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Influencing the Influencers


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A quick run through of what it means to be an influencer and how to influence influencers.

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Influencing the Influencers

  1. Dennis HowlettInfluencing the influencers:...or how to suck less and get your story out ‣ 31st May, 2011 AccMan
  2. Obligatory advert AccMan
  3. What I really do.... beep! and I suspect you do too... AccMan
  4. My If you’re in that camp - sorry !! AccMan
  5. Your mission...every day seen on Bill McDermott’s office wall AccMan
  6. How did I become an “influencer?”‣ Network like crazy with people who are smarter than me‣ Contribute to blog comments, active on SCN‣ Stay focused on the real world, not the hype‣ Stake out positions with fact based argument‣ Develop an individual, non-repeatable style‣ Add a touch of ‘humor’‣ Rinse, repeat‣ Be relentless...and eventually people notice AccMan
  7. How did I become an “influencer?” Made a conscious decision to give away 80% of what I know. The other 20% pays the bills plus change AccMan
  8. Flip that on its head ...that’s your job AccMan
  9. What do I want as an “influencer?”‣ A relationship not a transaction‣ Engagement with people who are smarter than me‣ Relevance to my interests (which change)‣ Stories, stories, stories‣ Customers, customers, customers AccMan
  10. What I don’t want as an “influencer”‣ To be patronised‣ Poor research‣ Carpet bombed with your crap‣ Attention seekers‣ ‘Cycling back’‣ Waste my time AccMan
  11. 10 hints and tips‣ Do the research - critical 1st step‣ Find the 20 people most closely aligned to your interests‣ Don’t be afraid to engage - we’re not monsters (mostly)‣ Find multiple points of influence - no one person has the lock on a deal‣ Learn which media people use and engage in THOSE media - email is teh sux‣ Be prepared to be challenged - influencers do that all the time‣ Ask questions - no-one knows it all, especially you‣ Don’t be afraid of getting it wrong - we all do‣ If one thing doesn’t work, try another (fail often)‣ Treat it like daily exercise - tough but worthwhile AccMan
  12. Some resources to kick start your efforts‣ How do consultants get sticky – making yourself invaluable to your customers -‣ Anything written by Hugh MacLeod -‣ Understanding Influence, the Chris Brogan Effect - http:// brogan-affect/‣ The Year of Understanding Influence - 2010/12/best-of-2010-the-year-of-understanding-influence/‣ Understanding influence in social media - Facegroup/understanding-influence-in-social-media‣ Recordings from The Accidental Salesman - http:// leveraging-the-power-of-your-network/ AccMan
  13. I hope this guides your thinking AccMan
  14. Dennis HowlettThankYou !! AccMan
  15. Dennis HowlettContact ‣ email: ‣ Twitter: ‣ Skype/Facebook/LinkedIn: dahowlett ‣ tel: +34 607 482 739 AccMan
  16. Dennis HowlettThanks to Hugh MacLeod aka @gapingvoid AccMan