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The slideshow presented at the Hastings Cultural Forums

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Final hastings-community-forums

  1. 1. A Cultural Plan for Hastings County and QuinteRegionCommunity ForumsMarch 26-28, 2012 Presented by Greg Baeker, Director, Cultural Development Division, Millier Dickinson Blais
  2. 2. Presentation Project Purpose and Objectives The Planning Process Key Cultural Planning Ideas and Tools Preliminary Cultural Mapping Findings Early Consultation Themes Questions for Small Group Discussion2 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  3. 3. Purpose To engage community residents, partners and stakeholders to identify cultural resources that already exist, profile these resources, and develop a plan that will inform municipal decision- making33 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  4. 4. Objectives 1. Engage the community in identifying cultural needs and opportunities; 2. Complete an inventory and baseline mapping of cultural assets and conduct an analysis of these assets; 3. Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats affecting cultural development; 4. Build capacity to integrate culture into ongoing municipal planning and decision-making; 5. Develop a strong Implementation Plan to ensure the desired economic and community outcomes; 6. Establish strong communications strategies and partnerships to sustain momentum and successfully implement the Cultural Plan.44 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  5. 5. Planning Process Phase 1: Project Launch Start-up meeting Communications Plan Project Brand and Website Phase 2: Define Current Context Review of Background Economic Analysis of the Conduct SWOT of Asset Cultural Mapping Documents and Plans Creative Cultural Sector Mapping Phase 3: Community Engagement Key Stakeholder Key Findings and Community Survey Focus Groups Community Forums SWOT Analysis Interviews Directions Report Phase 4: Development of Cultural Plan and Implementation Plan Develop Draft Cultural Plan Develop Draft Implementation Plan Staff and Stakeholder Engagement Phase 5: Project Completion Review Final Draft Plan with Steering Posting for Community Comment Presentations County and City Councils Committee5 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  6. 6. Website and Survey Website Survey C2SGKHR66 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  7. 7. Cultural Planning Ideas and Tools77 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  8. 8. Culture-led Economic Development • Quality of place - Cultural assets and amenities draw people and talent • Growing local assets - The ‘80% rule’ • Cultural tourism - Stay longer, spend more and want to experience unique places • Defining local identity – What makes this place different?88 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  9. 9. Developing a shared vision and framework for action Anchoring a new mindset Building capacity to realize opportunities Integrating culture into all municipal planning & decision-making Establishing strategies to sustain community engagement99 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  10. 10. Official Strategic Plans Plans Downtown Renewal Community Cultural Plans Facility Plan Plans Economic Development Strategies Tourism Strategies10 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  11. 11. What is Cultural Mapping? Map A systematic approach to Cultural identifying, recording, Assets classifying and analyzing a community’s cultural assets What do we have?11 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  12. 12. Why Do Cultural Mapping?  To support planning and economic development  To increase awareness of cultural resources for residents and tourists  To support networking and collaboration among cultural groups12 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  13. 13. 13 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  14. 14. 14 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  15. 15. Initial Cultural Mapping Findings15 Millier Dickinson Blais
  16. 16. 1616 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  17. 17. 1717 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  18. 18. Purpose 1818 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  19. 19. Early Consultation Themes 1. What is already working well in culture? What strengths can we build on? – Impressive community of artisans, musicians, studios, museums, theatres, individuals and organizations committed to the advancement of culture. – A rich, interesting and colorful history. – A committed groups of volunteers 2. What are we not doing or not doing well? – We are not working together – we are fragmented as a cultural community – Have not promoted and marketed ourselves as an area that is culturally significant. – Lack of available funding. – Not enough cultural education in our educational system. 1919 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  20. 20. Early Community Consultation Themes – Interviews 3. How well is the economic importance of culture is understood? – While people recognize that events bring crowds that in turn bring spending and business overall, the concept that culture can be an economic generator is not understood. – Some municipalities consider culture as a social activity and do not recognize it as important to the fabric of the community and economically significant. 4. What is the biggest opportunity for the region? – Creating an awareness of the region as a cultural entity – Creating a ‘brand’ that communicates this concept. – Organize cultural groups and entities together under one marketing umbrella. – Biggest infrastructure opportunity is addressing a drastically underdeveloped waterfront. 2020 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  21. 21. Early Community Consultation Themes – Interviews 5. If additional resources could be found – what should be the #1 priority? – Providing a mechanism to showcase our colorful, unique and interesting history – Enhancement of our downtown areas – they are the heart of the communities – Financial support for our local cultural assets. 2121 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  22. 22. Questions for Small Group Discussion 1. What are the 5 most important cultural resources in your community? 2. Write a short phrase that describes your vision for a culturally rich Hastings County and Quinte Region 3. What are some of the ‘big ideas’ or strategies needed to advance this vision? What should the top 5 priorities be? 4. What are some signs that we’re moving in the right direction?22 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.
  23. 23. Questions and Discussion23 Millier Dickinson Blais Inc.