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Upper  Body  Exercises  Chest  Shoulders
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Upper Body Exercises Chest Shoulders



Published in Education , Business
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  • 1. Upper Body Exercises Chest and Shoulders
  • 2.
    • Achieve general health and fitness
    • Improve athletic performance
    • Condition body for body building
    • Prevent injuries
    • Proper execution maximizes strength gains
    • Integrate push/pull for balance
    • Upper body most popular
  • 3. Barbell Shrug: Upper Traps
    • Place barbell at mid-thigh slightly below arm length
    • Feet hip-width apart, flat back/neutral spine, hold bar against thighs
    • Shoulders back, chest up
    • Elevate shoulders directly upward
    • Return along same pathway
    • -Do NOT round back/shoulders
    • -Do NOT initiate movement with legs
  • 4. Standing Military Press: Medial Deltoids, Triceps
    • Feet hip-width apart, bar in front of shoulders
    • Shoulder-width grip, palms forward
    • Press bar off shoulders in slight arc motion (prevent hitting face)
    • Extend through ROM overhead so bar is in line with hips
    • Keep back flat, chest up, feet flat
    • Return to starting position
    • -Keep torso tight
    • -Prevent shoulder slump
    • -Avoid leaning back
  • 5. Seated Barbell Overhead Press: Anterior/Medial Deltoids, Traps, Triceps
    • Bar at shoulder height
    • Sit with five points: both feet on ground, hips, upper back, and head on pad
    • Overhand shoulder width grip
    • Remove and press bar in front and above head
    • Fully extend arms with bar overhead
    • Return in reverse manner
    • -Maintain 5 points
    • -Full ROM
    • Keep torso tight
  • 6. Machine Shoulder Press: Medial/Anterior Deltoids, Triceps
    • Handles aligned at shoulder height
    • Select resistance
    • Palms face forward or toward each other
    • Chest up, shoulders and head against pad
    • Extend in full ROM
    • Return to starting position
  • 7. Dumbbell Upright Row: Medial Deltoids, Upper Traps
    • Back flat, chest put, feet shoulder width apart
    • Palms toward thigh, elbows outward
    • Bend at elbows to raise DB to shoulder level
    • Shrug shoulders
    • Lower shoulders while extending elbows
    • -Full ROM, avoid swinging
    • -Torso tight
  • 8. Dumbbell Side Raise: Medial Deltoids, Triceps
    • Feet shoulder width apart, flat back, slight bend in knees
    • Slight bend in elbows, palms in, DB at sides
    • Raise both arms simultaneously until horizontal
    • Lower DB in reverse manner
    • -Maintain elbow angle through ROM
    • -Avoid flexing and extending hips
    • -Tight torso
  • 9. Machine Lateral Raise: Anterior/Medial Deltoids
    • Shoulders aligned with machine axis
    • Select weight
    • Elbows at side
    • Chest up
    • Lift elbows to shoulder height
    • Return to position without letting weight rest
    • -
  • 10. Dumbbell Front Raise: Anterior Deltoids, Traps
    • Feet shoulder width, knees slightly bent, flat back
    • DB’s in front of body, palms facing thighs
    • Raise one arm in front to shoulder level
    • Lower in same path
    • Do opposite arm
    • -Maintain arm angle
    • -Avoid flexion-extension in hips
    • -Tight torso
  • 11. Dumbbell Rear Raise: Posterior Deltoids, Traps
    • Feet shoulder width, knees slightly bent
    • Bend at waist until torso is nearly horizontal
    • Maintain flat back
    • Raise both arms simultaneously to shoulder level
    • Return in reverse manner
    • -Maintain elbow angles
    • -Avoid lifting torso
  • 12. Bench Press: Pectorals, Deltoids, Triceps
    • Lie on bench with 5 points of contact
    • Grip slightly outside of shoulders
    • Remove bar, support over shoulders
    • Lower until bar slightly touches lower portion of chest
    • Upper arm angle at 45 degrees
    • Push bar to start position
    • -Use same pathway
    • -Avoid bouncing off of chest
    • -Maintain 5 points
  • 13. Dumbbell Bench Press: Pectorals, Anterior Deltoids, Triceps
    • Maintain 5 points on bench
    • Hold DB in each hand
    • DB’s slightly to side of chest in down position
    • Press DB’s upward to full extension
    • Lower DB’s in same motion
    • -Use same movement pathway
    • -Maintain 5 points
  • 14. Incline Bench Press: Pectorals, Anterior Deltoids, Triceps
    • Lie with 5 points
    • Grip outside of shoulder width
    • Remove from rack and lower until slightly touching upper chest
    • Bar pathway fairly linear
    • Upper angle at about 45 degrees
    • Raise weight
    • -Maintain 5 points
    • -Do not bounce weight
  • 15. Incline Dumbbell Press: Pectorals, Deltoids, Triceps
    • Maintain 5 points
    • Hold DB’s in each hand
    • DB’s slightly outside of chest in down position
    • Press DB’s upward to full ROM
    • Pathway fairly linear
    • Upper arm angle at 45 degrees
    • Lower DB’s in same pathway
    • -Maintain 5 points
    • -Full ROM
  • 16. Machine Chest Press: Pectoral major, Anterior Deltoid, Triceps
    • Handles in line with mid chest
    • Select weight
    • Elbows slightly below shoulders
    • Chest up, shoulder and head against pad
    • Extend through full ROM
    • Slowly return
    • -Focus on drawing elbows together
  • 17. Machine Chest Fly: Pectorals, Anterior Deltoids
    • Adjust so elbows slightly below shoulders
    • Select weight
    • Elbows slightly bent
    • Chest up shoulders back
    • Bring arms together in front of body
    • Return to position
    • -Bring arms together
    • -Maintain elbow angle
  • 18. Dumbbell Fly: Pectorals, Anterior Deltoids
    • 5 points of contact, as in bench press
    • DB’s in each hand
    • Hands directly above shoulders, palms facing each other, elbows slightly bent
    • Lower in controlled manner in an arc pathway to a horizontal position
    • Raise arms in same arcing pathway
    • -Maintain elbow angle through ROM
    • -Maintain 5 points
    • - images provided by Essentials of Strength and Conditioning, 2 nd ed.