The Importance of Media Literacy: Helping Children to be Media and Life Wise - Part 1


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Learn about who the Concerned Children's Advertisers are and what they are doing to help youth make informed, safe choices in the lives of Canadian youth. Below are the PSA's as part of the Demo Reel mentioned in the webinar.

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  • Welcome to Concerned Children’s Advertisers first webinar, entitled, “The Importance of Media Literacy: Helping Children to be Media and Life Wise”
  • This webinar is being launched as part of the Media Awareness/ CTF “National Media Literacy Week” which runs from November 2-5 this year. Although celebrating media literacy is important, it is not something that happens in one week, or even one term. The skills learned to help children understand, interpret and balance their media choices are life-long skills that are becoming increasingly more important as our young people find themselves immersed in a world that revolves around technology.
  • My name is Linda Millar and I’m the Education Specialist for Concerned Children’s Advertisers.
    In partnership with Paton Publishing, we are able to bring you some important information, lesson plans and creative ideas to help you address some very important issues in your classrooms.
    Today, we are going to talk about children’s healthy, active living and the role that media literacy plays in helping children to be “media and life wise.”
    We will share an exciting new public service message with you and then take you on a tour of our microsite where you can interact and download some innovative strategies for your classroom!
  • There is no doubt that children today are living in a different world than even ten years ago. Immersed in a digital society, kids today learn, communicate and relate via technology.
    As educators, we need to embrace the opportunity to teach kids how to use media safely and responsibly as they navigate their way through their learning years – and that calls for some creative and exciting new ways to reach and teach young people!
  • A webinar is a series of mini workshops that will get you thinking about an issue and provide you with some valuable tools for your classroom.
    This particular presentation is divided into 3 ten minute sections that can be viewed separately or as a unit.
    These webinars will be archived on this website so that you can revisit them at your convenience.
    Following this presentation we invite you to ask questions or provide us with feedback on the materials.
    Later in this presentation I will give you the feedback link for this purpose.
  • At this point, you may be asking, “Who is Concerned Children’s Advertisers?”
    CCA is a unique collaboration of industry, NGOs’, government, advertising agencies, broadcasters and issue experts that have joined together to address issues of importance to children.
    Since 2005, we have been focussing on children’s healthy, active living through our Long Live Kids initiative which looks at the importance of healthy eating, active living and improved and balanced media literacy.
  • Concerned Children’s Advertisers has a long and successful relationship with children and families across Canada. Children of all ages know our public service messages and when asked what CCA does, they reply, “They are the people that help kids.”
    Being able to reach children across Canada is a great privilege, but along with that comes a great responsibility. Our members and partners work with leading issue experts in Canada and beyond to ensure that all of our campaigns are based on the most current research available.
  • As an industry-funded, non-profit organization, CCA has a committed group of members who contribute their time, resources, and expertise to demonstrate a concern and commitment for today’s children.
  • Combine that with over 20 partners and you end up with the opportunity to impact children and families across Canada by providing critical information, skills and resources to adults who work with, care for and live with children.
  • Since 1990, CCA has produced over 40 public service messages addressing many of the issues our children face on a daily basis.
    To extend the learning beyond the screen, we also develop and distribute education/parent materials, and provide these valuable resources free of charge to a variety of audiences across Canada.
    Let’s take a look at some of the PSA’s we have produced to date…
    To see the demo reel on your screen, click on the link below, entitled, “CCA Demo Reel.”
  • As you can see, the PSA’s are child centered, child directed and focus on research that helps us to reach kids at their own level.
    Kids everywhere know our messages and we want these PSA’s to be catalysts for important discussions that will lead to more in-depth exploration through the lesson plans and parent programs provided on the microsite.
  • So- what exactly, is a microsite?
    Essentially, it is a web-based vehicle for kids, educators and parents to go to and explore important issues about children’s health and well being.
    We will take you on an in-depth tour of the site shortly, where you will see games and activities for kids, lesson plans for educators and tips, tools and strategies for parents on how to help kids be “media and life wise.”
  • The Importance of Media Literacy: Helping Children to be Media and Life Wise - Part 1

    1. 1. The Importance of Media Literacy: Helping Children to be Media and Life Wise A webinar produced by CCA and Paton Publishing, November 2010
    2. 2. PART ONE Introduction
    3. 3. What’s Up? • Introduction • The Issue • Media Monkey • Just For You
    4. 4. 15-01-30 “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow” ~ John Dewey New Ideas, New Approaches Images From Microsoft Clip Art
    5. 5. Webinar • Online mini workshop • Three 10 minute sections • Archived on • Q&A available Images From Microsoft Clip Art
    6. 6. What is CCA? • Unique collaboration • Over 20 years • Focus on positive prevention • Long Live Kids
    7. 7. Concerned Children’s Advertisers CCA MISSION: • As committed Canadian advertisers, our goal is to be the credible, caring and authoritative voice of responsible children’s advertising and communications. CCA MANDATE: 1. To contribute to the health and media literacy of Canadian children through innovative and effective social marketing and education programs. 2. To promote ethics and responsibility in advertising to children.
    8. 8. CCA Members
    9. 9. CCA Partners
    10. 10. Broad Range of Social Issues CCA Campaigns: • Substance Abuse Prevention • Child Abuse Prevention • Self-Esteem – Girls & Boys • Bullying • Healthy Active Living • Media Literacy Let’s take a look… CCA Demo Reel
    11. 11. CCA PSA’s Are Designed To: • Draw attention to an issue • Act as a call-to-action • Provide a catalyst for meaningful discussion • Drive viewers to the website for tools Image From Microsoft Clip Art
    12. 12. What is a Microsite? • Online vehicle • Kids, educators, parents • Games, lesson plans, tips and tools • Many components