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Association for Voice Interaction Design Annual Meeting 2017


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At SpeechTEK 2017, here's the presentation for the Association for Voice Interaction Design Annual Meeting 2017.

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Association for Voice Interaction Design Annual Meeting 2017

  1. 1. AVIxD Annual Meeting 2017 #SpeechTEK @avixd
  2. 2.  Our Mission …  Community  Discovering and defining together what it means to be voice interaction and experience designers.  Information  Sharing information: career knowledge, news, resources, and opportunities for professional growth.  Awareness  Eliminating apathy and antipathy toward the need for good design of automated voice services. About AVIxD
  3. 3.  Our Mission …  Advocacy  Advocating for the general public who use our applications and products and for good design in general.  Education  Providing educational knowledge to companies and the public about automated voice services.  Research  Spurring and conducting valid and meaningful research into voice interaction and experience design techniques. About AVIxD
  4. 4.  AVIxD Committees / Working Groups  You do not have to be a board member to lead and/or join a committee or working group!  Working groups are intended to address specific projects, topics, and activities of interest, such as designing for multi-lingual use; multi-modal voice interactions; or fostering collaboration between the research community and industry.  New groups: discuss with the board  It’s in the bylaws! Get Involved!
  5. 5.  AVIxD Committees / Working Groups  Virtual Brown Bag  Publications / Journal  VUI Design Standards - Best Practices Wiki  Annual Workshop and White Paper  Digital Media (Web)  Marketing and Outreach About AVIxD
  6. 6.  Bylaws were amended to move the official election deadline date to March  Previous date was in August; summer break meant the election was often dropped Organizational Report
  7. 7. Committee Reports
  8. 8.  2016 focused on developing Wiki to include guidelines for conversational user interfaces in other contexts  2017 onsite (part 2 of this topic) cancelled  Virtual / online workshop under consideration  Would you be interested?  Topic, areas of interest? Workshop / Wiki
  9. 9. Publications  2016 Issues:  April  Standardized Questionnaires for Voice Interaction Design  Using Total Effort to Optimize the Delivery of Customer Service  Fall  Editorial: Advancing Voice Interaction Design – Susan Hura, SpeechUsability, LLC  Designing and Developing Solutions for Automated Name Capture – Dmitry Sityaev, Genesys  Documenting Voice’s Role in the Customer Journey  Please send your article!  Mark Smolensky or
  10. 10.  Previous events:  Standardized Questionnaires for Voice Interaction Design  A/B Testing with User Feedback  Measuring Customer Effort.  What’s important?  What do you want to learn?  Would you like to volunteer?  Was there a presentation here at SpeechTEK you’d like to dig deeper on?  Was there a presentation here you couldn’t make that you would like us to showcase? Brown Bag
  11. 11.  Our website is  Journal  Wiki link  Job postings  News and Events  Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo Groups links  Brown Bag Presentations Website
  12. 12.  Current Balance: $4672.80  Spending in 2017: $129.95  Current membership numbers  47 full members  372 members on LinkedIN  Membership group rates available, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Treasurer: Amy Goodwin
  13. 13.  Non-Profit Status  Hired Harbor Compliance to help bring us back into compliance  Filing back taxes with Comptroller’s office of the State of Texas Treasurer’s Report: Amy Goodwin
  14. 14.  Submissions for Brown Bags?  Virtual Workshop 2017?  Let’s discuss? What’s Next? Get Involved!
  15. 15. Time To Join! Taking memberships today!