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As ISPs begin to use subscriber engagement to determine inbox placement, email marketers are building strategies to captivate subscribers and drive them to open, save and share email. This webinar …

As ISPs begin to use subscriber engagement to determine inbox placement, email marketers are building strategies to captivate subscribers and drive them to open, save and share email. This webinar will explore compelling campaigns used by leading brands to increase engagement and deliverability.

In this webinar, email marketing experts Kara Trivunovic and Amanda Hinkle analyze 13 different campaigns that successfully increased email subscriber engagement, including programs from The Gap, InterContinental Hotels Group, Brookstone, Hautelook and United Airlines.

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  • 1. Breaking Through to the Inbox: Campaigns that Compel Subscribers to Engage
    February 17, 2011
  • 2. Who is StrongMail?
    Founded in 2002; Headquartered in Silicon Valley
    Industry-leading email and social media marketing technology platforms
    Full agency services for email, social media, and interactive marketing
    Global Reach: North America, UK/EMEA, APAC
    Top investors include Sequoia Capital, Globespan, Evercore Ventures
    Over 550 customers, catering to mid-sized to Fortune 2000 brands.
    StrongMail customers include some of the world’s largest brands in the retail, travel & hospitality, financial services, media/entertainment and technology industries.
    Proprietary and Confidential |
  • 3. StrongMail Customers
    Proprietary and Confidential |
  • 4. Increasing Subscriber EngagementKara Trivunovic, Senior Director, Strategic ServicesAmanda Hinkle, Online Marketing Strategist
    Proprietary and Confidential |
  • 5. ISP’s Are Filtering on Engagement in 2011
    Proprietary and Confidential |
  • 6. Email Marketers Are Making Engagement a Top Priority in 2011
    Increasing Subscriber Engagement
    Improving Segmentation and Targeting
    Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing
    Source: StrongMail 2011 Marketing Trends Survey, 925 Global Email Marketing Respondents; Question: What are your most important email marketing initiatives in 2011?
  • 7. Value of an Email Address
    Open Rate
    Clicks Over Time
    Click Through Rate
    Conversion Rate
    Meaningful Brand Experience
    engagement [en-geyj-muhnt]
    Revenue per Email
    Brand Awareness
    Message Reply Rate
    Length of Subscription
    Revenue per Campaign
    Opens Over Time
    Proprietary and Confidential |
  • 8. Offer Timely Subscriptions to an Email Mini-Series
    Series of 5 emails themed around a seasonal event
    Offers exclusive content, only available through email subscription.
    Proprietary and Confidential |
  • 9. Mystery Coupon… Click and Shop to Find Out!
    Mystery Coupon offers potentially huge savings… you could get 100% off!
    Makes them get all the way through the shopping process before revealing the discount.
    Clear message and call to action.
  • 10. Create a Sense of Urgency & Promote Cross-Channel Engagement
    Conveys last chance message with a tight expiration window.
    Offers mobile and social media incentives to drive multi-channel engagement.
    Allows individuals to find a nearby store.
  • 11. Give Them a Second Chance
    Provides an incentive to those who haven’t completed their double opt-in
    Use pre-header text so can read on a mobile device
    Easy one-click redemption
  • 12. Thank Your Subscribers… People Like to be Appreciated!
    Branded “FanMail” series conveys that they’re part of something special.
    Automatic entrance into a Sweepstakes gives them something for little to no effort.
    Setting expectation for future offers increases email open rates.
  • 13. Ask Your Subscribers for Their Opinions
    Offer your subscribers rewards in exchange for their opinions and insights.
    Optimize for image suppression so they can always see the offer.
  • 14. Charitably Motivate Existing Subscribers to Refer New Business
    Online & offline components drive multi-channel engagement.
    Fosters a sense of community via social integration – results are posted to Facebook to track the overall impact on the charity.
    The compelling offer encourages the recipient to take action and share the experience with friends.
  • 15. Create a Sense of Urgency with Your Business Model
    Over 2 million subscribers expect their email to be delivered in the same 10 minute window every day.
    Offers are dynamically customized based on prior purchase history and brand affinity.
    Uses deliverability reporting to filter out non-responder segment, treat differently.
  • 16. Use Dynamic Content to Make it Relevant
    37,000 versions driven off of one email template
    Personalized offers triggered based on unique profile data
    New Hotmail and Yahoo interactive functionality enables search within email
  • 17. Foster Deeper Loyalty by Giving Them a Voice
    Introduces personalized, interactive features with an incentivized call for user feedback.
    Provides clear 1 – 2 – 3 instructions for what to expect on the new site.
    Clearly articulates the value to the user and what to expect.
  • 18. Products?..... What Products?
    Halloween shopping email doesn’t feature any products.
    Uses riddles to drive click-throughs... Tie answers to unique products on the web
    Long email encourages scrolling and further engagement.
  • 19. When in Doubt... You Can Always Bribe Them
    Offers an incentive for opting into the email list.
    Provides clear instructions and a single call to action.
  • 20. Get ‘em While They’re Hot
    Uses triggered alerts to send contextually relevant emails when the subscriber is most engaged to drive sales.
    Offers a discount if they take action.
    Social integration drives engagement in other channels.
  • 21. Thank You!
    Kara Trivunovic
    Sr. Director, Strategic Services
    (219) 365-6445
    Amanda HinkleOnline Marketing Strategist
    (650) 421-7125