Social media & la crosse schools


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A short presentation to La Crosse Public School District on Social Media.

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Social media & la crosse schools

  1. 1. Social Media & La Crosse Schools
  2. 2. The Question “…how [can] social media tools could help the district communicate with our parents and our greater community.”
  3. 3. What Social Media Does  Social media gives the La Crosse Public School District an opportunity to engage students, parents and the broader community in an interactive conversation beyond what a traditional website offers.  When executed correctly social media reaches out into the daily lives of target markets and creates a long lasting relationship.  Social Media has the potential to create digital “word of mouth” that can reach potential students and their parents.
  4. 4. Effective S.M. Policies  Good policies  Empower  Encourage  Distribute  Separate personal from school  Bad policies  Hinder participation  Limit creativity  Over Centralize  Train staff, provide easily understood and accessible guides for teachers and students
  5. 5. So Let’s Have A Conversation!  Make it fun!  Be creative.  Be informative.  Be organic.  Not one-sided. Listen!
  6. 6. Tools There are a great many public and private social networks. Each one offers different advantages and challenges but here are a few that should be seriously considered as by the school district:  Facebook (page & School Groups)  Twitter (sport feeds?)  Pinterest  FourSquare (offers chances to play and be creative)  YouTube (or other video sharing sites)  Wherever your audience is at.
  7. 7. Build a relationship!  Tell stories – Video, Audio, links to blog posts & newsletters and other websites.  Share important but relevant information  Share good news (stay positive)  Play games and get interactive, not passive.  Be multi-channel so you can go where they are.
  8. 8. Managing Multi Channels There are also online & software tools that will allow multiple properties to be managed more effectively from a single dashboard, as well as tools that will provide statistic and analytical data, that can be explored further.
  9. 9. Think Marathon  Creating an effective social media program will require a constant process of reevaluating efforts, taking risks and supporting the social media team.  It will also require a commitment to a marketing/promotions plan that reaches out to all stakeholders.  You can never stop learning or experimenting or you will be left behind.  You must think long term! Remember that students will eventually become community members so build a relationship that will last.
  10. 10. Choice A strong social media outreach program can be an effective part of the district’s goal of becoming the “schools of choice” for our region.
  11. 11. Thank You! I look forward to the opportunity of joining the La Crosse public School District team! Presentation By Timothy A. Keneipp
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