Best in Show: Top Takeaways from Email Summit 2013


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You give us 30 minutes ... and we'll give you all of the greatest takeaways from 16 hours of Email Summit 2013 sessions.

Join Daniel Burstein and Courtney Eckerle for the in-depth recap! Use these top takeaways to pull away from your competition.

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Best in Show: Top Takeaways from Email Summit 2013

  1. 1. Join the conversation #SherpaWebinar
  2. 2. Best in Show: Top Takeaways From Email Summit 2013
  3. 3. Introductions • Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content MECLABS/MarketingSherpa Twitter: @DanielBurstein • Courtney Eckerle, Reporter MECLABS Twitter: @courtneyeckerle
  4. 4. Join the conversation #SherpaWebinar
  5. 5. MarketingSherpa is a research and publishingorganization serving the marketing community• MarketingSherpa’s annual research cycle provides knowledge for continuous marketing improvement
  6. 6. Email Awards 2013 Presentation Email Newsletters: How the used personalization and segmentation to score a 121% open rate touchdownChristine Hua Brad BortoneManager of Fan-Centric Marketing Senior Research EditorNFL MECLABS
  7. 7. Segment the audience 22
  8. 8. Takeaway: Segment the audienceObjective: To make this email as relevant and targeted as possible bysegmenting by a fan’s chosen team, and providing the fan with the mostup-to-date, real-time content and information.Steps to Success:1. Maintained user team preference, with additional newsletter branding.2. Further segmented recipient database, broken down by user activity and longevity. Knowing users need for the most up-to-date information, they inserted a live countdown to their team’s game and scraped the NFL site the day the email is sent for up-to-date articles and videos, not seen by the fan before.
  9. 9. Results: Get me the ball! I’m 121% more open!Year-over-year, the 2012 newsletter produced• 121% more opens• 26% more clickthroughs• 9% more mobile opens
  10. 10. EARLY BIRD SAVINGS Before March 29 $500 Discover how to apply the science of optimization to your specific marketing needs. Reserve your seat today: Amelia Showalter Toby FallsgraffDirector of Digital Analytics Email DirectorObama for America Obama for America
  11. 11. Win-back Campaigns and List CleansingLast-chance strategies to re-engage inactives before the purge Diana Primeau Pamela Markey Director, Member Services Senior Director, Marketing CNET MECLABS
  12. 12. Send out win-back sweepstakes email• Provide compelling value to subscribers to drive engagement • Two tickets to the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas • Round trip airfare for two (U.S. and Canada, excluding QC) • Three nights at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino
  13. 13. We miss you – please come back! 36
  14. 14. Send list cleanse and last chance emails• Two sends, one week apart to all inactive users• Provide the user with something relevant and interesting• Give them a reason to stay
  15. 15. Is this goodbye? CNET will miss you. 38
  16. 16. Cleanse and last chance campaign results 8.57% of inactive user base re-engaged List cleanse and last chance campaign result in 8.57% re-engagement EMAIL SEND RE-ENGAGED List cleanse email 6.35% Last chance email 2.22% Campaign results 8.57% ! What You Need to Understand: You have to be committed to the cleanse. If you are going to send emails you have to follow through.
  17. 17. Proactive List Hygiene Small List, Big ResultsMatt ByrdEmail Marketing ManagerWeddingWire
  18. 18. One day, this happened to me… (Uh oh.) 41
  19. 19. Determining the Cause• Identified the profile of users who were most likely to complain. Let’s call these users “Scrubs.”• Discovered that most Scrubs had been inactive for long periods of time until they complained.• Removed those Scrubs from my list, and implemented list hygiene as a constant, on-going process.
  20. 20. Internal & External Education• Removing only those who were highly unlikely to take action• Spending less money on sending less email• Preventing large blocks again in the future• Maintaining a high-quality list for our advertisers & us
  21. 21. Results Opens & clicks maintained or increased Spam complaint rate down 76%
  22. 22. Let Buyer Behavior Be Your Guide! Delivering Communications that ConvertLoren McDonald @LorenMcDonaldVP, Industry RelationsSilverpop
  23. 23. Mass Direct BehavioralMarketing Marketing MarketingCustomers Customers Customersare a single are many are audience little individuals audiences
  24. 24. Demographics + Preferences + Behaviors = More Accurate Picture - Male - Calif. - Married - Purchased shirts Behavioral Data Only: - Female - Cross Dresser With Demos/Preferences: Purchases a - Likely buying for spouse as gift dress
  25. 25. How An Online Music Teaching Company Harnessed The Power of E-mail Automation & Behavioral-based Marketing to Increase Conversions.Jermaine GriggsFounderHear & Play Music,
  26. 26. RFM Defined• Recency, Monetary, Frequency• A method for analyzing customer behavior and creating/sorting segments by likelihood to respond.• Recency – How recently did customer purchase?• Frequency – How often does customer purchase?• Monetary – How much has customer spent?
  27. 27. Wrapping It Up: Action Steps • Collect key pieces of data to get the conversation started • Use CRM that will allow you to continually add and act upon data and tags in user records • Build out different paths within the sequence for your most active users to follow (course correction for others)
  28. 28. Wrapping It Up: Action Steps• Incorporate other marketing channels & multimedia elements: direct mail campaigns, personalized audio, video, post cards, birthday cards, gift cards… especially to hyper-responders.• Remember: Don’t be afraid to use a personal, conversational tone… even in B-to-B. “Companies are People.”
  29. 29. Thank You! • Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content MECLABS/MarketingSherpa Twitter: @DanielBurstein • Courtney Eckerle, Reporter MECLABS Twitter: @courtneyeckerle