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Midterm Key Term


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Midterm Key Term

  1. 1. 5 points of contact SAID principle Actin Sarcomere Agonist Sarcopenia A-line Satellite cells All-or-None principle Size principle Antagonist Stabilizers ATP Strength training protocols Benefits to resistance training Stretch shortening cycle Crossbridges Substrates to replace after exercise Diet Tendons Differences between linear and non-linear Thresholds Endomysium Training considerations (endurance, Epimysium strength, hypertrophy Factors for adaptation Upper body exercises Fasciculus Volume Force-velocity curve Z-line GAS principle Hormones in resistance training Hyperplasia Hypertrophy H-zone I-band Insertion Key points in lifting mechanics Linear periodization Lower body exercises Metabolic pathways Motor recruitment Motor units Motor units Multi-joint vs single joint Muscle Muscle activation Muscle contraction Muscle fiber types Muscle growth Muscle stimulation Myosin Neural adaptations Non-linear periodization Order of exercises Origin Perimysium Plyometrics Protein synthesis Rest