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Scotts Resume

  1. 1. SCOTT C. WELLAUER<br />RESUME<br />IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL<br /><br />Cellular : (480) 206-3513<br />
  2. 2. Summary<br />Highly accomplished , motivated and detail oriented Project Management professional. Responsible for coordinating, scheduling and assigning project tasks, team building, maintaining working relationships with client functional areas. Responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation, execution, control and completion of specific projects ensuring consistency with company strategy, commitments and goals. Managed project teams to successfully meet complex project objectives.<br />
  3. 3. Relevant Experience and Accomplishments<br /><ul><li>Project Manager for the migration of over 400 manufacturing devises workstations and monitoring stations for the IDF#8 migration project.
  4. 4. Developed project scope, project timeline, costing, and installation plan and provided vendor supervision for adding additional infrastructure to Gas and Facility monitoring with no site or environmental impact.
  5. 5. Developed project scope, timeline, costing, installation plan and provided vendor supervision to the installation of additional IDF’s to the network infrastructure.
  6. 6. Executive Vice President/ National Project Director for the sales and installation of Hardwood flooring to Fortune 500 companies, Federal, State and local government and residential projects nationwide.
  7. 7. Site Supervisor to all on-site activities for the installation of multi-state optical ring networks.
  8. 8. Project Manager for clean room network infrastructure replacement to IDF#11.</li></li></ul><li>Qualifications<br /><ul><li>Network Infrastructure Management
  9. 9. Optical Ring Installation
  10. 10. Clean Room Infrastructure
  11. 11. Change Management
  12. 12. Network Administration
  13. 13. Cisco Intranetworking, IOS, CATOS
  14. 14. DNS, DHCP, Frame Relay, ATM, TCP/IP
  15. 15. Optical Carrier Solutions
  16. 16. SONET/ SDH, DWDM, OC3-OC192
  18. 18. Microsoft Project Client/ Server to 2003
  19. 19. Microsoft Visio to 2003
  20. 20. Cisco Works/ SolarWinds
  21. 21. Windows to 2003 Client/ Server
  22. 22. Microsoft Office Professional to 2007</li></li></ul><li>Professional Experience<br />STMicroelectronics, Phoenix AZ (Contract - TEKsystems)<br />IT/ Telecom Analyst <br />Perform multifaceted role as IT/ Telecom Analyst and Assistant Network Administrator for a 10,000+ node campus wide LAN/ WAN/ WLAN and SAN network infrastructure that supports Regional CIT, Semi Conductor Manufacturing, Automation, Design, Sales and Facilities. Project Manager for all adds, moves and changes to the network infrastructure including Clean Room, Toxic Gas Monitoring and Facilities environments.<br />Apr 2006 to Present<br /><ul><li>Project Manager for Clean Room network infrastructure replacement that resulted in decreasing network latency and increased bandwidth to network devices.
  23. 23. Project Manager for FAB Tool Migration that resulted in moving the network connections of over 400 manufacturing devices to larger distribution switches and terminal server devices that increased bandwidth capabilities and network stability.
  24. 24. Project Coordinator for adding additional network infrastructure to the Toxic Gas Monitoring devices with on time project completion and zero manufacturing and environmental impact.</li></li></ul><li>Professional Experience con’t<br />Guaranteed Technical Services, Phoenix, AZ<br />Site Supervisor/ Sr. Field Technician<br />Provided network and system support to 48 Office Depot retail locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Supervised network installation, configuring of routers, switches.Install, test, maintain and upgrade networking/telecom/computer workstation and POS hardware and associated software including routing, switching, access and transfer node hardware over a wide variety of signal transfer medium and platforms. Strong knowledge of network protocols (frame relay, TCP/IP, SONET etc.), routers, switches, access and transfer node hardware (Cisco, Banyan, Nortel etc), network topologies, cabling. Strong technical experience with Windows NT/2000/XP, MS BackOffice, and Cisco Basic Operating System. Excellent troubleshooting and diagnostic skills<br /> Jan 2004 - Mar 2006<br /><ul><li>Supervised vendor activities for the installation of network infrastructure for 48 office depot retail locations that resulted in zero delays to grand openings
  25. 25. Supervised all adds, moves and changes to existing network infrastructure that resulted in less network latency for LAN and WAN traffic.
  26. 26. Supervised the installation of all POS devices that included sales and inventory software without any incident or loss of data. </li></li></ul><li>Professional Experience con’t<br />Nortel Networks, Richardson, TX <br />(Contract - TEKsystems)<br />Sr. Field Technician III/ Optical Tester III<br />Site Supervisor for the multi-state fiber backbone installation, migration, commissioning and testing of optical, data and voice communications equipment in gateways, central offices and remote ILA locations in the continental United States. Performed advanced hardware and functional testing of telecommunications products at customer locations and support successful job completion with high quality while meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Performed advanced optical ring testing to verify network continuity. Troubleshoot equipment and test failures to ensure proper operation of the system, following defined escalation procedures.<br /> Aug 2002 - Jan 2004<br /><ul><li>Supervised the multi-state ring installation for Cable & Wireless Telecom that encompassed 7 states and over 70 site locations that was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.
  27. 27. Supervised the installation of a multi-state ring for Level 3 Communications that encompassed 5 states and over 60 site locations that was completed on time and under budget and was awarded a silver pride award for quality and performance.
  28. 28. Created Project Closeout Package that was adopted by management for Nortel Global Customer Care Services group. Received a gold pride award for customer service.</li></li></ul><li>Additional Experience <br />Nortel Networks, Richardson, TX<br />Site Supervisor/ Sr. Field Technician III/ NetTechI<br />Site Supervisor for the installation, migration, commissioning and testing of optical, data and voice communications equipment.<br />USWest Communications, Phoenix, AZ<br />Escalation Representative<br />Escalation support for DSL Operations - Megabit Operations Center.<br />Websites Plus, Scottsdale, AZ<br />Project Manager/ Sr. Systems Administrator<br />Development of e-commerce, mall and corporate web sites. Microsoft Systems Administration.<br />
  29. 29. Education/ Certifications <br />Spring 2010 enrollment for Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information Systems<br />New Horizons Learning Center<br />MCSE Certification Classes<br />Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, AZ <br />Business Administration/ Equine Science<br />Instructor – Equine Sciences Department<br />OPTera OC48-OC192<br />T1-DS3, OC3 – OC12<br />DWDM<br />Shasta<br />DMS<br />UE9000<br />SLAT<br />Carrier Solutions <br />PMP Certification - November 2009<br />CCNA Certification Test - October 2009<br />SONET/ SDH<br />DSL<br />OPTera Metro – 5600<br />OPTera DX<br />OPTera 1600G<br />Passport - 20K<br />