Green Renters' Giant Green Games


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A short talk about Green Renters Giant Green Games, board games for environmental education.

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  • This is Chris & Cate… We had a crazy idea a few years ago, about helping renters live sustainablyWe started a couple of years ago as a blog, and it grew from there as we got asked to run workshops around the country, then 18 months ago we became an official charity with our profits subsiding running activities for social, public and government housing as well as in remote areas.We like to consider ourselves agile, lean and all the buzz words. We are low staffed, distributed and take many leanings from the tech world. We are open to partnerships and collaborations of all shapes and sizes.Sessions run with corporates, cool cafes, traditional groups, councils
  • We like to think we have been somewhat successful on this, when we started there were little (positive) resources on anything to do with renters, let alone sustainability. Now there’s a lot of it, almost all the time. It was hard work, we met a lot of uninterested ears and have many hits and misses, but a couple of years ago, we seemed to get some form of recognition…
  • AWARD – it’s hard work, no one talks about that. What next? “It’s such a great idea”, but no commitment etc… People ‘liking’ but not turning up etc…Press, Expo, dozens of workshops a month, engaging people, social media, mailing list, a place to talk where usually excluded, capacity, connecting, something for them, all around the country, more positives.
  • This may surprise some of you…Especially when you don’t want to just be preaching to the converted.Or you’re not dealing with glamorous topics, such as policyPeople have short attention spans, with little commitment, need something to grab their attention and deliver bite sized informationAlso, appeals more to younger men, our traditional audience is usually women.
  • Not just a pamphlet, or sign up etc… It’s a way to talk about things, it brings up points of discussion, they ask questions. O weeks etc
  • Currently A0, 4m2. These are beta versions of the gamesBased on Snakes and Ladders, going to be renamed doorsnakes & ladders.Ideal for Children, simple, quick and easy.Covers topics of sustainability, finances, renting… Point out some squares
  • A0, soon to be 4m2, again a beta versionBased on that ‘family favourite’.Slightly more complex. You have a rent to pay and can collect sustainability improvements around the board as well as collecting chance cards etc until you hit rent day. Whoever has the most left wins.
  • Been played at SLF 2012, Several City of Port Phillip events, bookings for several other schools, community centres and work places.
  • Green Renters' Giant Green Games

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Why renters?• Currently national average of 30%• Inner city can be 70% or more and likely to rise• Until recently generally overlooked
    3. 3. The future of renting“Generation Rent hope for inheritance to get on the Housingladder”"Home-ownership dream dims for Gen Y”Chris Zappone, The Age April 21 2010"They are lining up for rent-a-row”Anne Wright, Herald Sun June 27 2011“Generation Rent is growing in numbers”
    4. 4. Challenges for renters• Short term leases• No standards• Share housing• Low income• Small space• No garden• Body corporates• Lack of collective power
    5. 5. Sustainability is hard work Preaching to the converted Not a glamorous topic Short attention spans
    6. 6. Our idea… Games of course!Or why would I be here?
    7. 7. We took a few old favourites…
    8. 8. And came up with…
    9. 9. Lessons so far• Test and test again• Audience may not be who you expect• Expensive
    10. 10. What’s next• Tweaks and improvements• Finally life sized• Crowdfunding• If successful, hiring games out
    11. 11. Crowd funding and sourcing• Name or Business on a square, card or something else• Benefits &
    12. 12. Thank 8300 0233