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MESH Logistics Case Studies

  1. 1. Fractional COO: Logistics •Procurement • Operations Intelligence Powering Business Logistics… From Strategic Tweaks to Quantum Leaps.You run a growth or mid-size company.Operations is bleeding your bottom line.You need an internal logistics leader—not just a consultant. But you can’tafford a fulltime COO. If this sounds familiar, I can help. Read on to see how I’ve added millions of dollars in profit by joining companies like yours as a part-time, “fractional” COO. I look forward to connecting soon. - Saul Smith, MESH Logistics
  2. 2. Ground-Up Facilities Modernization Catches Up With 1400% Growth, Saving Millions of Dollars Situation: $300M licensee of multinational sporting goods brand has grown nearly 15X in 10 years with no upgrades in processes, systems, or automation. Growth had been addressed by adding labor. Approach: Reviewed entire operation, recommending automation of all possible processes. Developed strategy to optimize all infrastructure, IT, and procedures. Researched, recommended, and negotiated with vendors to install conveyors, scanning equipment, and warehouse management system across 2 distribution centers. Called in Six Sigma specialists to ensure no efficiency opportunity was missed. Conceived High-ROI Facilities and Process Redesign. Annual Production Savings $3 Million (P) Carton-Out-the-Door Savings 90% (P) Project ROI ~13 Months (P)
  3. 3. Cross-Border Manufacturing and Distribution Relocation Lays Groundwork for Competitive Pricing AdvantageSituation: Southern California wall décor importer/manufacturer needed to loweroverhead. Executives were considering relocating operations, but were unsure of howto go about making and acting on a decision.Approach: Performed exhaustive cost/benefits analysis. Cemented business case forestablishing manufacturing and distribution functions in neighboring US/Mexicanborder towns. Locations were within 2 hours’ flight time from offices to facilitatenecessary hands-on involvement of senior management team. Set stage for start-to-finish completion within 4 months. ⇒ Quickly identified and secured sites using expert understanding of lease agreements. ⇒ Established reliable, affordable transport network by piggybacking on existing routes. ⇒ Bolstered design-centered brand by sourcing chic local site for Design and Admin. ⇒ Opened door for future incremental business by facilitating lower pricing in a highly competitive market.
  4. 4. Doubled Capacity in “Maxed-Out” Location, Implementing WMS Technology and Re-Thinking Floor PlanSituation: Fashion apparel and accessories distributor had supported growth by addingemployees and hours. With an unwieldy payroll and no physical space for additionalworkers or inventory, growth had become nearly impossible. Relocation to a largerfacility was impractical. Local sites were too expensive, and remote sites were too farfrom employee and owner homes.Approach: Sourced ideal WMS (warehouse management system) and redesignedspace. Averted lost time and money during transition by creating parallel operatingplan that will allow completion before high-volume back-to-school season. Enabled 100% growth at facility that was thought to be at full capacity. ⇒ Improved inventory control to yield faster turn and less shrinkage. ⇒ Preserved access to labor pool and saved owners from long commute by eliminating the need to relocate.
  5. 5. Co-Founded Acclaimed Global Fulfillment SaaS for Online StartupsSituation: With eCommerce growing rapidly, there was need for a fulfillment solutionthat could support virtual startups, freeing owners to concentrate on strategy.Approach: Co-conceived and co-founded provider of outsource logistics solution,including an international warehouse / shipping infrastructure and integrated SaaS forsmall- and medium-size e-Commerce businesses (SMBs). Directed developers increation of customizable fulfillment software that can accommodate volume rangingfrom 1 to 20,000 orders a day. Built International Fulfillment Infrastructure to Rival Amazon ⇒ Accommodated 200%+ volume growth while shaving average shipping time from 2.9 to 0.5 days (2008Q1 to 2010Q1). ⇒ Played key role in journey from startup to successful business with 1,000+ customers. ⇒ Earned positive coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Business Weekly, Entrepreneur Magazine, and ABC news; and game-changing partnership with eBay. ⇒ Shipped 7 units-per-second during holiday season, bettering Amazon when adjusted for company size.
  6. 6. Fractional COO: Logistics •Procurement • Operations Intelligence Powering Business Logistics… From Strategic Tweaks to Quantum Leaps.Thanks for taking the time to learn more how I help companies like yours build leaner operations. If you have questions or input, I can be reached at: (310) 720-6650 or - Saul Smith, MESH Logistics