Toyota Prius Case Study


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Toyota Prius Hybrid. The presentation for marketing case study.

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Toyota Prius Case Study

  1. 1. What are we going to talk about? Introduction The microenvironmental factors The macroenvironmental factors Toyota’s marketing strategy
  2. 2. What is special about the Toyota hybrid car? Combination of gas engine and electric motor Silent car A long shot at the American market Prius is a leader and the hottest car
  3. 3. • First generation Toyota Prius Hybrid • Introduced in 2001 “The hottest car I’ve ever seen” (Toyota U.S.A President)
  4. 4. • • • • Second generation Toyota Prius Hybrid Introduced in 2004 Redesigned and improved Came in 7 colors, roomy interior, touch screen monitor and increased fuel efficiency
  5. 5. Microenvironmental factors
  6. 6. Microenvironmental factors Consumers Competitors (Ford, General Motors, Subaru, Nissan, Huyndai, Honda) Suppliers
  7. 7. Macroenvironmental factors
  8. 8. Macroenvironmental factors Demographic forces Techies and youngsters are the major market in the United States and known for an interest in quality and willing to try the new Economic forces Oil price hike Natural forces Prius is designed to be environmental friendly for less air pollution and less need for oil exploration and gasoline production
  9. 9. Macroenvironmental factors Technological forces Toyota worked in technological part and aimed the car at the“techie” part of the market. Political forces Tax incentive Cultural forces Americans' love of automobiles
  10. 10. Marketing strategy
  11. 11. Toyota Prius 4P PRODUCT  Diversity option for the consumers  It has gasoline engine  Its environmental friendliness and energysaving  Prius also offer various colors and several optional
  12. 12. Toyota Prius 4P PRICE Prius costs about $3000
  13. 13. Toyota Prius 4P PLACE Available easily in the showrooms as well as on the Internet Chat rooms such as
  14. 14. Toyota Prius 4P PROMOTION  Toyota has asked for tax incentives to stimulate purchase Prius  By educating consumer about the Prius  Spent more that 40$ million spread over media
  15. 15. How might Toyota improve its strategy? Continue to improve fuel efficiency and maintain a leading position in technology industry Expand into the new markets
  16. 16. Would you agree with Mr. Stewart? «If you want to get a lot of hybrids on the road, you put them in vehicles that people are buying now» Ken Stewart, GM’s marketing director YES
  17. 17. Thanks for your attention!
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