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Commercialization Challenges of Mobile Software Development in an Exponentially Fragmenting Ecosystem 2017


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This is part 3 of the "Fragmented Mobile Ecosystem" decks I've done over the last 7 years. This 2017 version focuses on the journey of an entrepreneur, the state of mobile development today, where are we at (and going) and the journey of pivoting a young startup as iPhone and Android stunned the mobile world in Fall 2008. Presented at Mobile Monday Calgary #30, it also includes some advice for entrants in the technology field... and lastly it covers some resources that are available; developers networks, public funding and grants, Mobile Monday global.

In the first deck of 2009, I look at the early mobile platform wars:

In the second 2nd deck in 2012, I update for how the fragmented mobile ecosystem is affecting mobile enterprise development, and how enterprises are shifting billions of dollars to adopt mobile processes into the internal, customer and partner relationships.

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Commercialization Challenges of Mobile Software Development in an Exponentially Fragmenting Ecosystem 2017

  1. 1. WTF? Commercialization Challenges of Mobile Software Development in an Exponentially Fragmenting Ecosystem Stephen King, President @stephdokin Riley Kearl, VP @rileykearl Twitter: @CMODragonfly Instagram: @CMO4Hire This presentation found at:
  2. 2. Dec 2008. Official inauguration of MOMOYYC Michael Bedu of MoMo Vancouver Yari Tammisto CEO & President since 2004, Helsinki
  3. 3. Thank you! #momoyyc30
  4. 4. Mobile Monday was founded in Helsinki in 2000 115+ cities worldwide Twitter: @Mob_Rulz
  7. 7. My Samsung S5 is 3 Million % faster than my old Atari 400 computer
  8. 8. 33 years of turning bits into gold with great teams
  9. 9. Since 2010 Co-Founder, Director Co-Founder
  10. 10. WHY Eight Monthly Managed Marketing Services for Technology Companies
  11. 11. Who are you? 1. Developers? Service providers? Marketers? Business Development / Sales? 2. How long in the mobile business? 3. Android? IPhone? Both? Other? 4. B2C? Or B2B? 5. How many are developing specifically for mobile devices vs other devices (VR, IoT) 6. How do you make your living? Mobile app sales? Custom work? “I’m not!”
  12. 12. 2009 Commercialization challenges of software development in a fragmented mobile ecosystem 2011 Commercialization challenges for Enterprise mobile development in a fragmented mobile ecosystem Let’s rewind the mobile industry 7 years
  13. 13. All mobile phone applications need testing, but … Crowd-sourced mobile application testing and virtual market research online community The Ugly Truth: Software that runs fine on a handset in London may fail on the same handset in San Francisco
  14. 14. MOB4Hire 70% “Mob4Hire has 42,000 users in 146 countries on 364 operators waiting to help!”
  15. 15. But then this happened from-the-apple-app-store/ In hindsight, it’s obvious the iPhone is a winner. But back in summer 2008, it was barely a blip on the radar.
  16. 16. … also this. held-by-smartphone-operating-systems/ In hindsight, it’s obvious that Android is a winner. But back in summer 2008, it was barely a blip on the radar.
  17. 17. Two platforms emerge held-by-smartphone-operating-systems/
  18. 18. [12009 All rights reserved Mob4Hire 2009 All rights reserved Mob4Hire Inc STEP Concept leadingtoa prototype Alpha buildand test Reference build... thefirst finished application Makesureyour softwareis great before youport Port tomany handsets, O/S Platformsand versions, handsets, telecomAPI’s Makesureuser LOVEstheport buildsandit runsok on target handsets, networksand countries If required, certifyyour buildsfor OS’s, network operatorsor handset manufacturer Final buildsare postedonApp Stores, published w aggregators& operators Manageapp store relationships, marketing channels, increaseword of mouth Understand Discoveryand Competition, createviral growth, iterate product cycles WHATDO YOUNEED TOKNOW? What are we building that is unique and creates value? Who is our target user? What’s our business model? Does the app or website reflect the quality of our brand equity? Have we proved the concept? Do the features make sense? Did we get all the major design decisions right? Internal stakeholders? Is it going to work? Will users love it? Do we have a quality app? Will it be 4 or 5 stars when port or post (and how can we make it better)? What is mktg’s main value proposition? Does it crash in general use? Does the software WOW our users? Did we miss anything important? Is it easy to use? Will it go viral? How sticky will it be? Does it reflect the quality of our brand equity? What are the target operating system, versions, browsers and handsets? What will each user expect? What network carriers are we targeting to write for their API’s? Is the app going to crash on a handset? Is it simple to install? Does it make use of the handset features and buttons? Does the network affect it? Is it stable? Do all eCommerce models work? I hope we pass the basic tests to be a certified app with Apple, Symbian, Microsoft, AT&T ... ; Will we get accepted by the app store / marketplace / world in our first try? How quickly can we get the software to users and available to purchase? Where / how do I release? How do we build excitement? How can we get into the “top store rankings”? What are my promotion alternatives? What bad reviews (and features) are driving your customers away? We need more users to download. What’s our killer marketing feature driving recom- mendations? How do the competitors look? What’s in our next version? HOWCAN WEHELP? (1) CONCEPT/ PROTOTYPE (3) REFERENCE BUILD (2) ALPHA (4) PRE-RELEASE TEST (5) PORTING (6) PORT BETATEST (7) CERTIFY (8) RELEASE (9) POST- RELEASE (10) COMMER- CIALIZE USERFEEDBACKINTHE10STEPSOFTHEMOBILEDEVELOPMENTCYCLE MOBTESTRealmobileapptesting. MOBSURVEYMobilesurveys.Globalpanels. MOBACCELERATORGet Discovered. Hit thetop10 Lists. Go Big. 2nd Edition (C) 2009, 2010 Mob4Hire Inc. All rights reserved. Distribute freely; do not alter graphic. MOBSTARCertified App Quality MOBEXPERIENCEMobileUser ExperienceUsability Testing MOBSIMTESTHowWellDoYourSIMsRoam? MOBSMSTESTDoYourSMSMessagesGetThere? MOBTASKSAGlobalMobileWorkforce World’sLargest Mobile TestingandResearchCommunity MOBTESTSUITEEnd2EndMobileTest Management “From Concept to Commercialization” MOBA/BTESTIsThisOneor That OneBetter? Iterative / Agile Product Cycle The Pivot For apps, the iPhone and Android meant that “Handset testing” had been minimalized (and solved in other ways). What other services besides “handset testing” could our global community do?
  19. 19. What happened? We got great traction. But … • Crowdsourced revenue: 79% of gross revenue was earned by tester; 21% was company’s. Low margin, low volumes. • SOOO focused on WHAT we were doing, didn’t slow to down to ask WHY • Average project revenue ~$2,000 • Handset rationalization and downward pressure on test project pricing “Get MVP to market, we’ll iterate” • We underestimated time and resources it would take to automate 1:Many crowd sourcing project management. Unlike 1:1 crowd sourcing where the work is between only 2 individuals & shorter time-frame. • Too many different quotes, too many options … had to be handled by internal project manager • Exited to a Chinese company to be the “ of China.”
  21. 21. A BUSINES S WITHOUT REVENUE IS JUST A HOBBY. Money is the reason we get to continue to do what we do.
  22. 22. Only 2 Types of Businesses. Which are you? Vitamin: Create opportunity for your customers Pain pill: Reduce time or expenses for your customers
  23. 23. How much can you charge for it? The MOST important question to answer. What CASH transaction will occur so your company can make revenue?
  24. 24. How long do you have? Income = $ per transaction X # of transactions Expenses: Plan for a salary for yourself, too Funding: Either investment of $$$ or time
  25. 25. Entrepreneurs smell opportunity and $$$ 1. How does change create an opportunity? (opportunities are vitamins or pain pills!) 2. Who will pay for your stuff? (products and/or services)? 3. How much can you charge for it? 4. How big $$ is the market opportunity? 5. How easy is it to access the market – to sell it to potential customers? 6. What were customers using before? 7. What other choices do they have? Why would someone select you and not your competition? 8. How much resources (time & money) will you need to make it profitable?
  27. 27. Two platforms dominate for-smartphone-operating-systems//
  28. 28. Smartphone growth slowing internet-trends-report Android holds clear market unit share advantage
  29. 29. Where’s the money? android-developers-pay-debugging/ iOS delivers more money to developers
  30. 30. Fragmentation still biggest challenge as a Mobile Developer Appceleraor / IDC
  31. 31. Mobile Fragmentation compatible-devices-android-6-0-marshmallow-7-5/ We’ve shifted from many different TYPEs of mobile O/S’s for many SPLINTER’s of O/S
  32. 32. Android Device Fragmentation w screen sizes 24,000 different handsets https://opensignal.c om/reports/2015/08/ android- fragmentation/
  33. 33. But it’s really not just about “mobile” anymore, is it? content/uploads/2014/05/Unknown.png
  34. 34. “Tip of the Spear” Exponential disruption in a human world.
  35. 35. Age: 25-35 Education: University Income: $50-75K For e.g. in VR, @redironlabs has built in support for 8 different headsets, all of which have different API’s, all striving to be the dominant platform Name: John Technology stack getting wider and deeper
  36. 36. Age: 25-35 Education: University All of this technology needs to be programmed and connected. And, all the platforms have their own ”standard.” (i.e. “fragmentation”)Traditional industries & supply chains exploding
  37. 37. 3,874 marketing solutions as of March, 2016. This complexity is the problem that CMO4Hire solves. Marketing technology stack also getting wider and deeper takeaways-from-martech-or-why-the-heart-of-martech- isnt-tech/
  40. 40. 1 1373 tech companies (up 48% from 735 in 2012) AEC Alberta Deal Flow Study http://www.alberta- id=1150 2 30% Alberta Investment Tax Credit in 2017 The AITC will offer a 30 per cent tax credit over two years to investors who provide venture capital to Alberta companies such as information technology, clean technology, health technology, interactive digital media and game products, and post-production, visual effects and digital animation sectors. 3 New $10M Accelerate II fund, $1.5M digital media grant, ATB, Alberta Innovates More public and private funding available in 2017, incubators & accelerators AMAZING TIME TO BE IN ALBERTA @the_a100
  41. 41. DEVELOPE R PROGRAMS 278 different programs accessible from
  42. 42. Have you been to Barcelona Mobile World Congress? Forge local and global relationships. Leverage MoMo. #mwc17 60,000 people
  43. 43. Leverage, levarage, leverage, leverage content/uploads/2014/05/Unknown.png
  44. 44. “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” ~ Thomas Jefferson Thanks!