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Total Environment Windmills Of Your Mind
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Total Environment Windmills Of Your Mind


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Published in: Real Estate, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Front Endpaper
  • 2. The exceptional duplex apartments and penthouses WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND + Twenty four acre parkland with duplex homes, circularat Windmills of Your Mind have been created for apartments and villas + Common amenities include a gym, library and play areapeople who share our passion for design and quality. for children + Recreation facilities like jogging trail, swimming pool,They represent a synthesis of originality, and courts for table-tennis, tennis, badminton and squash + Unique rooftop skywalkan informed aesthetic and attention to detail. DUPLEX HOMES + Five, nineteen-floor towers The impressive scale of these apartments + Thirty two duplex homes in each toweris complemented by their fine interiors. The result + Each duplex home is 5924 sqft + Four bedroomsis spaces that are smart and modern, yet warm and + Family space in addition to living room and dining area + Home-officeinviting. A host of innovative features have been + Modular, open-plan kitchen + Central, hybrid air conditioning with individual room controlsintroduced to truly enhance the quality of life for + Private landscaped garden and water bodypeople who live in them. + Home automation system with touchscreen controls + Central vacuum system The photographs in this brochure have + In and on-wall speaker systems throughout the home + Glass deckbeen shot on-site at a prototype of the duplex + Room for domestic help PENTHOUSESapartment. Each apartment is fully furnished and + Four penthouse homes in each tower + Each penthouse home iscan be customized to suit your lifestyle. 7648 sqft + In addition to the features listed above, the penthouseThe furniture and accessories shown here represent units include a plunge pool, party area and media roomjust a few of the options we offer.
  • 3. 2 SCALE AND SYMMETRY The architecture and interiors are modern with clean lines defining large open spaces. The spaces have been intelligently balanced to offer privacy, yet create a feel of free-flowing 036 expansiveness. 005 005  Speakers See Page 57 036  Curtain Controls See Page 58
  • 4. 4 032 LOOK AND FEEL The interior finishes are a combination of smooth and rough materials that create unexpected and delightful interplays of hues and textures. All spaces in the duplex homes are furnished, fitted out and handed over in ready-to- occupy condition. 032  Slate Butchwork See Page 59
  • 5. 6 028 HIGH LIVING The use of coffer slabs eliminate the need for conventional beams and result in dramatically enlarged spaces. 008 008  Hybrid AC See Page 57 028  Coffer Slabs See Page 58
  • 6. 8 HIGH-END FUNCTIONALITY A modular Italian kitchen combines convenience with style. Features in the duplex homes have been carefully orchestrated to address the needs of a high-quality, contemporary lifestyle. 017 018 014 014  Vacuum System See Page 57 017  Electric Chimney See Page 56 018  Cooking Hob See Page 56
  • 7. I believe in God, only I spell it Nature FRANK LLOYD WRIGHTThe presence of water soothes and invigorates. Each duplex home looks out to a beautifully landscaped garden and a private water body.
  • 8. 12 025 DINING OPTIONS The dining area and breakfast counter are conveniently integrated with the kitchen. The wooden deck is perfect for alfresco dining through the year, given the citys splendid climate. 025  Glass Deck See Page 58
  • 9. 14 DESIGNER LIGHTING The imaginative use of light is a key element of the design. Large windows, glass partitions and louvres filter in natural light during the day; at night, sophisticated lighting solutions imbue the spaces with warmth and texture.
  • 10. 16 010 OPEN ARCHITECTURE Each duplex home relates and responds to nature in several ways. There is an emphasis on the use of natural materials. The landscaped garden and water body bring the outdoors into every room. 010  Motion Sensors See Page 56
  • 11. 18 ART AND CRAFT Contemporary design is combined with obsessive detailing and high-quality finishes. Furniture and flooring, walls and windows; every detail is beautifully integrated with everything else.
  • 12. 20 BESPOKE B AT H R O O M S Every en suite bathroom complements the bedroom it belongs to. While the bathroom featured here uses natural Jaisalmer stone, accessories and finishes can be customized to reflect your colour and material preferences.
  • 13. 22 046 P R I VAT E RE T RE AT Spacious, uncluttered and restful, the emphasis in the master bedroom is on pure comfort and uncompromised privacy. While the hardwood flooring adds warmth, the modern lines of the furniture and fixtures reflect an understated sensibility. 046  Wooden Cornices See Page 59
  • 14. 24 LOOKING OUT Enjoy the garden from your bathtub as exterior and interior combine seamlessly in the master bedroom. Advanced security features like the ip camera and motion sensors ensure the highest levels of privacy and security. 002 002  Sub-Phone Console See Page 56
  • 15. 26 009 B AT H A N D B E YO N D Carefully chosen materials and fixtures create an ambience of zen-like perfection in the master bathroom. It is a sanctum to luxuriate and recharge body and mind. 009  Occupancy Sensor See Page 56
  • 16. 28 040 INTELLIGENT DESIGN Windmills of Your Mind is all about using design intelligently to enhance quality of life. An example of this is the walk-in closet in the master bedroom with smooth- sliding wire racks and a unique pull-down hanger that provide easy storage and access. 037 037  Sliding Wire Racks See Page 59 040  Pull-Down Hanger See Page 59
  • 17. Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add,but when there is nothing left to take away A N TO I N E D E S A I N T- E X U P E RYTranslucent glass combines functionality and style in this partition at the entrance hall.
  • 18. 32 SPACES AND STEP S Botticino marble flooring enhances the spaciousness of the entrance hall and contrasts nicely with the wooden fixtures. Cantilevered stairs create a sense of lightness and transparency. Large drawers built into the stairway provide added storage space.
  • 19. 34 R O O M F O R RE L A X AT I O N This generous space on the upper level is perfect for the entire family to unwind together. It is designed to hold entertainment systems and an extensive library.
  • 20. 36 GL ASS AND GR ASS A transparent, glass deck adjoins the family room on the upper level. The juxtaposition of the sky above and the greenery and water below create a truly remarkable area. 006 025 006  IP Camera See Page 57 025  Glass Deck See Page 58
  • 21. 38 WIDER HORIZONS The height and span of the ceiling, extra large windows and the absence of pillars, create a striking sense of scale rarely experienced in an apartment!
  • 22. 40 HOME OFFICE The spacious home- office is equipped with high-speed internet connectivity. A stylish work desk and generous storage units make it an elegant and functional space. Separate access from the lobby and en suite restroom keep work and home well separated.
  • 23. Have nothing in WILLIAM MORRIS your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautifulSubtle natural textures add depth to the living experience at Windmills of Your Mind.
  • 24. 44 042 SIMPLE PLEASURES Walls finished in soothing earthtones, sumptuously textured wood and rubberwood panelling, highlight the emphasis on comfort in this upper level bedroom. This room can be converted to an additional childrens room. 042  Automatic Switch See Page 58
  • 25. 46 FINISHES AND FIXTURES Translucent glass panels and wooden louvres enable the interplay of light in this upper level bathroom. A stylish circular stone basin sits atop the marble counter. Sleek new generation faucets and fixtures combine elegance with advanced functionality. 045 045  Door Handles See Page 59
  • 26. 48 005 021 SPACE TO GROW Natural light fills the childrens room creating a cheerful feel. The built-in bunk bed provides extra space for sleepovers. Kids will find it great fun to clamber up. The handrail and security sensors provide 005  Speakers See Page 57 added safety as your children 021  Aquarium revel in the openness of the See Page 57 surroundings.
  • 27. 50 WAT ER W O RL D ! The aquarium becomes an animated window in this lively childrens bathroom. Wall tiles in hues of beryl accentuate its playful theme. All fixtures in the bathroom are designed with special care to be safe and child-friendly.
  • 28. Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others ORSON WELLESExteriors clad in exposed wire-cut bricks are a signature note of all Total Environment projects.
  • 29. 54 CABINETRY The layouts and finishes of E-build various furniture elements can be customised for that elusive blend of form and E-build is our proprietary online tool that helps you customise function. The finishes come almost every aspect of your home. You will discover the joy and FINISHES in a range of themes which ease of choosing from a wide range of space layout options, can be selected keeping in Customise your selection of styles, colours and themes. E-build can even provide instant colours, textures and materials mind the desired look information on costs and feasibility. Our in-house consultants for floors, walls and work-tops. of the space. Once the flooring material is Options Wardrobes, walk-in will guide and assist you during the process. chosen, the software presents closets, dresser units and coordinated options for skirting, study units. wall paints, veneers etc. FIXTURES E-build offers a range of sanitary and plumbing fittings for bathrooms, kitchen, powder room SMART HOME and utility spaces. These are State-of-the-art home available in well-coordinated sets automation system makes that satisfy varied tastes, budgets the interaction with your and functional requirements. home a seamless and pleasurable experience. Options Curtain controls, additional sub-phones, bathroom phones, mood lighting, and extra ip cameras. E L E C T R I C A L L AY O U T You can even customise the electrical layouts in each space for easy access and convenience. Options Add or remove points for lights, power LANDSCAPING outlets, phones, Internet The garden can be customised and two-way controls. in myriad ways. WALLING E-build lets you customise the interior Options Soft or hard landscaping, layout of your home to adapt to your simple or elaborate detailing, bird- family’s lifestyle and needs. baths, lily ponds and exotic flora. Options Number of rooms, room sizes and layouts, furniture layouts, positions of doors etc.
  • 30. 56 The small details that make a big difference 001 All automated functions can be 002 The sub-phone console is a more 003 A strategically placed camera 004 The front door lock employs 005 A sophisticated multi-channel 006 Keep an eye on your premises from 007 A panic button, provided near the 008 Advanced hybrid air conditioners controlled by using the touchscreen compact version of the main home outside the front door allows proximity card / password-based amplifier connected to discreetly wherever you are; a high-resolution front door, can be used to call for not only cool, but also efficiently on this home automation console. automation console. Located in the you to see who is at the door. technology which offers high placed in and on-wall speakers ip camera provides real-time video help in case of an emergency. recycle air, keeping rooms fresh at master bedroom, it has almost all Its speaker-phone lets you levels of security. Its functions provides a superb audio experience. output that can be viewed by all times. the features of the main console. communicate with the visitor. can be controlled from the home logging on to a designated server. automation console. 009 Occupancy sensors inside 010 Infrared motion sensors detect any 011 The gas leak detector in the 012 Ceiling-mounted smoke detectors 013 A mechanical ventilation system 014 The central vacuum system with 015 The vacuum system also has open- 016 The main collection bin of the bathrooms are connected to lights. untoward movements along the kitchen is part of an array of located in all rooms and a heat keeps the master and children’s ducts across the house provides type valves. A hose can be plugged central vacuum system is located in Whenever a bathroom is occupied, periphery of your home and trigger advanced safety features in each detector in the kitchen activate bathrooms deodorized and fresh unprecedented convenience. in to suck dust and deposit it in the the utility area for easy disposal. lights automatically turn on, and off alarms. home. In case of a leakage, it raises concealed sprinklers. at all times. Sweep-in valves let you collect main collection bin. switch off when vacant. a timely warning that could well dust and sweep it in directly turn out to be life-saving! without a separate hose. 017 The 90 cm ductable electric 018 The four-burner cooking hob 019 Unobtrusive yet highly functional, 020 Sleek cutlery drawers in non- 021 A large fully-equipped aquarium 022 The filtration plant keeps the 023 The use of pvc drainage cells 024 Concealed in-wall cisterns in the chimney with anodized aluminium features electric ignition for the garbage receptacle in the corrosive alloys form part of the built into the childrens room wall pool water crystal clear. It is not enables hassle-free and efficient master and childrens bathrooms filters is perfect for Indian kitchens. added convenience. Backing kitchen forms part of the cabinetry. modular kitchen unit. Practical serves as an animated window only easy to drain but also can drainage. This is a clean alternative save space and result in a clutter- It arrests fumes and keeps the panels in stainless steel make It swivels out with its lid open when partitions add to their usefulness. adding liveliness to the room. withstand high water-flow rates. to using cinder as a drainage layer. free look. They are also more kitchen fresh and odour-free. it easy to clean. you open the cabinet door, and efficient and optimise water shuts and slides back in after use. consumption.
  • 31. 58 The small details that make a big difference 025 The glass deck on the upper level 026 Cantilevered steps and tempered 027 The false ceiling enhances the 028 The use of coffer slabs eliminate 029 All windows in locations that 030 An aluminium u-channel is provided 031 A gi mesh is embedded along 032 A separating wall clad with richly is supported on extra strong pvb glass create a sense of lightness visual appeal of bathrooms and the need for conventional beams overlook a sheer drop are provided between the floor-skirting and the corners of walls while plastering. textured brown slate butchwork laminated glass structural beams. and transparency about the keeps service ducts concealed. and result in dramatically enlarged with steel grilles for added safety. plastering of the wall for better This prevents chipping of edges serves as an arresting backdrop to The floor panels themselves can stairway. The handrails are crafted spaces. finish. It also conceals cracks that and goes a long way in keeping the living room. take a load of upto 1.5 tonnes. out of high grade teak wood. may develop due to expansion. the walls in great shape. 033 Windows and French windows have 034 Conventional recessed door frames 035 Bathroom doors have wooden 036 Draw curtains by simply pressing a 037 Drawers glide on new-generation 038 Telescopic channels enable easier 039 Stainless steel i-Max hinges keep 040 Unique pull-down hangers optimize sliding wooden panels with fine have been replaced by elegant louvres with glass panels that let button. Remote activated curtain- drawer channels; an example of access to even recessed regions of windows and ventilators locked space and enable easy access to nylon screens to provide protection full-width frames that occupy the in light without compromising controls add a whole new level of technology enhancing simple drawer units. This contributes to in position when opened. They your wardrobe. from mosquitoes and insects. entire thickness of the wall. privacy. convenience. everyday functions. better use of storage spaces. provide extra flexibility for easier cleaning of window shutters. 041 Footlights provided at convenient 042 Ingeniously placed switches inside 043 By ensuring that the door does not 044 All room doors have floor-mounted 045 All door handles are in smooth 046 Wooden cornices that run along 047 A drip irrigation system, together 048 The pop-up sprinkler system locations in rooms and passages wardrobes automatically turn ram on to the wall even when flung magnetic door stoppers. They hold brushed finish steel. In addition to the ceiling conceal fire-fighting with sprinklers, keeps the garden features a 3600 spray nozzle. show you the way at night. lights on when the door is opened open, this wall-mounted magnetic the door in position when opened. being beautiful, these accessories sprinklers even as they provide lush and green. The throw of water can be preset to and off when closed. door stopper provides protection to When not in use, the stopper rests are a pleasure to use. better finish to the rooms. desired levels in these sprinklers. both the wall and the door handle. flush with the floor.
  • 32. 60 H O M E S T H AT R E F L E C T O U R P H I L O S O P H Y At Total Environment, we create customised homes that enhance the quality of life for people who live in them. Harmony with nature, the highest aesthetic standards and complete transparency are hallmarks of the Total Environment experience. Promoted and managed by a group of professionals, we serve the needs of a pool of global citizens who share our philosophy. The Total Environment Difference Use of natural materials High-tech construction systems Our focus on creating spaces that Our ‘no shortcuts, no compromises’ harmonize with their surroundings approach translates to high quality, Our projects influences our choice of natural long life and efficiency. COMPL E TED construction materials. Besides being maintenance-free, these Bringing the outdoors in CIR RUS MINOR materials age beautifully. A first-of-its kind innovation in GREEN IS T HE COLOUR residential real estate worldwide, Optimum use of space in 1996 we introduced the concept B OUG A IN VIL L E A The carpet area in all our projects of cantilevered terrace gardens L IFE IS BE AU TIFUL is 80% of the super-built area – with every apartment. Since then RE AC H F OR T HE SK Y an example of our commitment this has become an integral part of T HE GOOD E A RT H to transparency and uniform all our projects. standards. So, when you FREEBIR D purchase a 1000 sqft apartment, Our gardens have grown larger and TIME you are assured of a carpet now include features like water F OOT PRIN T S area of 800 sqft. Our terrace bodies and wooden decks – bring- ing the outdoors in and taking the S C A RL E T BE GONIA S gardens, being part of the built area, are included in the indoors out. Our projects are also SHINE ON … carpet area. noted for their creeper-covered WINGS Awards won pergolas and landscaping. E TER N A • Habitat Award for Apartment Planning, 2005 Quality focus Architecture+Design Spectrum Foundation It’s not just in the sourcing of the Customisation project Time best, it’s also in how we labour Our homeowners are encouraged ONGOING • Habitat Award for Apartment Planning, 2003 over all aspects of our work to co-create their homes to match WINDMIL L S OF YOUR MIND Architecture+Design Spectrum Foundation – from design to workmanship – their distinct tastes and lifestyles. project The Good Earth T HE M AGIC FA R AWAY T REE that sets us apart. Transparency and ethics • Best Group Housing Project, 2003 GREENSL EE VES In-house construction We keep a stream of honest and JK Cements, Architect of the Year Awards OR A NGE BLOSS OM SPE CIAL project The Good Earth We never subcontract our work; timely communication going with our clients, building bonds even as R A INDROP S KEEP FAL L ING keeping things in-house gives us ON M Y HE A D total control over quality. we build homes.
  • 33. 62 OUR MAINTENANCE PROMISE Our commitment to clients extends well beyond the handing-over of a home. By providing a wide-ranging one year warranty, we take responsibility for quality. For Windmills of Your Mind, we offer a comprehensive package of maintenance services that ensure competent and timely care for your home for a period of approximately fifteen years. Our focus on preventive maintenance is cost-effective and prudent as it brings down the need for repairs, extends life expectancy of components and reduces consumption of energy. GENER AL UPKEEP Housekeeping Amenities As part of our housekeeping The maintenance plan includes 24 HOUR SE C URIT Y services, we take care of garbage upkeep of all recreational spaces G A R B AGE COL L E C TION clearance and disposal. Meticulous and amenities including the pool, HOUSEKEEPING attention is paid to general cleanli- gymnasium and play area. L A ND S C A PING ness and upkeep of the premises. Conveniences This includes ensuring proper M A IL ING SERVICE Maintenance of conveniences like drainage in terrace and basement Plans & Specifications ROU TINE M A IN TEN A NCE sewage treatment plant, backup areas, pump rooms, driveways, power supply, lighting    ontrol, -c WATER SUPPLY water bodies and reservoirs, and access    ontrol, access roads and -c other common spaces including mechanical ventilation in the base- M A IN TEN A NCE SERV ICES corridors and lifts. ments fall within the plan. It also ACCESS - CON T ROL We also ensure regular water sup- includes care of common land- B AC KUP P OWER ply to all homes. In the event of scaped areas and the skywalk. regular supplies being disrupted, EL E VATOR S Costs we make efforts to arrange water FIRE S A FE T Y A non-refundable fee is collected from alternate sources. from every homeowner at the time L IGH TING Security of purchase towards subscription SE WAGE T RE AT MEN T Teams of well-trained security per- for the maintenance plan. WATER PUMP S sonnel, either employed directly A notional interest is paid on this by us, or engaged through profes- amount each year. This fund is sional security agencies, provide expected to deplete at the end of VALUE-A DDED SERV ICES round -  he    lock security. We also t -c approximately fifteen years. C A R PEN T RY provide backup for all surveillance PAIN TING and access-control devices. PLUMBING Equipment S TEEL FA BRIC ATION Comprehensive maintenance contracts with vendors of lifts, generators and pumps ensure timely service and backup for critical equipment.
  • 35. 66 Type 1 & 4 Level 1 Type 1 & 4 Level 2 SE ATING WAT ER BODY WAT E R B O DY G LA SS D E C K LANDSCAPED TERRACE GARDEN WOODEN DECK CH I L DREN ’S BEDROOM BEDROOM 18’-7” x 24’-7” 12’-0” x 15’-4” B ATH LIV ING RO O M B AT H KI T C HE N AQUARIUM 5’-6” x 8’-9” (B E LOW ) 5-6" x 8-9" FA MILY 15-0" x 24-7" BU N K BED 15’-0” x 24’-7” L I V I NG 16’-3” x 24’-7” MASTER BEDROOM 18’-7” x 24’-7” B E D RO O M 12’-0” x 15’-4” CH I L DREN ’S MA STE R B AT H BAT H DOWN 10’-5” x 9’-7” 10’-5” x 9’-7” DINING WALK-IN CLOSET UP WAL K - I N CL OS ET LIB R A RY 17’-0” x 6’-2” B O O KSHE LV E S P OW D E R ENTRANCE LOBBY RO O M 13’-5” x 5’-4” ENTRANCE BOX ROOM P OW D E R E NTR A NC E AH U 6’-2” x 4’-11’ HO ME O FFIC E UTILITY 7’-5” x 6’-7” RO O M S ERVI CE 3’-5” x 6’-8” 9’-4” x 12’-4” 16’-3” x 6’-7” B AT H PL AT F ORM 3’-4” x 4’-8” ELEVATOR ELEVATOR (10 Persons) (10 Persons) 6’-7” x 5’-11” 6’-7” x 5’-11” P L ATF O RM SE R V IC E S E RV I CE P LATFO R M MA I D ’ S RO O M 8’-11” x 6’-4” 1 1 4 4
  • 36. 68 Type 2 & 3 Level 1 Type 2 & 3 Level 2 S E AT I N G WATER BODY WATE R B O DY GLASS DECK LANDSCAPED TERRACE GARDEN WOODEN DECK B E D RO O M C H I L D R E N S B E D RO O M 12-0" X 15-4" 18-7" X 24-7" BATH KITCHEN L I V I N G RO O M B AT H 5-6" x 8-9" (BELOW) 5-6" x 8-9" 15-0" x 24-7" FA M ILY LIVING 15-0" X 24-7" BUNK BED 16-3" x 24-7" MASTER BEDRO O M BEDROOM 18-7" X 24-7" 12-0" X 15-4" M A S T E R B AT H 10-5" X 9-7" CHILDRENS DOWN B AT H AQUARIUM 10-5" X 9-7" DINING UP WALK-IN-CLOSE T L IB R A RY WALK-IN-CLOSET 17-0" X 6-2" B O O K S H E LV E S ENTRANCE LOBBY POWDER ROOM 13’-5” x 5’-4” 6’-2” x 4’-11” EN T RAN CE AHU UTILITY ENTRANCE B OX RO O M BATH 16’-3” x 6’-7” P OWD E R 7-5" X 6-7" 3’-4” x 4’-8” H O M E O F F IC E RO O M SERVICE 9-4" x 12-4" 3-5" X 6-8" PLATFORM MAID’S ROOM P LAT F ORM 8’-3” x 6’-4” S ER V IC E FREIGHT LIFT 8’-3” x 6’-3” FREIGHT LIFT S E R V IC E 8’-3” x 6’-3” P L AT F O R M 2 2 3 3
  • 37. 70 Penthouse - Type 1,2,3 & 4 Level 3 Penthouse Floor Level 3 1 2 OPEN PART Y AREA PLUNGE POOL 15’-9” x 41’-10” 14’-8” x 31’-2” LIFT M E D IA ROOM MACH I N E 36’-4” x 25’-2” ROOM 4 3 POWDER ROOM 3’-10” x 9’-7” F ILT RAT ION ROOM 11’-0” x 12’-0”
  • 38. 72 Specifications STRUCTURE Home-Office Kitchen Sink Switches Dishwasher Smoke & Heat Detector Hardware Water Seasoned hardwood. Stainless steel sink of Franke / Nirali* All switches of Anchor Ave* make. An Ariston* dishwasher is provided Smoke detectors provided in the kitchen, All harware in brush finished stainless The project will have a water Structure Children’s Bedroom make with drainboard. in the kitchen. bedrooms and living spaces. steel. The soft close system for the purification plant for drinking RCC frame structure with masonry DOORS & WINDOWS Microwave drawers in wardrobes and the telescopic water supply. partitions. The height of each floor from Kota stone laid with paper joints and Cockroach Traps A microwave of Whirlpool* make is ENTERTAINMENT channels for the drawers in the study Rainwater Harvesting slab to slab: 9’6”. All concrete work in finished with eight coats (mirror) polish. All bathrooms with Chilly* make Frames provided in the kitchen. Channel Music units by Hettich*. Percolation pits for rainwater harvesting. Readymix Concrete (RMC) of a minimum Children’s Bathroom detachable stainless steel cockroach All door and window frames in teak or strength of M15, formed using film- traps with lids. equivalent hardwood. Oven In and on-wall speakers by Polk Audio* Mattresses Garbage Chute Ceramic tiles on the floor and dado. faced shuttering grade plywood. An oven of Ariston* make is provided in the living room, kitchen, home-office Mattresses not provided for any A stainless steel chute with auto-close Lower-Level Guest Bedroom Bathtubs Window Shutters in the kitchen. and the four bedrooms, linked to a multi- of the beds. intake doors, sanitation unit and roof Internal Masonry Flooring in seasoned hardwood. The Master and Children’s bathrooms All window shutters in teak or channel amplifier, provide a rich audio Finishing level exhaust system facilitates removal Good quality table-moulded bricks with provided with bathtubs of Kohler* make. equivalent hardwood. SS Backing Plate Upper-Level Guest Bedroom experience. Natural veneer exteriors have Melamine of garbage. Every floor provided with protective corner beading in GI. Shower Cubicles Door Shutters The cooking hob has a 24”x 24” Kota stone laid with paper joints and Television matte finish and the interiors have heavy duty HDPE garbage trolleys. stainless steel backing plate. External Masonry finished with eight coats (mirror) polish. Glass doors for shower areas in the All door shutters in solid core flush Direct-to-Home (DTH) connectivity in varnish or paint. Sewage Treatment Specially manufactured high-strength Master and Children’s bathrooms. (block board) shutters with wood Geysers Guest Bathrooms two bedrooms and the Family Area. A tertiary sewage treatment plant terracotta wire-cut bricks expertly laid veneer. The bathrooms and the Utility Floors and counters in Jaisalmer stone. Overhead Showers Digital radio with separate plumbing enables the with deepset waterproof pointing. area have geysers of 25 ltr capacity by HVAC Dado in Jaisalmer stone. Overhead showers by Hans-Grohe* in Mosquito Screens WorldSpace connectivity in the use of recycled water for gardening Racold*. The kitchen and the adjacent Air Conditioning Paint Master, Childrens and Guest bathrooms, French windows have black / grey Nylon- Family Area. and flushing. Powder Room bathroom, and the Maid’s bathroom and The central, hybrid air conditioning All internal paint in Acrylic Distemper. by Jaquar* in the Maids bathroom. mesh mosquito screens by Hanover*. Travertino, Botticino or other imported the powder room share a geyser each. system has blower units in the living Elevators Exteriors finished with exposed wire-cut Hand Showers Etched Glass Two passenger elevators and one marble on the floor and walls CABINETRY & FURNITURE area, kitchen, family space, bedrooms bricks eliminate the need for painting. Hand showers by Hans-Grohe* in four The door to the Utility area and window HOME AUTOMATION freight elevator with automatic doors (to a height of 3). Counter in glass. and home-office. Wherever required (ducts, basements, Kitchen bathrooms. in the Guest bathroom have glass panes in each apartment tower. Multi-beam Maid’s Room Main System & Terminal Floor and wall-mounted cabinets, Mechanical Ventilation etc.) cement-based paints used. Steel with horizontal lines etched. sensors for door operation and down Kota stone laid with paper joints and Faucets A home automation system with complete with cutlery tray, vegetable The Master and Children’s bathrooms railings and grills coated with synthetic collective system in the elevators. finished with eight coats (mirror) polish. All bathrooms have CP, heavy body Finish a central terminal with a colour baskets, breakfast counter. have a mechanical ventilation system. enamel paint over Zinc Chromate primer. metal faucets by Jaquar*. Showers and While internal door shutters and frames touchscreen console provided for Other bathrooms have exhaust fans of Maid’s Bathroom Utility FACILITIES & AMENITIES wash basins in the bathrooms and the have Melamine matte finish, window each home. MC-Hitec* make with 6” blades. FLOORING & DADO Jaisalmer stone flooring and glazed tiles A cabinet with louvred shutters and Clubhouse kitchen sink with hot water connections. shutters exposed to the elements have Sub-Phones on the walls (to a height of 7’). a foldable Hettich* ironing board with The clubhouse has a common space for Living, Dining & Kitchen Polyurethane coating. Bathroom Accessories A multifunction display performing most pull-out telescopic slide and heat proof Imported marble laid with paper joints Stairs LANDSCAPING get-togethers and facilities for indoor Towel rings, towel racks, soap dishes Hardware of the functions of the main console ironing surface provide increased and finished with eight coats (mirror) Cantilevered steel steps encased sports like table tennis. provided in the Master bedroom and Soil and toilet paper holders by Jaquar* in All hardware in brush finished stainless convenience. polish. in wood veneer. Railing with clear, Good quality red soil and sand mixture Swimming Pool the bathrooms. steel. All internal doors have Mortise or family space. tempered glass and stainless steel Master Bedroom with manure serve as the base layer for In addition to a swimming pool of Family Space tubular / cylindrical locks. Bath-Phones supports. Plumbing Walk-in wardrobe with mirror and landscaping. 4 depth, there is also a separate paddle Kraus* cut-pile carpet. A console with basic automation PVC pipes used for water supply I-Max Hinges dressing table, double bed with bedside pool for children. Water Body controls in the Master bathroom. Irrigation Utility Areas and drainage lines. Sewage lines All openable windows provided with tables, and a study unit. La Mosaic tiles in deep blue. Sprinklers and a drip irrigation system Gymnasium Vitrified tiles or Udaipur Green Marble in stoneware. I-Max hinges that allow them to be kept Occupancy Sensors Master Bathroom provided for the landscaped areas. Facilities in the gym include commercial finished with eight coats (mirror) polish. open in any position. The main lights in four bathrooms are Mirror with backing ply, edge trim and SANITARY & PLUMBING low-impact treadmill, total body elliptical controlled by occupancy sensors. Soft Landscaping Wooden Deck ELECTRICAL Door Stoppers louvred shutters below the counter. fitness crosstrainer, upright cycle, Water Closets The garden areas completely landscaped The deck at the lower level in Red Wiring Magnetic / concealed door stoppers Main Door Lock Childrens Bedroom 4-station multi-gym, flat incline, decline All bathrooms provided with western- with grass, shrubs, bamboo etc. Exotic Meranti / African Teak or similar natural Havells* wiring used throughout with provided for main and bedroom doors. A biometric proximity card based or Walk-in wardrobe with mirror and multipurpose bench and dumbells. style, porcelain WC by Kohler*. Maids plants provided at additional cost. hardwood finished with oil. concealed 19mm PVC conduits of 2mm sensor based door lock lets you control dressing table, two single beds with Sporting Facilities bathroom provided with Parryware WC. the front door through the home Water Body thickness. 15A power points provided ELECTRO-DOMESTIC EQUIPMENT bedside tables, a bunk bed and a study Courts for tennis, badminton Glass Deck A 3’ wide skimmer type pool (not for Cisterns with 3/20 copper wiring of 660/440V – automation consoles. unit with overhead storage and a Special PVB-laminated glass panels, Central Vacuum and squash. Kohler* water-saving, dual-flush swimming) with underwater lights and a adequate for all equipment of capacity Central vacuum system is provided, with Door Camera pin-up board. with ceramic screen printed anti-skid filtration unit provided along the length concealed cistern with wall plate in upto 3KW. 5A power points with wiring A colour door camera integrated with SPECIAL FEATURES pattern, form the floor of the deck at convenient nodes for all rooms except Guest Bedrooms of the garden. the Master and Children’s bathrooms. of 3/22 rating – adequate for wet the call bell at the front door. Aquarium the upper level. It has railing in free- the Maids room and Utility area. A wardrobe, a double bed with bedside Jaquar* flush valves in the other grinders, mixers, shavers, refrigerators, Curtain-Control tables and a small study unit. A large, fully-equipped aquarium standing clear tempered PVB-laminated Hob bathrooms. washing machines and other equipment A motorised system with remote UTILITIES / SERVICES provided in the children’s bedroom. glass panels with hardwood handrail A four-burner cooking hob with Bathrooms Health Faucets of capacity upto 1100W. controls provided for the curtains in Mirror with backing ply and edge trim. Back-Up Power Stone-Clad Wall and stainless steel supports. The deck electrical ignition is provided in Health faucets of Jaquar* make provided Earthing the formal living area. Back-up power provided to the entire The partition between the kitchen and supported on PVB-laminated glass the kitchen. in all bathrooms. Home-Office unit, including lighting and heating living room has butchwork cladding in structural beams. 1/18 copper wire used for earthing Motion Sensor Chimney Work desk with drawers, a filing unit and circuits, upto a limit of 10 KvA per unit. brown slate. Wash Basins (loop system). An Earth Leakage Circuit Motion sensors provided in strategic Master Bedroom A 90cm ductable electric chimney a wire manager. Also available for the common area All bathrooms have porcelain wash Breaker and MCB provided in each locations raise alarms in the event of Hardwood flooring. with anodised aluminium filters and Basic Materials lighting and water pumps. Generators Note All specifications are subject to change, basins of Kohler / Parryware* make. apartment. A lightning arrester and an intrusion. and decisions taken from time to time by the Master Bathroom a capacity of 1000 cu.mtrs/hour in All woodwork in termite-resistant good have acoustic enclosures and AMF The powder room has a copper basin. earth pits provided with separate earth Magnetic Sensors Developers shall be final and binding. Wherever Flooring in Corian® / hardwood with the kitchen. quality plywood or MDF boards finished Panels with automatic changeover brands are mentioned, the Developers may use All wash basins have 32mm CP waste points for elevators. The front door and all windows have imported marble / Corian® dado. with natural veneer or laminate. switches. equivalent brands at their discretion. coupling and bottle-traps. magnetic sensors for added security. *Or equivalent
  • 39. 74 The house provides perhaps the most significant space and place in our lives. It is where we are at our most comfortable, and our most intimate. The house is the structure that contains our memories, our dreams, and perhaps our future. Whether the house is a simple nest or an elaborate palace, it is inarguably the place that most shapes our lives. KELLE Y CHENG, N A RELLE YA BUK A
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