Internet of Everything (IoE) - Connected Workforce


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Internet of Everything (IoE) - Connected Workforce

  1. 1. Connected Workforce Mobile Workforce Management Field Sales Field Service Field Task An Use Case - Internet of Everything (IoE) initiative
  2. 2. For Field Workforce and Managers. Who Take control of Field Operations and increase productivity, visibility, and deliver a higher level of customer engagement experience. Our Trinity Connected Workforce Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud platform. Provides Dedicated Platform offering for field sales force management, field service optimisation and field task management Unlike Traditional general purpose B2E Platforms our Vertical Offering delivers end to end solution covering –Mobile Apps, Cloud SaaS Platform and Enterprise Backoffice Integration as a single source offering to deliver higher outcomes.
  3. 3. Trinity Connected Workforce SaaS Application Platforms M2MConnectivity User Management Web Management Console smartWORKER Field Sales Management smartWORKER Field Service Management smartWORKER Field Task Management Customer Systems The first Connected Field Workforce Cloud Platforms for Sales, Service and Task Management Field Sales Field Service Field Task Custom Software
  4. 4. KPI Dashboards Performance Management insight Locate Customer , Opportunity and Resource Map. Lead Management Connect leads from CRM , Import Leads and manual leads Visit plan Real Time Visibility of Field Visit Plan and status for the day. Proof of Service Review action taken for visit – image, audio records, video. Reports Wealth of reports Movement Analysis Map based field force movement activities. E Forms Create E Forms for field force and automate field activities Territory Map based Territory Creation and management of field force activity Trinity Connected Workforce SaaS Platforms Features Calendar Calendar insight of field force plan for monitoring and scheduling Scheduling Dispatch Work Orders in real time and Optimize route plan Enterprise Integration Workflow Automation
  5. 5. Mobile Apps Enable field workforce with real time insights to manage field activities and increase productivity, improve quality of service delivery and deliver a higher level of customer engagement experience. Location Intelligence transform the way mobile work is managed. Salesforce Management App Serviceforce Management App Taskforce Management App
  6. 6. Calendar Mark leads to Calendar. Visit plan Generate Visit Plan and update status Action Taken Generate Action Taken report and Update Data Management Download Presentation, Product Data and Pitch Route Plan Map based route management Trinity Connected Workforce Mobile App Features Follow UP Call Management Leads See your assigned leads/Task on map. Create your own leads Collaborate Email, Social Media, chat tools. Claims Submit claims electronically for approval
  7. 7. Management Console - install and run your service Web Based Management Console provides a ready to go system for rolling out Mobile Workforce Management. Dynamically Manage and configure all the resources, dashboards and reports.
  8. 8. 230+ Million Knowledge Workers in 2012 2-3 Billion more people with access to Mobile Internet will be added by 2025 Mobile Apps that improve service delivery and raise productivity of the field force will be the main driver to unlock value By 2025 field force enablement service could unlock US$ 2.7 – 5 trillion Insight – The rise of the Connected Worker Source : Mckinsey Global Institute Research
  9. 9. An Use Case - Internet of Everything (IoE) initiative visit