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Simon Egenfeldt Nielsen, Serious Games Interactive, NOW is Digital

  1. PhD Games & learning
  2. Playing History-series
  3. Covered in most major news outlets and won numerous awards.
  4. Develop serious games that combines playing, learning, communication and story-telling.
  5. We are a cross-disciplinary team of 18 people with strong roots in research.
  6. Tracking, feedback and reward structures easy to embed.
  7. Pseudo victory: Rewards are not achievements - it needs to be meaningful. Not just 'badgification or pointification'.
  8. Participation bandwidth: Need to be interesting and engaging enough to draw people away from something else.
  9. Unintended consequences: When you engineer behaviors you may make mistakes that leads to unforeseen results.
  10. Create game challenges around those targets
  11. Create good feedback loops for rewarding right behavior

Editor's Notes

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