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  • 1. The Opportunityof MobileBroadbandBroadbandBy Octivius Kahiya,Telecel Zimbabwe
  • 2. Changing Lives. Changing Business. Changing Economies.
  • 3. 2,3772,60980601,7472,272 1201402,4972,7491,556292,0231011,364 481,151Rest of WorldAfricaIndividuals using the Internet1,007 1,1271,3351,5081,6871,9432,1712,3772,6092012*20072006172013*1,02420112005 20091,1512010242008Source:- www.itu.int/en/ITU-D/Statistics/.../ITU_Key_2006-2013_ICT_data.xls
  • 4. Active Mobile Broadband Subscriptions336 450 529788 9341652494727686832251,16220096152012*1,55620111,15520107782007268 864222013*2,096200843+41%DevelopingDeveloped936038142012* 2013*+58%2010 2011+171%+55%AfricaSource:- www.itu.int/en/ITU-D/Statistics/.../ITU_Key_2006-2013_ICT_data.xls
  • 5. 4,2403,9302,4501,410+8%2010+60%2013*+74%2011 2012Internet & Mobile Broadband Users in ZimbabweEvolution: Broadband Subscriptions “000s“ Zimbabwe2010 2013*2011 201233301911+74%2011+56%20122010+8%2013*Evolution: Broadband Penetration % : ZimbabweSource:- POTRAZ Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe
  • 6. Mobile Device Shipments (millions)1693841151,165Netbook058181,953+68%353321613677335144713BlackBerry (RIM)Nokia+44%495HTC6951,343216122115NotebookBasic phone2016TabletSmartphoneNetbook20122611352169493772012AppleOthersSamsung2011NokiaSource:- mobithinking.com/mobile-marketing-tools/latest-mobile-stats/a#mobilephonepenetration
  • 7. 500700380700850825+95%Google play1,6751,400880400100116Google & Apple Applications (“000”s)300500700Apple iOS storeGoogle play20132012201120101002009116100 16Sources:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Playhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/App_Store_%28iOS%29Fancy Facts• 40 billion apps download — since the iOS App Store opened in 2008.• Half of those, 20 billion, were downloaded in 2012.• 775,000 iOS apps• 500 million active iTunes accounts, which means the company has that number of customer creditcards on file.• Developers, who get a 70 % cut of app sales (Apple takes 30 percent), have made $7 billion since2008.
  • 8. Changing LivesSocial Network Statistics DataTotal number of Facebook users worldwide 1.2billionTotal percentage of 18-24 year olds who already use social media 98%Total percentage of people on Earth who use Facebook 11%Total amount of minutes people spend on Facebook every month 700 billionTotal amount of people who access Facebook with phone 250 millionTotal amount of unique YouTube users per month 490 millionOnlineshoppingAppsAddictionInstantNews
  • 9. Changing BusinessBroadbandCustomer•customized productsand solutionsProductivity•increasedemployeeproductivity•increased efficiencydue to•reducedoperational costsHigher ROIBroadbandNew markets•enhanced marketreach – geographicdistance is erasedGroundbreakingBusinessmodels•Virtual stores•M2M•B2BMore effectiveadvertising
  • 10. Changing EconomiesSome Developmental Equations:In OECD countries2X Speed of internet = 0.3% growth in GDP.Arthur D Little & EricssonIn Developing countriesGood broadband internet access in a country makes aGood broadband internet access in a country makes acontribution of between 0.25% and 1.4% toeconomic growth. WEF April 2013Sub Saharan AfricaEvery 10% growth in broadband access = 1.4% growth in GDP.Every 1000 new subscribers of broadband Internet = creation of 80new jobs. World Bank Study.
  • 11. How is broadband changing Economies?Broadbandprovides afoundationfor innovation,job creation andeconomicgrowth.Sheer size ofinvestmentby MNO spursthe economy +the spill over.EfficientimprovedEfficienteconomyimprovedproductivity(both businessand individuals)Social Goal ImprovededucationHealthNewEconomym-commerce e-commerce. e-government
  • 12. So what can we do as a nation?
  • 13. Implications for policy makers and regulatorsBroadbandTarget 1:Makingbroadbandpolicyuniversal.Target 2:Target 4:BroadbandTargetsTarget 2:Makingbroadbandaffordable.Target 3:Connectinghomes tobroadband.Target 4:Gettingpeopleonline.
  • 14. Implications for policy makers and regulators cont…Develop a clear national broadband strategy.Develop appropriate legislation for the new e-World.Foster competition among operatorsEncourage investment.Accelerate penetration of broadband devices.Develop support infrastructure: roads, energy.Multi stakeholders approach: local authorities.
  • 15. Implications for Network Operators1.Champion affordability to drive adoption.2.Innovation to suit our unique needs –customer centric.3.Infrastructure sharing to drive down costs.3.Infrastructure sharing to drive down costs.4.Focus on Interoperability to reducecomplexity and thus encourage adoption.
  • 16. Implications for BusinessEvolve towards the mostideal business modelEmbracethe poweroftechnologyto drivePrepare forrapidchange asGenerationX enters theeconomicMobilefinancialservicesto drivedown costs.Beware of hiddendangers: especiallysecurity issues.economicmainstream.Exploitbusinessmodels ofthe future:servicesM-healthE-ducationE-tourismCloudcomputingM2M
  • 17. Implications for the government as a consumerGovernment as Embrace thePositive impact on:•Tax collection by variousgovernment bodies•HealthGovernment asthe consumerEmbrace theappropriate e-government model –it’s a step change•Health•Education•Government efficiencyand planning:•home affairs•CSO
  • 18. Implications for ConsumersTry the newtechnologiesnow on offer:Bill payment– cheaperand savesyou timeMobilebanking –saves time,money andthe hustleImprove yourlifestyle –infotainment
  • 19. End