NRM Environment Bill Presentation


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A presentation by WG to CCCW at Environment Bill Roundtable July 2013

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NRM Environment Bill Presentation

  1. 1. Natural Resource Management
  2. 2. Why do we need an Environment Bill? • For over 60 years, governments have sought to protect, regulate and manage the environment through a series of approaches - this has created complex bureaucratic systems • We now have an opportunity to refresh the systems, and put in place a more unified, purpose-designed approach • We want to manage our natural resources in a better way to achieve good outcomes for the environment, people, businesses and the economy. Environment Bill
  3. 3. What is the aim of the Bill? • To ensure that Wales can take advantage of the opportunity our natural resources give us to deliver green growth and a resilient, prosperous future for our communities Environment Bill
  4. 4. How are we going to achieve our aim? • First, we will aim to simplify the legislative requirements • Second, we will identify opportunities to make proactive change • Third, we will move to an integrated approach to natural resource management. Environment Bill
  5. 5. Theme 1 – Simplification and Integration Aims: • To streamline and integrate the existing functions and duties of Natural Resources Wales to ensure aligned with core purpose – for example in relation to appeals processes • Simplify other key areas of the legislative framework in relation to natural resources, including Shellfisheries management Environment Bill
  6. 6. Theme 2 – Proactive identification of opportunities Aims: • To provide NRW with the tools for new ways of working which will promote wider economic and social benefits – for example Payments for Ecosystem Services. This could include approaches to carbon storage and flood prevention • To improve other key regulatory areas such as Waste segregation to ensure that the environment in Wales can better deliver wider economic and social benefits. Environment Bill
  7. 7. Theme 3 – Natural Resource Planning Aims: • To join up existing natural resource planning regimes • To ensure decision making is underpinned by consideration of long-term economic, social and environment impacts • To establish a Natural resource framework which is supported by a robust evidence base and informs decisions at a national and local level. In managing our natural resource in a joined up and sustainable way, it follows that climate resilience and adaptation needs to be central to the approach Environment Bill
  8. 8. What we want to achieve…. • For businesses For example – powers for Payments for Ecosystem services – provide better support for new markets in environmental services – support Green growth agenda • For communities For example - Natural resource planning will ensure socio-economic factors are considered in decision making and better targeted investment in local environments • For the environment For example – Natural resource management as a single planning focus will enhance balanced decision making on the sustainable use land, air and water resources. Increased resilience to pressures from climate change and reducing the effects of climate change. Environment Bill
  9. 9. Forward look • Policy statement from us in September 2013 • Consultation on the Environment Bill White Paper in October • Natural Resource Management conference in November • Regional engagement events in December Environment Bill
  10. 10. Contact us • Visit the website • Email the team to receive our regular e-bulletin or to register for our conference • Follow the Natural Resources Minister on twitter @WG_NatResMin Thank you / Diolch yn fawr Laura Fox – Bill Manager Laura.Fox@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK / 02920 82 5028 Environment Bill