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The school librarian, technology,
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The school librarian, technology,


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. THE SCHOOL LIBRARIAN,TECHNOLOGY,AND THE FUTURESharon SmithMay 2013Outline based on:Technology for the School LibrarianTheory and PracticeWilliam O. Scheeren
  • 2. Technology for the Teacher• Interactive instruction• Personal response• Mobile assessment tools
  • 3. Technology for InclusionThe concept of inclusion, having children ofall abilities in the same classroom, seemsto be the way education is moving. For usto obtain this we must have the hardwareand software available for students withphysical and learning disabilities to ensureequity in inclusion classrooms.
  • 4. Technology InnovationsThe 21st Century and Beyond• Mobile computing devices: iPhones, Blackberries,PDA’s, etc.• GPS systems will enable search engines to find you• Open handset alliance (Android)• Tagging determining social relevance in the ranking ofsearch engines• Scrapbooking - the ability to find resources in onlinefull- text databases and then to send them to yourpersonal computer for later use
  • 5. Technology InnovationsThe 21st Century and Beyond• Software as a service ( SAAS) uses aserver farm to store software• Micro-blogging includes sites such asTwitter• Social content are things such as Wikisand Blogs
  • 6. Technology InnovationsThe 21st Century and Beyond• Social networking integration• Social networking• e-Book• Podcasting and Music• Streaming Media
  • 7. Technology InnovationsThe 21st Century and Beyond• E-Book Device• Personal Homepage• Cloud Software• RSS Groups and Readers
  • 8. Technology InnovationsThe 21st Century and Beyond• Custom Search and MicroFederation• Open ID• E- Learning
  • 9. Glossary of TermsInteractive Instruction -- integration oftechnology into all aspects of instructionPersonal Response Systems -- systemswhereby the instructor can monitor an entireclassroom of computers and devicesMobile Assessment Tools -- any device withcomputing capabilityGPS Systems -- System which enables searchengines to locate you
  • 10. Glossary of Termse-Books -- electronic booksSoftware as a Service -- server farm to storesoftwareCloud Software -- software that is not loadedlocal computers rather it is hosted by anotherserverOpen ID -- allows the user to have one ID andpassword for all things
  • 11. Glossary of TermsStreaming Media -- stream of video andor music online replacement for DVD’sRSS Groups and Readers -- tools thatallow the clustering of similar tools
  • 12. SummaryTechnology is in a state of constant change.Think back to when you first became awareof technology and you thought it was magic.Now, who knows what the next big thing willbe. It is anybodies guess what it willbe, and how it will affect our jobs, ourkids, our schools, and our everyday lives asa whole.