The success story of Finnish game industry and IGDA Finland
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The success story of Finnish game industry and IGDA Finland

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Presented at Colombia 3.0. (2013). The story is about IGDA Finland & the growth of Finnish game development community. What are the key building blocks, how IGDA Finland became being one of the......

Presented at Colombia 3.0. (2013). The story is about IGDA Finland & the growth of Finnish game development community. What are the key building blocks, how IGDA Finland became being one of the most active IGDA chapters in the world.

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  • Queen beeCan doPeople will understand4 stories, jokaisesta lesson learnedmitensuomestatulihittitehdasmany of the worlds great movements of though and action have flown from the work of a single person.
  • Pelienkräkkääminen, laitonjakelu BBs
  • No one wants your idea. example kakaotalk. do not worry about losing your idea. worry about not finding the right people. start reading, start talking, try try try
  • The International Game Developers Association is a non-profit professional society that is committed to advancing the careers and enhancing the lives of game developers by connecting members with their peers, promoting professional development, and advocating on issues that affect the developer community.


  • 1. “Give me a place to stand on and I will move the world”. Archimedes Sonja Ängeslevä “Queen Bee” and President of IGDA Finland
  • 2. It will never work! “It never felt like a viable business. Rather it felt like anything good will ever come out of this.” (Jani Penttinen CEO Transfluent, Ex-Remedy, Ex-Housemarque, Ex- WestWood Studios, Ex-Bloodhouse)
  • 3. Gamer Developer Gamers “I didn’t do anything – just played games all the time.” “We made the first $$$ publishing deal for Remedy when working at the basement of my parents’ house. When I showed the contract to my father, he was totally amazed. Is this real business? So you are actually doing something productive - not just playing games?” (Samuli Syvähuoko, Ex-Remedy, Ex-Recoil)
  • 4. Social is the key  It does not matter where you are  Group, friendship, fans, hobby, support matters  Success drives good spirit and success  Believe in yourself, find likeminded and try things  Passion, emotion, motivation  Better than the rest  Something fun  Express yourself Finland! Colombia!
  • 5. President of Finland
  • 6. 2006 2012 Over 400 people attended April 2013 Gathering (Country of 5Million ppl, 200 game studios, 1800 ppl working in the games industry)
  • 7. Secret sauce  We are open (for better, for worse)  Community rules, community helps  Together against the world  Focus on growing the industry  Share Share Share  Find the right people  Try Fail Try Fail Learn  May the best win
  • 8. 1993 1997 2000 2005 2010 2013 Finnish success stories Over 200 companies
  • 9. Hype is good for you  Emotion <3  Everyone wants part of the gold dust  Hype attracts attention  Attention attracts investors  VC's attract talent  Talent means fresh ideas  It is connected to learning from other ecosystems  It is a positive spin Talent Ideas VCs
  • 10. How are we different  Core competencies: telecom & IT industry expertise, mobile SW. Public financial support, crackers (demo scene) ‘n’ gamers.  Find your own way of games development  The Finnish way  American entrepreneurs sell stories and dreams. Apple is a story.  Finnish entrepreneurs sell about technology and reality. Nokia is about pixels and bytes.  Do not over glorify Silicon Valley or Israel (or Finland)
  • 11. No hipsters around here Assembly Summer 2013 4K winner Assembly summer 2013
  • 12. 2012: Average salary 3590 € / month Source: Neogames 2013 Target 2020: 6500 16% women
  • 13. Source: Neogames 2013 Target 2020: 1.5B € (3.8B COP) (650M COP)
  • 14. Source: Neogames 2013
  • 15. Source: Neogames 2013
  • 16. 1-2-3-4-5-6 to get started 1. Build on what you have 2. The things you do not have will come 3. If you do not have anything, start something! This happen surprisingly fast! 4. Failing is part of the story 5. There needs to be a leader – one torchbearer 6. Every company does not have to make the same mistakes – community rules!
  • 17. Building developer community  What’s the core activity?  What’s the need (who is the audience)  Act fast, solve problems  Keep high quality and trustworthiness  Push new ideas  Document events, activities, history  Spread the word
  • 18. Thanks! What do you think? souplala