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Stephdokin is a Digital Brand agency that offers 3 services to customers:

1) Digital Brand Audit
2) Digital Brand Dashboard
3) Digital Brand Marketing

Establishing how your brand appears online is the first step in a journey of web excellence.

The Stephdokin Digital Brand Audit helps you create a starting “Point A” framework that gives all stakeholders in your business a common 00.understanding of the strategic roadmap needed to get to “Point B.”

When evaluating your digital brand, we can include many different dimensions of your online presence, like:

• Website traffic
• Website lead generation and sales conversions
• Google Performance
• Social media channels
• Mobile
• SEM and SEO excellence
• Competitive benchmarking
• Peer benchmarking
… and more.

In our online audit, we’ll recommend a Digital Brand roadmap that includes the people, processes and tools you’ll need to get going.

We’ll also help you define the Key Performance Indicator measurements you’ll implement on your operational and management dashboards.

Stephdokin is a marketing agency. We help companies with all aspects of creating physical and digital brand materials and campaigns

- Website creation / design
- Website reviews / optimization
- Search engine ranking (SEO)
- AdWords (+LinkedIn, Bing, Facebook ads etc…)
- Channel / partner planning & management
- Mailing list setup, management and eNewsletters
- Marketing brochures
- Videos, Infographics, eBooks, Case Studies, Guest Blog Posts
- Trade show booths
- Email newsletter designs
- Press releases
- Social media publishing
- etc...

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Stephdokin Digital Brand Services (Audit, Dashboard, Marketing)

  1. 1. Digital Brand Services Audit, Dashboard, Marketing 1 © 2009 – 2014 Stephdokin Inc. Private. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited. Stephen King #CMO4Hire @stephdokin
  2. 2. Stephen-On-A-Page I’ve driven over $500M in revenue and participated in over 50 product and program launches / lifecycles; a combination of executive strategy, branding, marketing, technical know- how + roll-up-yer-sleeves. 1988-2007: From 2008: Co-Founder Education: BCS Bachelor of Computer Science CFP Certified Financial Planner FounderExecutive-In-Residence
  3. 3. Create apps for Blackberry and Android using only XML … in about a week. See slides 21 & 22. AwarenessInterestTrafficEngage eCommerce Website Traffic Unique Visitors Engage Visitors w 2+ pageviews Started Trial / Cart / Submitted Lead Engaged in Trial or w Sales Team Clients OldSchool Marketing DM, TV, Mags Partners & Channels Trade Shows, Seminars Outbound Marketing Press Releases Client & Prospect eNews PPC: AdWords, LinkedIn, Banners Inbound Marketing Editorial; blogs, FAQs, video, RT Search Engine Optimize SEO Social Media (Reach, Freq,Q,C) Brand Interest % Trial / Prospect Rate % Close Rate % Website Sales Conversion % Bounce Rate % Traffic Rate % Lead Rate % © 2009-2014 ARPU $% Churn ProspectLeadUser 1: Acquire New Clients* What is a Digital Brand? 2: Retain Existing Clients* 3: Increase $ per client* * 3 Ways To Make Money
  4. 4. We offer 3 Digital Brand Services Digital Brand Audit Digital Brand Audit Digital Brand Marketing Digital Brand Marketing Digital Brand Dashboard Digital Brand Dashboard 1 2 3
  5. 5. DIGITAL BRAND AUDIT Assess the current state of your Digital Brand Establish the baseline for KPI’s and Measurements Create brand image and messaging What could your Digital Brand be? Recommendations for a roadmap to success 5
  6. 6. Digital Brand Audit Define a “From” à “To” Roadmap
  7. 7. DIGITAL BRAND DASHBOARD Establish KPI’s to monitor Develop operational, management and cafeteria dashboards Instant, Daily, Weekly or Monthly dashboard updates Periodic #CMO4Hire Review with deeper insight into progress 7
  8. 8. Digital Brand Dashboard
  9. 9. #CMO4Hire Digital Brand Progress Review Create apps for Blackberry and Android using only XML … in about a week. See slides 21 & 22. Get razor sharp focus for your ongoing digital brand efforts. Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual or Annual “#CMO4Hire Review” progress review analyzes current KPI’s and compares to last review and/or Digital Brand Audit to see how far you’ve come. Includes strategic insights from a 360 view of digital brand progress based on insights using both outside tools and as well inside Google Analytics, AdWords and Webmaster Tool review.
  10. 10. DIGITAL BRAND MARKETING Help establish internal tools, processes and teams Create marketing materials and execute campaigns Work with engineers and product management; understand / hone value proposition and brand image Work with internal team; contribute with “hands-on” work or #CMO4Hire guidance 10
  11. 11. Stephdokin is a Marketing Agency 1.  Website creation / design 2.  Website review / optimization 3.  Search engine ranking (SEO) 4.  AdWords (+LinkedIn, Bing, Facebook ads etc…) 5.  Channel / partner planning & management 6.  Mailing list setup, management and eNewsletters 7.  Marketing brochures 8.  Videos, Infographics, eBooks, Case Studies, Guest Blog Posts 9.  Trade show booths; large format graphics, pull up banners 10.  Press releases 11.  Social media publishing 12.  Social media crisis response 13.  Etc… We help companies with all aspects of creating both physical and digital marketing materials and campaigns. We can also create business plans, go-to-market plans, pricing & eCommerce models and financial forecasts as well as develop strategic frameworks, customer and market surveys.
  12. 12. Content Publishing Pyramid “What do we publish?” a.k.a. “Content Marketing” “Inbound Marketing” © 2009 - 2014 Sales Offers Legal Disclaimers & Explainers Other Curated Content (Related) Partner Curated Content “partner” content w summary Existing web pages on our site(s) Existing content from marketing, product, PR, service, community involvement, support et al (videos, brochures, FAQs etc.) Original Articles on our blog written by publishing team (with approved). Thought leadership. Survey results. Pictures of company & industry events. Contests. Infographics. Innovations. Case Studies. Publish on our website / blog Distribute to social media channels Develop a weekly, monthly and 12- month publishing calendar which reflects the seasonality of your customers year. All publishing should be human-centric! Build for your customers and readership. “What’s in it for me? Why should I care?” 1.  Drive traffic back to website through social 2.  Content is part of monthly eNewsletters 3.  Increase Google SEO Ranking
  13. 13. LET’S GET STARTED 13