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Chapter 3


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School Days in Binan

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Chapter 3

  1. 1. Life and Works<br />of<br />Dr. Jose P. Rizal<br />
  2. 2. CHAPTER III:<br />SCHOOL DAYS <br />IN <br />BIÑAN<br />“This is the town where my father first saw the light of day, and where he sent me to continue studying the rudiments of Latin, which I started to learn”<br /> - Jose Rizal<br />
  3. 3. HERO’S FIRST TEACHER<br /> <br />DOÑA TEODORA ALONZO REALONDA - Jose Rizal’s mother and her first non – formal teacher<br /> - At 3 years old he learned the alphabet and prayers<br /> <br />3 NON – FORMAL TEACHER OF RIZAL<br /> <br />MAESTRO CELESTINO – first private tutor <br />MAESTRO LUCAS PADUA – second private tutor<br />MAESTRO LEON MONROY – a classmate of Don Francisco Mercado Rizal <br /> - became Rizal’s tutor in Spanish and Latin <br /> - he died 5 months later<br />Then after Leon Monroy’s death Rizal was sent to Biñan<br /> <br />SCHOOL DAYS IN BIÑAN 01<br />
  4. 4. JOSE GOES TO BIÑAN <br />June 1869 – Rizal goes to Biñan with his brother Paciano<br /> CARROMATA– the mode of transportation<br /> at Biñan, Rizal lodged to his Aunt’s house together with his cousin Leandro<br />FIRST DAY IN BIÑAN SCHOOL<br /> <br />MAESTRO JUSTIANO AQUINO CRUZ - formal teacher<br /> RIZAL’S CLASSMATES<br /> Pedro(teacher’s son)<br /> Andres Salandanan<br /> Jose Guevarra<br /> <br />SCHOOL DAYS IN BIÑAN 02<br />
  5. 5. FIRST SCHOOL BRAWL<br /> <br />PEDRO– wrestling<br />ANDRES SALANDANAN – arm wrestling<br /> <br />PAINTING LESSONS IN BIÑAN<br /> <br />OLD JUANCHO – a painter who gave free lessons in paintingnand sculpture to Rizal and Jose Guevarra<br /> <br /> Rizal became the best student in Biñan<br /> <br />DECEMBER 17, 1870 – Rizal left Biñan with steamer Talim<br />ARTURO CAMPS - a French friend of Rizal’s father who is with him on his way back to Calamba<br />SCHOOL DAYS IN BIÑAN 03<br />
  6. 6. INJUSTICE TO HERO’S MOTHER<br /> <br />DOÑA TEODORA - was arrested on a malicious charge that she aided his brother JOSE ALBERTO in trying to poison his wife<br /> <br />JOSE ALBERTO’S WIFE - had a relationship with the lieutenant of the GUARDIA CIVIL<br /> <br />ANTONIO VIVENCIO DEL ROSARIO – gobernadorcillo<br /> <br />SANTA CRUZ – capital of Laguna province where DoñaTeodora was jailed<br /> <br />ROYAL AUDENCIA – supreme court<br /> <br />DON FRANCISCO DE MARCAIDA & DON MANUEL MAZANO<br />– prominent barristers of Manila<br /> <br />SCHOOL DAYS IN BIÑAN 04<br />
  7. 7. MARTYRDOM OF GOMBURZA<br /> <br />JANUARY 20, 1872 – Cavite mutiny flared up followed by the execution ofFATHER MARIANO GOMEZ, FATHER JOSE BURGOS and FATHER JACINTO ZAMORA<br /> <br />EL FILIBUSTERISMO – novel dedicated to GOMBURZA; it was published in GHENTduring 1891<br />SCHOOL DAYS IN BIÑAN 05<br />