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Talkbits is an application whose goal is to connect people and explore the world through sound and voice; starting where you live.

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About talkbits

  1. 1. talkbits 
the world is listening to youAbout 16.10.12
  2. 2. what is talkbits

  3. 3. What is talkbits?Talkbits is an application whose goal is toconnect people and explore the worldthrough sound and voice; starting where youlive.Imagine you want to connect with nearbypeople in San Francisco or Singapore. Youlaunch talkbits, which works like a WalkieTalkie, and push a button to talk. As you talk,the app streams it to nearby people in realtime. talkbits gathers singular voices and turnsthem into a collective conversation.
  4. 4. What is talkbits? With talkbits you can discover interesting people, things, and places around you.
  5. 5. What is talkbits?talkbits works on the intersection of socialdiscoverability and voice communication. talkbits is a Push-to-Talk social service that, withthe help of advanced user interface, decreasescommunication barriers and supports andmotivates users to take advantage of their voicesas communication tool.Wrote about us this and more:
  6. 6. “Going jogging at Central Park,want to join?”
  7. 7. “My kid’s bike got stolen today from our yard. It has a big Sponge Bob sticker. Anyone seen it?”
  8. 8. “I just saw Jennifer Anniston at Macy’s!!!! How cool is that?!!!”
  9. 9. “Guys, have you tried this new Indian restaurant in Castro? Any tips?”
  10. 10. “Oh, no! In a traffic jam on my way to Oxford Circle, any way out?”
  11. 11. Reasons to talkSound is everywhere. Sound is about emotions, tone, feelings andpersonality. Voice gives more information about the person you aretalking to. Voice is more intimate, quicker and easier to consume in anambient way. By collecting voices and events, talkbits gives users an opportunity todiscuss common interesting, trending and locally relevant topics suchas:•  Personal news, like meeting a star, travel diaries, song of the day etc.•  Local news and events, like sports, concerts, parties, community laws and social system changes. •  Global events, like Olympic Games, cinema premiers, new music albums.
  12. 12. what is talkbits
  13. 13. Talkbits solution Carriers/ Talkbits Device Manufactures White Label Client side Customers customization Server side Marketing implementation Distribution Support End-User Application APIs White Label Solution
  14. 14. FeaturesThe three main talkbits features are:1.  Stream: Live stream of messages created around your actual geoposition.2.  Direct messaging: voice messages to and from your friends.3.  Discussion groups: private and public topic related discussions.
  15. 15. APITalkbits API targets to provide developers with the sametools and features we use to build talkbits end userapplication, such as:•  Allowing users to leave voice comments involving a specific topic or location•  Creating channels•  Creating targeted voice messaging systems to include nearby users. For example, for all women, or for young men.•  Using talkbits public user history
  16. 16. what is talkbits
  17. 17. TeamStarted in March 2012, talkbits multinational team is located in Russia,Germany and Switzerland with development HQ in Moscow, Russia.talkbits has 12 team members. Funded by Runa Capital. Olga Steidl, CEO, nominated by The Moscow Times in June 2012 as one of the top 10 Russian Entrepreneurs to watch. Seedcamp and Springboard mentor, has been leading SPB Software (leading mobile UI developer) commercial division until the company has been sold to Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX). After that Olga held a position of VP Mobile Ecosystem at Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX). Oleg Nevstruev, CTO, former Head of Mobile projects at Kaspersky, was in charge of creating and managing team at mobile development in Kaspersky Lab. Responsibility for all mobile projects in KL, taking part in establishing project management process throughout the company.
  18. 18. talkbits – everyone hassomething to say…Olga Steidlolga@talkbits.com