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    • Stuart Meyler Stuart Meyler Some good advice, but the approach seems to be over reliant on becoming a "niche" agency (mobile, search, user experience, display, video, social, etc). We have found, to the contrary, that clients are tiring of having a roster of 8-10 agencies all focused on niche tactics. They need someone that understands how the tactics fit together. This is something we are being asked more and more in pitches -- "How do I best deploy all of my tactical options to drive my business?" Clients are also often contradictory. We will tell clients flat out "Nobody does it all. At least not well" But, they still seem to want proof that everyone is under one roof. The best solution for most clients is the role we aspire to - strategic general contractor. Sure, we have some core skills in house becuase we almost always deploy them (search, social, creative) but others we find it better for us and for clients to farm out (mobile game development, video production work, etc).  2 months ago
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