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Apple_Strategic Management

  1. 1. Apple Strategic Management-2 1 Group 5 Anand Kumar 12P127 Ankush Singla 12P129 Bhoomi Ashwin 12P131 Aditya Ram Chadha 12P132 Siddharth Bharadwaj 12P170 Soumyajit Sengupta 12P171 Design Thinking & Innovation
  2. 2. Apple Way Apple Way Design Thinking Developme nt Strategy and Execution CEO as Chief innovator Bold Business Experiment ation
  3. 3. Route to Success • Products known for what they do not contain i.e. simplicity is the ultimate sophistication • Products were conceived as being highly interactive Simplicity in Design & Use •Apple products have an inside out design which is a result of painstaking attention to detail •There was no tradeoff between simplicity of use, looks and functionality Beyond Fashion Pioneered PC usage by making customers fall in love with their computers Inspiration Ideation Implementa tion
  4. 4. Apple Product Developments Evaluation at Inception Marketing Requirement Document Engineering Requirement Document User Experience Document Excellence in Execution Works intimately with manufacturers and completely attuned to customers Interested in material selection and how things are manufactured Platform Strategy Envision a family of products at earliest stages of product concept and planning Streamlined portfolio and extensive reuse within product families Benefits the company, its employees and also the customers Iterative Customer Involvement The best way to design software is with the customer : Participatory design Customer’s experience is considered in design making Beautiful Products Design used as a motivating factor to continue innovation Passion for close attention to new materials and manufacturing processes
  5. 5. Steve Jobs is Apple.. Apple is Steve Jobs Refined design sense New spaces for the company Steve Jobs Across the board excellence “The system is that there is no system.” - Steve Jobs “Think different.” - Apple Advertising Slogan Retail stores = Architectural Statements Genius Bar Foot Traffic iTunes = Music Store
  6. 6. SWOT Analysis : Apple Strength - Strong brand image - Customer experience - Innovative design approach - Simplicity with sophistication Weakness - OSX is limited to Apple products - Some features are compromised to maintain simplicity in design Opportunities - New retail stores - Increasing Apple-loyal fan base - Widespread usage of smart phones - Tablet computers Threats - Steve Jobs’ illness & subsequent death - Rise of competitors - Intensification of open source movement Apple
  7. 7. Critical Success Factors & Process Design @ Apple Apple is a perfect example of using core competencies for creating competitive advantage in strategic competitiveness and sustainable competitive advantage
  8. 8. Thank You!