10 guiding principles for 2014


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10 simple principles to increase your team efficiency and develop their expertise and knowledge

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  • Weoperationalize LinkedIn Culture tenants and Values everyday. It helpswithmotivating, ithelpswithinspiring, ithelpswithproductivity.LinkedIn Culture tenants (whowe are) are: TransformationIntegrityCollaborationHumorResults LinkedIn Values (what guides ourday-to-daydecisions) are:Member firstRelationship mattersBe open, honest & constructiveDemand excellenceTake intelligent risksAct as an owner Weoperationalize LinkedIn Culture tenants and Values everyday. It helpswithmotivating, ithelpswithinspiring, ithelpswithproductivity and I am sure youwillembraceit.
  • Things you should know by heartYour MarketCountry GDP and unemployment rateMember base and penetration rateYour BusinessTop recruiting channelTop recruiting trendsYearly bookings and split between new and existingYour sales territory: number of customers, top industries and accountsNumber of sales HCYour MarketingYearly targetsYour prioritiesMarketing MixYour calendarAnd things you should be able to find in less than 10 minCustomer distribution per segment (GAM, Corp, Staffing, SMB)Average Product mix and Core 4 penetrationChurn rate per segmentWaterfall conversion rates and average deal size per segment
  • http://learnin.corp.linkedin.com/#browse/Storytellinghttps://linkedin.app.box.com/s/nc6th4b82njbjc212hexhttps://iwww.corp.linkedin.com/wiki/cf/display/~shthomas/Member+Narrative+Wiki
  • How many hours are you awake in a week?How many hours do you want to dedicate to work?Never borrow timeCreate buffersAnticipate, don’t procastinateNever, ever multitask
  • Don’t try to do it all, focus on bing swingDevelop ecosystemsContentExecutionSales funnelDon’t reinvent the wheel (we need to help each other, it is not a shame to copy best practices)
  • Three Layers of knowledgeHow to get stuff done and LinkedIn fundamentalsMarketing and professional skills developmentInspirational marketing teaching and experiences
  • LinkedIn is data by design, never plan tactics without data You have many tools you can useMerlinSFDCDemand Gen dashboards (ex: sites visits, demand waterfall, etc.)Sirius presentation3 DDU principlesStart at the top: define the right problem ‘So what’ questionDraw MECE scenarios: Mutually Exclusive and Collectively ExhaustiveBuild your business caseYou should be able to answer ‘Jeff 6 questions’What?Why?Who?How?What success looks like?What are the next steps?Focus on the bottom: don’t solve bad conversion rates with over targeting tactics
  • You have to be creative thinkers. Starbucks redefined the coffee drinking experience by making it “the third place”, after home and work. Starbucks isn’t just selling coffee, it’s selling an experience. Not being beholden to a conventional definition of a business is another way to tap creativity.You need to tell a story and provide a delightful experience (surprise, information, beauty) The staffing campaign creative or Talent Connect InLounge are great examples.
  • It is really easy to find an excuse to stay at your desk all dayYou need to meet customersYou need to connect to your peersYou need to see what is out there
  • There is a direct correlation between how much you enjoy your work and how well you do it. You can’t enjoy work if you’re holding back.
  • 10 guiding principles for 2014

    1. 1. 10 Guiding Principles for LinkedIn Marketers
    2. 2. Live and Operate by LinkedIn Values and Culture Pillars LinkedIn Culture is who we are LinkedIn Values guides our day-to-day decisions
    3. 3. Be an Expert • • • • Of your Market Of your Customers Of your Products Of Marketing…
    4. 4. Lead with a Story • Audiences need to connect with information, remember it, and repeat it. • It all starts with the LinkedIn Story 4
    5. 5. Manage Time as a Currency • • • • Never borrow time Create buffers Anticipate, don’t procrastinate Never, ever multitask ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    6. 6. Be Lazy • Focus your efforts on bing swing only • Develop an ecosystem around you, mobilize the organization
    7. 7. It is Never Too Late to Learn Spend at least 2h a week on LearnIn • LinkedIn fundamentals • Marketing and professional skills • Inspirational marketing teaching and experiences ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 7
    8. 8. Learn to Love the Data • Never plan a tactic without data • Start at the top: what pain do you solve? • But focus on the bottom: what is the real impact on our business?
    9. 9. But Use your Right Brain Too Don’t forget that Marketing is about Telling Stories and providing Delightful Experiences ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 9
    10. 10. Get Out! Meet customers Connect to your peers See what is out there! 10
    11. 11. And Take 100% of Yourself at Work There is a direct correlation between how much you enjoy your work and how well you do it. You can’t enjoy work if you’re holding back (Sahar Hashemi) 11