Ready Your Organization for Mobile BPM: BPM on the Go with IBM Worklight


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Ready Your Organization for Mobile BPM: BPM on the Go with IBM Worklight

  1. 1. Ready Your Organization for Mobile BPM: BPM on the Go with IBM Worklight Curtis Miles IBM Technical Specialist Business Process + Decision Management + Mobile May 13, 2014
  2. 2. Agenda Why Mobile Smarter Processes • Use Case Patterns and Benefits What’s in the box • Adoption Patterns Demo and technical details • An example of a mobile-enabled Smarter Process 2
  3. 3. growth in mobile process reinvention by 2015 to $7.6B growth in mobile app development services by 2015 to $5.6B Ultimately, mobile apps must drive processes to deliver business value ~ Mobile Engagement Demands Process Transformation, Forrester 2013 Mobile process reinvention will drive future mobile growth
  4. 4. Mobile Smarter Processes enables 3 use cases patterns Customer Engagement Ecosystem of Everything Workforce Empowerment Snowed in airports take advantage of mobile, process and decisioning capabilities Smarter Process creates outcomes from mobile interactions Personalized, differentiated & location aware responses:  Priority rebooking & lounge access,  Free beverage & free wifi or  Notify to stay home Increase workforce effectiveness  Staff scheduling processes recall emergency workers  Redirect workers dynamically based on emerging conditions Ecosystem driven processes sense and correct situations:  Baggage reroutes itself  Runway sensors detect debris and automate clearance
  5. 5. Patterns and benefits of a Mobile Smarter Process Internet of People Internet of Things Suppliers & logistics management Ecosystem Driven Process Workforce assignment Task & exception management Streamlining data capture Workforce Enablement Engaging interactions Self Service Context based offers Customer Engagement Greater accuracy Increased personalization Reduced capital expense Continuous engagement Streamlined tasks Timely actions Instant Information CostSpeed Quality Access Alerts, SMS, mobile email for convenience & timeliness Process digitization Pictures, digital signatures Context Location (GPS), speed (accelerometer), social interaction Mobile Enablers of Process Patterns Value Drivers and Benefits
  6. 6. What’s in the box…
  7. 7. Powerfully Simple Choices for Mobile Smarter Process IBM Business Process Manager Mobile Application  No additional software  Leverage BPM skill set  Leverage Coaches  Leverage Device Services based on HTML Out of the Box Worklight Mobile Application  Leverage reference Worklight artifacts like the Adapter  Leverage BPM + Worklight skill set  Can leverage Coaches  Leverage Device Services based on Worklight APIs and HTML Using Worklight Custom Mobile Application  Choice of mobile implementation  Leverage REST APIs for BPM  Can leverage Coaches  Leverage Device Services based on APIS Custom Mobile Application
  8. 8. iOS App for Mobile Users: Task Forms & Coaches Flexible access to promote broader adoption Simple task forms and intelligent “coaches” guide user inputs
  9. 9. V8 REST APIs and Tester Support Mobile Apps IBM BPM V8 Process Portal and iOS Mobile App use this API
  10. 10. With IBM Business Process Manager V8.5 IBM mobile solutions for business process management Non-production entitlement to Worklight Enterprise Edition with IBM BPM V8.5  Develop and test custom IBM BPM mobile applications using Worklight  Leverage the IBM BPM APIs and Coaches  Accelerate development of customer ready mobile experiences  Leverage business decisions from mobile devices Accelerate delivery of mobile applications with new sample coach views delivered via an IBM BPM mobile ready toolkit  Leverage mobile device specific features  Updated Worklight sample for use as starting point implementation including Adapter to call BPM REST APIs  New sample BPM controls targeted to deliver common mobile experiences – Location, Camera, Mobile UI Layout
  11. 11. What’s new with V8.5.5 Responsive Coach Design with IBM BPM  Design responsive Coaches for use on multiple form factors.  Playback coaches prior to deployment  Make Mobile part of Coach Design  Leverage Responsive Coaches in any external user interfaces including Worklight and custom mobile applications IBM mobile solutions for business process management Lite Coach Views to help deliver a true mobile experience  Leverage a Technology Demonstration of lightweight coach views targeted to delver a more responsive mobile experience  Accelerate development of customer ready mobile experiences  Coach views that look native to the device Client Side Human Services  Cached and executed in a browser  New Web based Human Service and Coach Editor
  12. 12. Responsive Coaches Adapt to Screen Size Adapt to screen size change by click to show Adapt to screen size by (1) layout change (2) collapsible
  13. 13. Design Time Coach Configuration by Screen Size
  14. 14. WYSIWYG Styling A new “Position” tab has been added to the coach & coach view editor to allow user to easily adjust some common settings of a coach view: width, height, padding etc with immediate design time feedback on the Canvas 16
  15. 15. What is Client Side Human Service (CSHS) • User interface including page transition executed in a Brower • Behave like Web 2.0 Application with UI and data separation • Cacheable Coach Page HTML and Human Service Model without instance data Performance Improvement • Reduce number of server requests • Reduce number data size • Reduce server side resources Program Model Improvement • User Interface and Service (Data) Separation • Client Side Script Step is an extension to Coach, allowing client side Coach validation 17 BPM 8.5.5 Client Side Human Service
  16. 16. Industry Accelerators for Mobile Smarter Process Best of Both Worlds Flexibility of BPM, ODM Time Value Out of The Box Time to Value Faster Implementation Best Practices Built-in Flexibility Tailor to your specific needs Easily adapt to change IBM Business Process Management & Operational Decision Management provide more flexibility than vertical OOB solutions Don’t want to start from scratch? Leverage our pre-built industry accelerators Available on IBM BPM On Cloud Available with Mobile to enable your Business Innovation Industry Accelerators
  17. 17. IBM was named as a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites & Mobile Application Platforms Mobile Application Platforms Mobile-enabled Smarter Process brings IBM’s proven expertise together Intelligent Business Process Management Suites
  18. 18. Mobile Smarter Processes drives differentiated business operations for greater customer experience and top line growth by:  Enabling radical simplification of every customer interaction by reinventing the process through mobile  Taking advantage of new mobile contextual opportunities (GPS, accelerometer, digital signatures, sensors etc) to drive the process and engage the customer in new ways  Create Business Moments with customers wherever and whenever. Engage the customer with Mobile Smarter Processes
  19. 19. Demos: Apps & Samples: lBM BPM Mobile Application for iOS: IBM BPM Mobile Applications: IBM BPM V8.5 Worklight sample with mobile coach views: Next Steps: Conduct a Discovery Workshop or a Quick Win Pilot Learn more about Mobile Smarter Processes