicipalities in obtaining bonds and permits. • Coordination with engineering and • Conduct pre-construction meetings to other consultants to complete the plan ap- kick-off critical path development activities. proval process. • Scheduling of all surveying and staking • Estimating project development costs. activities. • Project scheduling of land development • Coordination and problem solving with critical path items. contractors and municipal inspectors. • Dry utility design and contracting • Archiving and distribution of all testing coordination. and certification data. • Project liaison for all development Contract Administration: communication. Outline project specific scopes and pro- • Quality control and safety monitoring cure bids from professional contractors with of contractor activities. the expertise to coordinate and construct the • Conduct verification walks and coordi- development critical path items per specifi- nate corrections. cations in a timely and efficient manner. • Obtain project final acceptance. • Assemble bid packages with detailed scopes, plans and specifications. • Request competitive bids from quali- fied contractors. • Conduct bid analysis. • Recommend bid award to the Client. • Draft contracts and award bids to the selected contractors. • Monthly job costs/draw reports. • Invoice review and recommendations.
  9. 9. CURRENT AND PAST SANDBOX CLIENTS Silva Farming Contact us: Enterprises 312 West Edgemont Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85003 Phone: 602.275.5445 Fax: 603.388.4172 DR HORTON - Dietz Crane Tidemann Properties AZ ROC# 240970 VOYAGER Class A Engineering
  10. 10. 312 W. Edgemont Ave Phoenix, AZ 85003