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  1. 1. MAY 3, 1882 – Rizal left Manila He joined Propaganda Movement andbecame a Mason and worked with Filipinopatriots in seeking reforms.SECRET DEPARTURE FOR SPAINPERSONS WHO KNOWS RIZAL’S DEPARTURE Paciano Antonio Rivera Jesuit Fathers Close Friends
  2. 2. Php 700.00 with diamond ring – given by Paciano to RizalPhp 35.00 – allowance per month; to be send by Paciano and his uncle AntonioJOSE MERCADO – name appeared in his passportMANUEL T. HIDALGO – sender of telegram; he tells that the Spanish steamer SALVADORA was scheduled to sail to SingaporeMAY 1, 1882 – he left Calamba by CARROMATA, reaching Manila after 10 hoursSANTO DOMINGO CHURCH – he attended the mass before leavingJOSE M. CECILIO (Chengoy) – Rizal’s close friend, one of his close friends who know his departure
  3. 3. SINGAPORE Founded by SIR THOMAS RAFFLES The SALVADORA reached the English colony ofSingapore on May 9. Rizal logged in HOTEL DE LAPAZ for 2days.FIRST TRIP TO SUEZ CANALDJEMNAH – a French steamer; sailed to EuropeMAY 26 - he saw the coast of AFRICA - He called this as ―AN INHOSPITABLE LAND BUT FAMOUS‖ADEN - hotter than the Philippines; he saw camels and Arabian horsesJUNE 2 - He arrived at the city of SUEZSUEZ CANAL - a historic waterway constructed by ENGR. FERDINAND DE LESSEPS
  4. 4. NAPLES AND MARSEILLESJUNE 11 – Rizal reached Naples, an Italian city Rizal was fascinated by MOUNT VESUVIUS andCASTLE OF ST. TELMO.JUNE 12 — The steamer docked at Marseilles. Harborof Marseilles impressed Rizal by the courtesy of thecustom police courtesy also enchanted by it’s gracefulimpressive buildings and courtesy and refined mannersof French men —He visited CHATEAU d’LF, where Dantes,hero of the Count of Monte Cristo wasimprisoned. From the novel of Alexander Dumas..Rizal stayed here for 2 ½ days.
  5. 5. BARCELONAMAY 16, 1882 – he reached BARCELONA; the greatest city of CATALUÑA and Spain’s 2nd largest cityJune 16, 1882- Rizal continued his trip by rail, finally reaching his dstination in BarcelonaDingy Inn-were Rizal stayedLAM RAMBLAS – famous street in BarcelonaPLAZA DE CATALUÑA – welcome party for Rizal was made by Rizal’s schoolmates at Ateneo
  6. 6. AMOR PATRIO (Love of Country) – he wrote it in Barcelona; this is a nationalistic essay written in Spanish soil under the pseudonym of Dimas – AlangPublished in two text Spanish – Rizal Filipino – M.H. del PilarDIARYONG TAGALOG – first Manila bilingual newspaperFRANCISCO CALVO – editor of Diaryong Tagalog; member of editorial staffTWO PEN NAMES USED BY RIZAL DIMAS – ALANG – used in joining the Masonry LAONG LAAN – used in his essayTHREE ARTICLES FOR DIARYONG TAGALOG Amor Patrio (Love of Country) Los Viajes (Travels) Revista de Madrid (Review of Madrid) – it was returned to him because of financial reasons Then Rizal moves to Madrid.
  7. 7. SAD NEWS FROM HOME Spread of Cholera that was ravaging Manilaand other provinces Leonor Rivera was getting thinner because ofan absence of a loved one.LIFE IN MADRID- He enrolled at UNIVERSIDAD CENTRAL DE MADRID (Central University of Madrid)- 2 courses enrolled (MEDICINE, PHILOSOPHY & LETTERS)- Took lessons at the Academy of San Carlos (Painting & Sculpture)- He also took private lessons in (GERMAN, FRENCH & ENGLISH)
  8. 8. THEY ASKED ME FOR VERSES Rizal joined the CIRCULO HISPANO - FILIPINOwhich is a society of Spaniards and Filipino. Rizal wasrequested to create a poem which was declaimed uponDecember 31, 1882.RIZAL AS LOVER OF BOOKSSEÑOR ROCES – owner of store where Rizal purchased 2nd hand books Rizal was deeply affected by BEELCHESS STOWE’S―UNCLE TOM’S CABIN‖ & EUGENE SUE’S ―THEWONDERIGN JEW‖. Rizal also visited PARIS for the first time and hesaid that ―PARIS IS THE COSTLIEST CAPITAL INEUROPE‖.
  9. 9. RIZAL BECOMES A MASON Rizal got contacts with the Liberal and RepublicanMasons. In 1883, he joined the MASONIC LODGE ACACIAin Madrid adopting the Masonic name DIMAS – ALANG.REASONS WHY HE JOINED MASONRY The bad friars in the Philippines, by their abusesunworthy of their priestly habit, drove Rizal todesperation and to masonry.He needed to help the masons to fight the bad friars in thePhilippines. Upon November 15, 1892 he became the mastermason of LODGE SOLIDARIDAD and on February 15, 1892he became the master mason of LE GRAND DE ORIENTFRANCE in Paris.
  10. 10. TWO TITANS OF THE BRUSHJUAN LUNA – 1st price for his SPOLIARIUM, he received as gold medalFELIX HIDALGO - 2nd price for his CHRISTIAN VIRGINS EXPOSE TO THE POPULACETWO COURSES FINISHED IN MADRID  Doctor of Medicine Licentiate of Philosophy and Letters