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Www Officesoon Com Power Point Presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Target Audience, Hosting and Business Issues
  • 2. ISP’s
    • Internet Service Providers (ISP’s)
      • telecommunications companies that provide home or business users with a connection to the Internet.
      • Organisations that provide Internet Services
      • Must have a local Point of Presence (PoP)
      • Charges and service vary considerably
    • Application Service Providers (ASP’s)
      • Application Service providers (ASP’s) offer a more complete service support than ISP’s.
  • 3. ISP / ASP
    • Two reasons to have one
      • Dial up to connect to the internet
      • Web space, email, domain name etc.
    • Home users these are usually the same ISP
      • Usually free ( )
    • Business Users may not be the same
      • Different services, different rates
  • 4. What services?
    • Connection to The Internet
    • Email accounts (how many)
    • Web Space (how much)
    • Technical Help(free?)
    • Fixed / varied IP Address
    • Other Items?
  • 5. ISP Services
    • Charges
      • Most are free these days, except for the cost of phone calls. There are still a few like ClaraNET and Demon charging for a premium service or unmetred access
    • Performance
      • Paid-for ISP’s generally okay
      • Unmetred services can be variable depending on time of day and number of users connected.
      • Unmetred services failing to cope with large numbers of users shortly after startup (BT, RedHotAnt)
      • Others having to restrict the rate at which users sign up (NTLworld staggered release of sign-up CD’s)
  • 6. ISP Services (Cont)
    • User Support
      • Support web pages are becoming more common and more detailed, to answer the most frequently-asked questions.
      • Services charging monthly fees tend to offer local-rate/freephone support numbers (Demon, Clara, etc)
      • Free/unmetred services are using premium-rate numbers to subsidise the service (e.g. 50p a minute)
      • The quality of tech support can vary widely
      • BT have been slated with BT Anytime
  • 7. Internet Services (Cont)
    • Other facilities they offer such as web page space and support
      • Most offer web space
      • Basic services (restricted /cgi-bin access, and logging if you’re very lucky).
      • Dedicated games servers
      • Web filtering for family usage (LineOne, AOL etc)
      • Anti-spam protection
      • Portal-type home pages etc.
  • 8. What about ISP’s for businesses?
    • All of the above plus…
    • Web Design Services
    • Choice of Hosting Services – (Unix, Linux or NT)
    • E-commerce
    • Secure Sites
    • Domain Names
  • 9. Which ISP should business use?
    • Decide what is needed
    • Decide how much you can spend
    • Surf and find one / Ask peoples opinions
    • Get the most for your money
  • 10. Servers
  • 11. Server and Client Side
    • Web Servers are used to store, manage and supply the information on the World Wide – Server Side
    • The front-end experience - workstation/phone/PDA/kiosk from which a user accesses a server is described as a client
  • 12. How to set up a web server
    • A server / Server Software / Operating system
      • http://
    • Any computer can be a server (the spec depends on the software you will use)
    • Connection to the internet
    • IP Address / Domain Name
    • Entry in Domain Name Server
    • Or…Some ISP that will do the lot for you
  • 13. Operating System..
    • Windows
    • Unix
    • Linux
    • The difference????..the price and what you run on them….
  • 14. Domain Name
    • Something that tells the person reading who or what you are
    • Range From £1 to £5 million
    • Usually done through an ISP
    • Fee paid to ISP (varies)
    • The ISP pay a fee to registering agency
  • 15. Web Addresses for registries and related sites
    • Nominet UK (
    • Internic -
    • Asia/Pacific Region (APNIC -
    • Americas and Southern Africa Region (ARIN - )
    • Europe and surrounding areas (RIPE - )
  • 16. Technical Issues For A Web Server
    • Security
      • Web servers are a shop-front to any organisation, and very high-profile systems.
      • Web site defacement is a major problem, as is unauthorised access to data or misuse of the server itself.
    • Reliability
      • the machine will be public-facing, so you cannot afford to be down for long, if at all.
      • Backups
  • 17. Technical Issues For A Web Server
    • Bandwidth
      • Have you got enough to cope with expected traffic, can you buy more if it’s needed, and if it’s capped in any way, how much is excess usage bandwidth going to cost ?
    • Performance
      • Are the machine and the software man enough for the job in hand ? Can they be easily scaled up to cope with increased workloads ?
  • 18. Management Issues For A Web Server
    • Purchase Cost
    • Running Cost
    • Content Management
      • There’s no point having a web site if you’re not going to bother keeping it up to date.
      • Maintenance is neglected all too often, leading to “cobweb sites”.
    • Internet Ethics
      • Is the material likely to cause offence in some jurisdictions (remember, you may be targeting your material at one country, but be visible globally)
      • Yahoo French Auction selling Nazi memorabilia
  • 19. Management Issues For A Web Server
    • Legal issues
      • Copyright, intellectual property, libel, data protection, privacy policies, security policies
    • Information leakage
      • can you afford to risk certain data being exposed via your web server ? This is especially a problem for sites wanting to run web site and intranet from a single machine – NOT recommended.
    • Staff Cost
  • 20. Management Issues For A Web Server (Cont)
    • Especially Ownership
      • Raising a web site can turn a political “turf war” into a bloodbath unless handled properly.
      • Responsibility for individual aspects of the site (content management, page editing, provision of material etc) needs to be sorted out from day one.
      • This issue kills more web sites than any other management issue.
  • 21. Where to Start for a business?
    • Start with a web page…
      • Dreamweaver
      • Frontpage
      • A builder supplied by an ISP
    • Its an e-commerce presence
    • A good and cheap option to get a business on line
    • Via an ISP
  • 22. What will an ISP do for business??
    • Charges
      • Most will charge extra for their business services. British ISP’s are generally more expensive than American ones
    • Performance
      • Business customers generally expect, and get, better performance as they’re paying more.
  • 23. ISP For Business (Cont)
    • Web page hosting, facilities and web page design
      • Full cgi-bin access
      • better logging
      • higher-performance web servers with more bandwidth
      • database services
      • improved security
  • 24. ISP For Business (Cont)
    • What else?
      • leased line services
      • domain hosting
      • Consultancy
      • e-commerce services
      • SSL-enabled space
    • User Support
      • higher-quality support
      • direct access to supervisors/network engineers
      • call-outs for rented equipment.
  • 25. E-Commerce Options – where next??
    • You have your little site…
    • Decisions to make before the project grows! Do you…...
      • Go In-house - grow your own team without any help?
      • Go In-house with some help from an organisation like an ISP or web design company?
      • Link a shopping cart package to your existing web pages?
  • 26. Target audience
    • You have a global audience
    • - Business and use comes from many countries
    • - Designers therefore must address an international
    • community with many cultures
    • Community population on the Internet
    • - 1997 USA & Canada 80% of the population
    • - 1999 USA & Canada drop to 55%
    • - 2000 50% USA & Canada, and 50% Overseas
    • - 2005 projection 80% of users will be non
    • America
    • - 2010 projected figures world wide are: 200m USA,
    • 200m European, 500m Asia, 100m rest of the world
    • (Source: Designing Web Usability - Nielsen 2000)