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Digital Marketing needs to change. Digital media has long been seen as a direct response channel. With the advent of ad exchanges, that dubious distinction threatens to strengthen.
But not for long. Digital media and ad exchanges specifically can be used as Brand impacting channels, if used intelligently.

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  • Historically exchanges have been widely utilised by agencies and clients as an effective way to drive DR goals… but for building brand? Can this channel ever be utilised to achieve branding goals? Could a brand-focused client take advantage of the available reach and frequency that exchanges offer?
  • Each colour represents a site.
    Orange site reach users 4 times.
    If freq is impt in campaign goal, the orange will get more credit for conversions
    Bigger bubble, more credit publisher will get. And we don’t ignore the rest of the publisher.
    Bigger ad size, stronger the message. If brand awareness is a goal, should consider ad size and give more credit to the bigger size banner
    Rich Media =
    Can adjust the weighting of the 4 factors – which is more impt in our campaign goals
  • No longer just agency->publisher-> client
  • Complex space- and so dynamic that it is scary to put a chart like this together. Completely new categories emerge even before you can say ‘DSP’ and platforms changing shapes faster than you could realize. Many overlaps in this space- ad servers and creative optimization companies for example have a direct overlap across many areas.
  • The brand exchange

    1. 1. The Brand Exchange Shalabh Pandey at “MediaMind Digital Experience Day” Singapore Oct 2010
    2. 2. The way media is bought and sold Digital Media Inventory
    3. 3. Impressions CPM Total cost CTR Clicks CPC Leads /Sale/ Action Cost per lead /Sale/Action Site A 1,000,000 10 10,000 0.10 1,000 10.00 110 91 Site B 780,000 14 10,920 0.20 1,560 7.00 281 39 Site C 950,000 12 11,400 0.25 2,375 4.80 238 48 2,730,000 33,610 5,715 Highest impressions Least upfront CPM cost (Is buying cheap good?) Least Total spend (Is buying cheap good?) Max absolute response/clicks Response to creative Most efficient response driver Max absolute sales leads Most efficient in driving sales Really? Typical Media Evaluation Where are Brand Metrics?
    4. 4. Frequency Engagement ROI Recency Ad Size Rich Media C = Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Brand Impact happens at multiple levels Death of last click/impression attribution?
    5. 5. Messaging and formats have differential impacts Audience response to ad quality
    6. 6. No longer linear direct response Preference and purchase intent is moulded at multiple levels
    7. 7. Change. It’s knocking. And brands are waiting to vote
    8. 8. Shift happens Buy audience, not sites. Then see brands vote.
    9. 9. Enter Ad Exchanges Scalability, flexibility, efficiency
    10. 10. Direct Response Brand Impact Ad Exchanges- Both ends Intelligent trigger setting, smart planning and leveraging data Buy audienceBuy response Capture demand Build Demand Max reach at least cost Brand promise Dissemination Provide Solution (Dry comfort- not a diaper)
    11. 11. An army of intelligent sources at hand No excuses anymore
    12. 12. It is complex And evolving at breakneck speed
    13. 13. Sell Side Buy SideData Publishers Ad Networks (specialized /non-specialized) Exchanges 4th party data aggregators Data crunching and analysis for increased value to buy side/sell side through better targeting or increased CPM Agencies Advertisers Analytics and Verification platforms Industry associations/bodies But not if you understand it Three key pillars that Brands could leverage in the exchange ecosystem
    14. 14. Leveraging networks is easy. Just keep these points in mind Brands and Exchanges Think Value Exchange not Ad exchange Bring Creatives to the party Exchange of communication, exchange of benefits Media alone is not fun- people like pretty pictures Tech marries marketing Sequential ads, 4th party data aggregators, targeting AND…
    15. 15. And Context is King Brand advertising thrives with context.
    16. 16. Watch this space Display will have a paradigm shift. Soon. Watch this space
    17. 17. • Across Media : – Display will not be about display anymore – Display will not be about PC-Web anymore • Smart: – Premium, real time bidding/full featured and self serve – Map Lifetime ad exposure by user, across multiple channels, vehicles and platforms to derive efficient retargeting and conversion optimization model • Sexy: – Advertising is the most fun that you can have with your clothes on The future Sexy/Smart- Inspired from Google IAB MIXX conf Oct 2010
    18. 18. Brands need to have a strategic communication approach utilizing the digital touchpoints to connect with their customers in a manner that aligns with and reinforces- the values of the brand in the most efficient manner The crux
    19. 19. • • • climate-change.jpg • Shalabh Pandey @shalabhpandey Image attribution Connect