Content marketing workshop in Athens with Michael Leander, part 1 of 2


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Slide deck from the content marketing workshop in Athens. Speaker and trainer Michael Leander shared his content marketing and inbound marketing experience with 33 top brand marketers and marketing agency folks.

The content marketing workshop was organized the The Institute of Communication and EDEE Greece.

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Content marketing workshop in Athens with Michael Leander, part 1 of 2

  1. 1. Content & Inbound Marketing Workshop, Athens: Part 1 Michael Leander > > @michaelleander > #edeecontent <
  2. 2. Pictures here
  3. 3. “Education doesn’t make you happy. Nor does freedom. We don’t become happy just because we’re free – if we are. Or because we’ve been educated – if we have. But because education may be the means by which we realize we are happy. It opens our eyes, our ears, tells us where delights are lurking, convinces us that there is only one freedom of any importance whatsoever, that of the mind, and gives us the assurance – the confidence – to walk the path our mind, our educated mind, offers.” Iris Murdoch
  4. 4. A few reminders
  5. 5. The purpose of marketing is to acquire, convert, sustain and grow customers whom then in turn will attract other customers through referrals
  6. 6. Your target prospect is exposed to 6000 advertising messages every single day
  7. 7. Buyers are becoming more and more cautious Trust is critical Remember your trust emblems (positive associations, testimonials etc.)
  8. 8. Short attention span, loads of intrusion - how do you cut through the clutter? Brain filter Do I know you? Do I need you? Can I trust you?
  9. 9. How to get into the Mind Box? Unique passionate emotional authentic focused interactive meaningful…
  10. 10. Changes in buying behavior impacts the sales cycles tremendously OTS* high to get a reaction No sex on the first date *OTS = Opportunity to see Referral & recommendation Latency increase incubationtime
  11. 11. WTF? I just wasted 200 bucks!
  12. 12. THE COLOSSAL OTS CHALLENGE Attention Action Message Message Message Message Message Action Increase Opportunity To See by multiple of 3, 5, 10 Pre launch phase Hard selling phaseNurture & convince phase The “it’s all over” phase
  13. 13. The importance of E’s in the online space 1. Expectation 2. Excellence 3. Exciting 4. Experience 5. Emotions (leading to action) 6. Enablement
  14. 14. What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form. David Ogilvy
  15. 15. Using humor is fine, but make sure you connect to your core value proposition
  16. 16. Pay attention to details & don’t be afraid to experiment, don’t be afraid of failure Create a culture of experimentation
  17. 17. One 50 dollar marketing experiment became a massive content marketing success
  18. 18. Model for content, customization and personalization planning
  19. 19. FURDIC - > Related to content anywhere Can your visitors FURDIC ? – Find – Understand – Relate – Do – Interact – Complete (transaction)
  20. 20. FIND, Serve, Convert Dynamic Entry page Campaign Google Social
  21. 21. Most Wanted Response - What do we want people to do? - What do we want people to think? - What do we want people to learn? - How do we want people to react? - What next step do we want them to take?
  22. 22. Eyeballs are not a proper measurement of success, the number of actions are
  23. 23. Our content today • Intro on content marketing & inbound • Content strategy & content concept • Tips & Tools • Winners & fillers • Video & Audio content • Q&A and summarizing
  24. 24. Interactive workshop
  25. 25. Who are you? • Name • Company & role • Briefly describe your experience related to content marketing
  26. 26. Groups & co-instructors
  27. 27. How did I get here?
  28. 28. Our goal for today • Give you a better understanding of how to establish a content strategy • Provide input to your most pressing questions • Get inspiration that may help you improve your results
  29. 29. What is content marketing?
  30. 30. The idea is to tell a good story at the right moment to the right person. I mean this can be too sophisticated and rather simple at the same time Maria Kantza
  31. 31. What is content marketing? What you want to say What your audience wants to know
  32. 32. In the stream  Content is needed to get into the stream of your audience  No content, no eyeballs  No eyeballs, no interaction (out of sight, out of mind)
  33. 33. Content in context = Higher conversion
  34. 34. Context, relevance and transparency aren’t just fads. They are real and just made your job 10 times harder.
  35. 35. #edeecontent @michaelleander Talk to customers as individuals not as segments or fragments #edeecontent @michaelleander
  36. 36. Connecting content to the buying process is crucial for ROMI success
  37. 37. iQuestion Time A quick marketing IQ test
  38. 38. Which reads the most words per minute – the eye or the ear? 2.500 words per minute 125 words per minute Quote: Eye reads 20 times faster than the ear @michaelleander #adtechjkt
  39. 39. Picture economy is here to stay
  40. 40. Let’s show the world who we are • Take a picture of the person sitting next to you • Have a chocolate or two • Don’t want your pic on Facebook – cover your face Trondheim, Norway Sydney, Australia
  41. 41. Visuals stir emotions in a heart beat
  42. 42. Find a picture-editorial style that works in all channels
  43. 43. Hero shots telling stories
  44. 44. Use humor and demonstrate the benefit of your product
  46. 46. New challenges, new opportunities, new fads Touch
  47. 47. Repurposing of content
  48. 48. The lifetime of a content piece News driven Non news related Lives longer, relevant SEO power Shorter lifespan, but, if done right, opportunity for very significant impact.
  49. 49. Managing content over its lifetime • Frequency • Plan for repurposing • Editing and updating interval • Supporting stories • Referencing back to the story from related stories • X • Y
  50. 50. Benefits of content marketing Attractors, engagement assets, thought leadership, positioning Information, education, inspiration, entertainment
  51. 51. SEO Social seeding Engaged listeners Y Email seed Z How to derive value from investments in content marketing?
  52. 52. What is it good for? Perceptio n Aware & Position Attract leads Thought leadershi p Get media coverage
  53. 53. Brand: Michael Leander Question: How does Michael Leander benefit from the following activity?
  54. 54. And don’t forget the tactical aspects - most people like women - cleavage
  55. 55. How does Michael Leander benefit?
  56. 56. Don’t count the customers you reach – Reach those who count #edeecontent @michaelleander
  57. 57. The € 200.000 inbound winner
  58. 58. Low count, but high conversion to customer
  59. 59. Content driven, engaging and differentiated approach Bedre Råd (Better Advice/More Affordable) portal engaged customers and ultimately lead to more qualified loan applications at a cheaper acquisition cost
  60. 60. A video portal as part of the content strategy – and as an extension of training, speaking
  61. 61. Although 4 years old, still delivers 15 leads every single week
  62. 62. Like not like, like AIDA The power of social is in the share leading to action
  63. 63. AID+LIRAAttention > Interest > Desire + Like – Interaction – Recommendation - Action Engagement Share is good action counts Like is NOT a currency, engagements converting to actions are @michaelleander #adtechjkt
  64. 64. The power of social is in the share Page likes 5.000 Organic reach 845 Shared 222 Total reach 23.168 Clicks ? Likes 74 Call to action
  65. 65. The Power of Paper Multi-channel really is multi-channel. Across the board 25% of consumers prefer paper over digital in critical stages of the buying cycle
  66. 66. Make the share easy and make it count – from desktops to mobility Think about - Images - Shared text - How to make the share convert
  67. 67. 0 Views • Uruguay • Amnesty Int. • Campaign seeked to rise awareness about violence at child birth • A problem area which no one knew existed • Strong PR effect
  68. 68. 0 views a massive success
  69. 69. Oreo Daily Twist – see video here Tweet: @michaelleander invent, integrate, interact is key #edeecontent
  70. 70. Oreo Daily Twist