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The report of tibe 2011
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The report of tibe 2011


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Published in: Education, Travel, Business
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  • 1. BHUTANthe Guest of Honor of TIBE 2011
  • 2. Taipei Int’l Book Exhibition (TIBE) isconsidered one of the most importantInt’l event in publish industry, and inFeb. 2011, Bhutan came in the spotlightof this book fair.Bhutan got well prepared in such ashort time and the program of BhutanPavilion was popular and successful.It’s all the Prime Minister of Bhutan’ssupport and trust upon the invitationto be the Guest of Honor for TIBE 2011,which was from Sunya Int’l special-Culture Interchange Assoc., on behalfof the TBFF. The joy and success shouldbelong to each of you.
  • 3. TIBE 2011 occupied 3 halls of the Taipei World Trade Center, covering 35,741M2.BHUTAN PAVILION This is Hall 1, the biggest hall among the three, also where Bhutan Pavilion was. The floor plan shows that Bhutan Pavilion was located at the best place in Hall 1.
  • 4. Grand Facade
  • 5. books books about Bhutan published in Taiwan Bhutanese traditional periodicals books shrine booksbooks books stamps books books booth standbooks masks 4 treasures books activity area tourism consult area national costume facade
  • 6. Activity Area Main AreaEntrance
  • 7. Press ConferenceBefore the Opening
  • 8. In the press conference, journalists showed their curiosity aboutBhutan and brought up some questions.
  • 9. In the press conference, the singers from the Royal Academyof Performing Arts sang songs for the press.
  • 10. After the conference, guests took group photos. The middle inthe front is the director of GIO, ROC, the chairman of TBFFsat next to him, and the 2nd from the left is Grace Huang.
  • 11. After the Press Conference, the journalistswere eager to have the earliest report of thePrecious treasures from Bhutan and GraceHuang explained to them.
  • 12. culture environment & arts biography & guest authors’ Publications in various fields & in different forms-- books & stamps. stamps GNH & traditional medicinereligion & education history introduction of Bhutan
  • 13. masks for cham dance Not only publications, but also traditional residence model article representatives to show the diversity of Bhutan.national costume traditional Bhutanese shrine
  • 14. Opening Ceremonyof TIBE 2011
  • 15. Dasho Karma Ura offered Khada to Presidentof R.O.C.(Taiwan) Mr. Ying-jeou Ma on behalfof Bhutan exhibitors.
  • 16. President of R.O.C: Mr. Ying-jeou Ma Dasho Karma Ura Director of GIO: Mr.Qi-chen Jiang Chairman of TBFF :Mr. Rong-wen Wang Opening Remarks
  • 17. Creative way to bring up the “TIBE” title by opening books together,and the books are respectively in Dzongkha, Chinese and English.
  • 18. Dzongkha Chinese English ChinesePresident Ying-jiou Ma(2nd from left), Dasho Karma Ura,Director of GIO, and Chairman of TBFF (from left)
  • 19. President at Bhutan pavilion
  • 20. Bhutan PavilionOpening Ceremony
  • 21. Prologue for the opening ceremony of Bhutan Pavilion by TBFF chairman andDasho Karma Ura. After the ceremony, we welcomed visitors with traditionalBhutanese music.
  • 22. Delivering traditional snack and herbal tea to welcome visitors. Westernpeople were also very interested in Bhutan’s culture, all absorbed inappreciating the national treasures from Bhutan.
  • 23. Welcome ReceptionGuest of Honor: Bhutan
  • 24. Bhutan is the Guest of Honor for 2011. The welcome board was decorain Bhutanese way. The mascot of book fair stood in the center to welcoevery one and attracted people to take photos with her.
  • 25. The entrance of the dining hallThe column was very Bhutanese
  • 26. To welcome Bhutan, the Guest of Honor for TIBE 2011, the openingstarted with powerful Ten Drum Performance symbolizing the voiceof thunder dragon.
  • 27. Every year, on the night of inauguration, the TIBE arranges a party towelcome publishers and authors from more than a hundred countries.
  • 28. the premierThe top table. The premier Mr. Duen Yi Wu, chairman of TBFF (nextto the premier), director of GIO and Grace Huang sat with the guestsfrom Bhutan at the top table.
  • 29. Panel Discussion:Happiness DialogueBetween Taiwan &Bhutan
  • 30. Grace Hwang hosts Panel Discussion between famous Bhutanauthors: yonpo Tshering, Kuenzang Choden and well-knowncultural leaders: Wei-Tsun Jin, Qi-Song Hong.
  • 31. Book LaunchParty
  • 32. Ashi passionately shared her writing andlife experiences with readers. Her vivid andlively narration attracted many people andtouched their hearts. Ashi Kuenzang Choden The first Bhutan female writer who published her novel in Chinese translation in Taiwan: Dawa, the story of a stray dog in Bhutan
  • 33. Signing books
  • 34. Grace Huang -- New Book Proclamtion “ I’m in Bhutan, the Happyland ”It is considered the most comprehensive bookabout Bhutan in Taiwan.
  • 35. music performanceExperiencingBhutan tourist consult service provided by the bureau
  • 36. The National treasures and exhibits from Bhutanattracted many people to linger around inside theBhutan Pavilion. Among them, we saw westernerstime to time.
  • 38. DiscussantsDasho Karma Dasho Sonam Dr. Chen, Dr. Shaw, Mr. Chen, Mr. JIN,Ura Tshering Tain-Jy Dai-Gee Chao-Yih Wei-Tsun Ex-ChairmanPresident of Secretary President of Vice Chairman, Inaugurator of of Council for State-owned BusinessBhutan Study General of the Chung- Economic Enterprise Weekly Group;& famous the Ministry Hua Institution Planning and Comm. Presidentwriter of Economic for Economic Ministry of of Symbiosis Development Affairs, Bhutan Research Economic Taiwan Co., Ltd. of R.O.C. ; Affairs Professor Econ, National Taiwan University
  • 39. 2011 BILATERAL GNH CONFERENCE BETWEEN TAIWAN & BHUTAN:THEORY & PRACTICE of ECONOMICS of HAPPINESS Agenda 09:00-09:30 Registration Opening Remarks Topic: Theory and Practice of Economics of Happiness-‘the Pursuit of Happiness’! 09:30-10:20 Guest Speaker: Pro. Tain-Jy Chen, Ex-Chairman of Council for Economic Planning and Development of R.O.C. and Professor in Economics, Taiwan University Keynote Speaker: Mr. Karma Ura, President of the Centre for Bhutan Studies Session I: Theory of Economic Paradigms Moderator: Pro. Tain-Jy Chen, Cabinet member and Professor in Economics, Taiwan University 10:20-11:50 Speaker: Dr. Shaw Dai-Gee , President of the CIER Speaker: Mr. Karma Ura, President of the Centre for Bhutan Studies Q&A 11:50-13:30 Lunch Session II: Practice of Economic Paradigms Moderator:Mr.Wei-Tsun, Jin, Inaugurator of 《Business Weekly》 13:30-15:00 Speaker:Dr. Chao-Yih Chen, Vice Chairperson of the State-owned Enterprise Commission of ROC Speaker:Mr. Sonam Tshering, Secretary of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bhutan Q&A 15:00-15:20 Tea/Coffee Break Session III:Theory and Practice of Economics of Happiness 15:20-16:50 Moderator : Dr. Shaw Dai-Gee , President of the CIER Panel Discussion: all moderators and speakers Closing Remarks 16:50-17:00 Grace Huang, the President of Sunya Int’l Special-Culture Interchange Assoc.
  • 40. The Press
  • 41. Happy Reading-Taipei book fair focuses on Bhutan Organizers say they wanted Taiwanese President Ma Ying- to highlight a different cultural Jeou, (third from left) and Dasho dimension by focusing on Karma Ura, head of Bhutanese delegation (second from left) opens Bhutan a book to launch the 2011 Taipei Book Fair on February 9Source DW-WORLD.DE,,6435693,00.html
  • 42. Taipei book fair to highlight Bhutanese Culture The Eight Thousand Verses of An original biography of Transcendental Wisdom, a Padmasambhava, an eminent major Buddhist classic that master from India and the dates back to the 12th century. initiator of Vajrayana Buddhism in Bhutan and Tibet in the 8th century.Source com_content&task=view&id=1969&Itemid=235
  • 43. Source: TIBE is huge for all Chinese speaking worlds, not just Taiwan. Here are some other news websites reporting about Bhutan being the Guest of Honor for TIBE 2011. This is a report from China, about Ashi Kuenzang Choden, the first female author writing in English in Bhutan.
  • 44. Attending the TIBE 2011 as the Guest of Honor, Bhutan was widely seen and talkedImportant magazine in Taiwan about in all newspapers,《Global Views Monthly》 TV news, and important magazines in Taiwan. Such as the 《Global Views Monthly 》,which is considered a very authori- tative periodical on various Important issues of global tendency. The Secretary General Dasho Sonam Tshering and Dasho Karma Ura were invited for the interview.
  • 45. Tashi Delek