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Cat Dodson Goodrich


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Cat Dodson Goodrich is the Director of Community
Engagement for Chelsea Neighborhood Developers. In this PowerPoint presentation she outlines her work with CND's Community Engagement program.

Published in: Education, Technology, Real Estate
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Cat Dodson Goodrich

  1. 1. Planning for the INTERcultural City Practice + Visions Tufts University Intercultural Planning Group October 22, 2010
  2. 2. Cat Dodson Goodrich, Director of Community Engagement, Chelsea Neighborhood Developers Planning for the INTERcultural City
  3. 3. Planning for the Intercultural City Tufts University Urban + Environmental Policy and Planning October 22, 2010 Cat Dodson Goodrich
  4. 4. CND builds great neighborhoods: – real estate development to strengthen housing markets and to expand affordable housing inventory; – resident asset development to increase family prosperity; and – community engagement to foster a resilient social fabric and civic infrastructure.
  5. 5. CND’s Community Engagement program • Build relationships • Create social capital • Encourage civic leadership
  7. 7. Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative and NeighborCircles in the Box District and North Bellingham Hill
  8. 8. Neighborhood Planning
  9. 9. North Bellingham Hill Revitalization Plan – Action plan for City, CND, and residents
  10. 10. 4 Charrettes enabled residents and city officials to envision a new future for the neighborhood
  11. 11. NeighborCircle leaders participated and brought others to the table
  12. 12. Community Design Resource Center paired volunteer architects and planners with CND to guide the process
  13. 13. Outcomes from Revitalization Plan • $860,000 investment promised by city and state officials for: – New park in the Box District – Street repaving – Traffic Calming • Speed limit on Grove reduced from 30 to 20 MPH. • The city stepped up code enforcement efforts in North Bellingham Hill; weekly Inspectional Services staff (who are responsible for code enforcement) meet with the Police to coordinate their activities. • Two foreclosed properties acquired by CND were rehabbed and occupied; three additional properties are in development. • Residents committed to support safety by calling the police; 5 beer houses shut down as a result. • Trash Task Force established by the city to test solutions to trash problems in North Bellingham Hill • CND continues community and asset building activities; plans for new Family Economic Center in the neighborhood.
  14. 14. Planning Strategies • PARTNER and COLLABORATE: – Increases commitment, credibility, applicability.
  15. 15. Planning Strategies • Place Matters: – Familiar, well-marked, accessible – Childcare and food are essential • Pay attention to Process: – Test ideas; get feedback; adjust; work for buy-in – Good facilitators make space for different ways of contributing. – Be willing to consider different approaches and accommodate unexpected outcomes.
  16. 16. • Use the right TOOLS: – Creative strategies are appropriate and accessible, and allow input from a variety of participants – Community guides – Simultaneous translation and bilingual facilitators
  17. 17. • Use the right tools: – Pictures help create a sense of what is possible – Stickers and post-its allow for feedback
  18. 18. • Plan while doing: – Concrete results and immediate, visible impact raise expectations and build momentum
  19. 19. • Cat Dodson Goodrich, Director of Community Engagement, Chelsea Neighborhood Developers • Cat Dodson Goodrich, Director of Community Engagement, Chelsea Neighborhood Developers • Cat Dodson Goodrich, Director of Community Engagement, Chelsea Neighborhood Developers