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  • Plan for the Regional Conditions Work Group meetings has been revised to Improve efficiency to better utilize partners’ input and time Allow for sufficient time between meetings to adequately synthesize Work Group input Community Success Factors discussion allowed for earlier input from the Work Group on Problems and Opportunities, and Goals and Principles (Therefore, original meetings plan can be shortened). Important Changes: Reduce meeting schedule from 10 to 7 meetings, and allow additional time between meetings 3, 4, and 5 Original Chapters 5, 6, 7 (related to report findings) are separated into a Companion Document to the Regional Conditions Summary Report - Regional Conditions Summary Report will only include the first 4 chapters of the CVFPP The Companion Document will include (Reader’s Guide to the RCSR, Lesson Learned on improvement to the partners engagement process, & assessing level of agreement on Problems and Opportunities, and Goals and Objectives for the CVFPP) Regional Work Group will help draft the Companion Document During the last two meetings (6 and 7), Work Group will discuss next steps for the CVFPP activities: Develop a scope for the next Regional Work Groups on Management Actions Discuss the Valley-wide Forum planned in late January and the reporting on Regional Conditions Work Group activities Back check review will be conducted in early January to allow WG members to see how the document came together before the release of the Public Review Draft


  • 1. Central Valley Flood Protection Plan
  • 2. Presentation Outline
    California FloodSAFE
    Central Valley Flood Management Planning Program
    Central Valley Flood Protection Plan
    Purpose and Scope
    Planning and Engagement Process
    Regional Conditions Summary Report
    Regional Conditions Work Groups
    Topic Work Groups
    Next Steps
  • 3. FloodSAFE Goals
    Reduce chance of flooding
    Reduce consequences of flooding
    Sustain economic growth
    Protect and enhance ecosystems
    Promote sustainability
    FloodSAFE California
  • 4. FloodSAFE Activities
    Reduce consequences of Flooding
    Reduce chance of flooding
    Statewide Flood Management Planning
    Building Code Amendment
    Emergency Repairs (multiple)
    Central Valley Flood Management Planning Program
    Emergency Preparedness and Response
    Early Implementation Projects (multiple)
    Ecosystem Conservation Strategy
    Flood Risk Notification
    Improve Operations and Maintenance
    Central Valley Local Assistance Program
    Levee Evaluation Programs
    Federal/State/Local Implementation Actions
    Federal/State/Local Implementation Actions
    Central Valley Floodplain Delineation and Evaluation Program
    Levee Flood Protection Zone
    Flood Hydrology Update
    Programs/Actions outside
    DWR’s FloodSAFE
    Implementation Phase 1
    Programs/Actions within
    DWR’s FloodSAFE
    Implementation Phase 1
  • 5. What is CVFMP?
    Central Valley Flood Management Planning Program (CVFMP)
    Assess the current flood protection system
    Improve understanding of flood risk
    Develop Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP) to improve integrated flood management in the Central Valley
  • 6. 2012 CVFPP
    Promote understanding related to integrated flood management from state, federal, local, regional, tribal and other perspectives (e.g., agriculture, urban, rural, environment, etc.)
    Create a broadly supported vision for improving integrated flood management in Central Valley
    Develop new data and information that can be shared for many purposes
  • 7. 2012 CVFPP Scope
    Define flood and related resources problems
    Describe system, performance and risks
    Develop goals and objectives
    Identify management actions primarily for
    Repairing and improving flood protection
    Implementing integrated flood management
    Improving system-wide riverine ecosystem functions
    Evaluate management actions
    Identify and evaluate potential system improvement
  • 8. CVFMP Products & Schedule
    State Plan of Flood Control Descriptive Document
    Flood Control System Status Report
    CVFPP 5-Year Updates
    Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP)
    -- 2012 Plan
    Implementation Activities
    -- Feasibility Studies, Environmental Compliance, Design, Construction
    Legislative Milestone Document
  • 9. Development Approach
    Develop Central Valley Flood Protection Plan content using incremental and iterative process
    Build broad agreement step by step
    When final draft is ready, all interested parties will have had multiple opportunities to influence content
    Apply systematic, pre-determined planning steps to guide efforts
    Make use of existing reports
    Create content through chartered work groups open to outside participation
  • 10. 2012 CVFPP Milestones
    Communication and Engagement Framework
  • 11. Opportunities to Engage
    Iterative Development of CVFPP Content with Many Opportunities to Engage
  • 12. Regional Conditions Summary Report
    Purpose: Define resource conditions for each region of the Central Valley
    Document current conditions and future challenges
    Identify flood management and related problems
    Identify ecosystem problems and opportunities
    Define CVFPP goals and objectives
    Identify management actions
    Define what the CVFPP is to accomplish
  • 13. Regional Conditions Work Groups
    Chartered 5 groups to develop plan content
    Group size is 25
    Balanced participation
    Facilitated discussion
    All materials and summary posted on Web site for public review
  • 14. Topic Work Groups
    Scope Definition
    Topic Work Groups
    • Environmental Stewardship
    • 15. Climate Change
    • 16. Operation & Maintenance
    • 17. Levee Performance
    Future Topic Work Groups
    Interest-Based Groups
    CVFPP Development
    Regional Conditions Work Groups
    Management Actions Regional Work Groups
    Regional Conditions Summary Report
    Draft 2012 CVFPP
    Compilation of Management Actions Report
    2009 2010
  • 18. Revised Regional Conditions Work Group Timeline
    Period for Scope Definition Topic Work Group Functions
    Kick-Off Work Group
    Public Review
    Draft RCSR
    Resource Conditions (Chapters 1 & 2)
    Companion Document
    • Reader Guide to RCSR
    • 19. Lesson Learned
    • 20. Level of Agreement
    Problems & Opportunities (Chapter 3)
    Back Check Reviews
    Goals, Principles & Objectives (Chapter 4)
    Draft Report
    Part 1 Review
    Part 2 Review
    Community Success Factors
    Companion Document
    Check-In Across Work Groups
    Initial Discussion
    Interim Discussion / Review of Outlines
    Review Draft RCSR Sections
  • 21. Additional Engagement Opportunities
    Fall 2009
    Briefings to local government councils and boards, and elected officials
    Interest-based work group coordination
    Winter 2010
    Valley-wide forum
    Interest-based work group coordination
    Additional work groups for developing the Management Actions Report
  • 22. Contact Us
    Gary HesterDWR CVFMP Program Managercvfmp@water.ca.gov
    Chris McCready DWR FloodSAFE Communications Leadmccready@water.ca.gov
    CVFMP Web sitehttp://www.water.ca.gov/cvfmp/program.cfm
    Thank You